Oct 14, 20 / Oph 08, 04 18:41 UTC
Update Resident Card

As the first and currently only Space Nations in the history of human existence, there are some things that are indeed crucial to preserve in remembrance of where we come from. But in terms of the Residence Card, I do feel as though the design is too outdated for a nation whose goal to be the foundation of the future of life in space. I hereby request you my fellow Asgardians to join me in this petition to update our Resident Card in both it's looks and name. If you have any proposal, I'd also like to hold a friendly competition for the designs of the new Resident Card whereby the winner will gain the full support of his/her fellow Asgardian in proposing their design to the governing body. Thank You.

Dec 9, 20 / Cap 08, 04 18:44 UTC
As a Nation that shares and values the opinions of its residents, I will be awaiting your votes on this proposal, cordial greetings