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August 9, 0001 / August 21, 2017
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Asgardia seeks donations to fund citizens’ projects
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I would like to donate
I would like to donate
I would like to donate
Minimum count of donation must be $5

Thank you Asgardians! There are simply not enough words to express how grateful we are for your donations. What better way to extend our appreciation than to offer you these unforgettable


  • A free six-month online subscription to ROOM: The Space Journal, an internationally renowned magazine for those interested in space technology and exploration (a $56 value for 10 issues). Learn more about the topics we all care about!
  • Expansive access to interactive communication with all other members of Asgardia. Do you want to meet other members of Asgardia? And not just meet them, but organize events and join together to organize businesses or apply for grants? Here’s your chance!
  • You now have an unprecedented opportunity to upload your files to the Asgardia-1 satellite. Check the box that allows your file to participate in our contest, and if your file wins by the number of “likes” it receives, you will get an extra amount of storage space! Remember that the first 100,000 people who registered receive 500KB, and the rest receive 100-200KB. Don’t forget to upload your files by 22 July 2017 and mark your permanent presence in space! We hope that you take advantage of these gifts. We are always so grateful for your participation!