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VOTES: 104
NAME:Zonayat hossain
Author annotation
First of all I tried to make it simple and meaningful.
The black pattern represents the universe,space and darkness of creation.Most of the this in this universe are remain in darkness.
White pattern represents the light,it is an inherently positive color,is associated with purity,beginnings,protection,goodness,heaven,safety,brilliance,understanding,cleanliness,faith,spirituality,possibility,humility,sincerity,softness and perfection.
Then symbol represent The New Nation Asgradia with meaningful six blue star.
The remaining parts represents the earth and people.Blue is the color of the sky and sea.It is often associated with depth and stability.It symbolizes trust,loyalty,wisdom,confidence,intelligence,faith,truth and heaven.It also represent the life.
So it also represents Asgardia.