Business proposition

Asgardia welcomes business proposals from all interested parties.
We have developed a process for submitting your business for consideration.

Below you will find an official form and list of documents that you will need to submit in order for us to review your business proposal. Please complete the form and send back all the required documentation at your earliest convenience and we will begin the review upon receipt.

Official Form & Required Documents for Business Proposals to Asgardia

                  Required Documents
                  to be attached to this form:

                  Format: pdf, doc, xls, ppt. Total size of all files no larger than 24Mb.

                  • CV of the applicant outlining his / her experience and educational background.

                    • Business Plan, as detailed as possible, including proposed sources and uses of funds necessary for the project’s realization.

                      • Description of planned Asgardia’s involvement in operational management or other form of requested cooperation from Asgardia (for example, investment of funds, strategic management, use of Asgardia’s brand, use of Asgardia’s website for promotional or trading purposes, etc.)

                        • Any other documents Asgardia may request based on its review of the initial package submitted.

                        • Financial Projections.

                          • Applicant’s short form financial statements.