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Currency Design Contest
March 02 - April 02, 0002
Feb 27 - March 27, 2018
In preparation for Asgardia’s two forthcoming currencies, Solar and Lunar, we are holding a special logo design competition. This is your chance to share your vision!
The future of these currencies is under development. We do not yet know exactly what business niche Solar and Lunar will be used for. Everything is under consideration. For example: Solar may become used for Earth financial transactions while Lunar may be used for the first citizens of the Moon.
Or Solar for limited use and Lunar used without limitations, or Solar used as a decentralized token and Lunar centralized, or Solar for anonymous customers and Lunar only for verified customers. Everything is under consideration and that's why we are opening up the competition. We want to hear from you.
The winner will be awarded with a prize
Asgardia$ 1000
Asgardia$ 500
Asgardia$ 300