Dec 12, 20 / Cap 11, 04 15:53 UTC

I propose that there are 3 different payments available yearly for Residents. 10 Euros,  50 Euros,  and 100 Euros. If you pay any of these levels it allows you basic rights such as voting.  At each level,  Parliamentarians can add extra benefits such as free online access to Igor's Magazine. As new discounts and products become available,  the Parliament can add benefits to the different levels. I believe that this will entice thousands of Asgardians to become Residents and to allow other Residents to help poorer Asgardians to pay their 10.00 Euro fee.

Apr 29, 21 / Gem 07, 05 20:26 UTC
With the launch of the Solar, people are able to buy them in lower sums over time which can be applied to the full Resident fee once they have bought the correct amount.
May 24, 21 / Can 04, 05 18:49 UTC
For me, 1 Euro a month is enough for all my compatriots to collaborate. One Euro or more, leave it open, it is not for benefits, it is for cooperating with Asgardia projects. Perhaps there is still a lack of clarity about which project we are talking about.