Dec 22, 20 / Cap 21, 04 22:17 UTC
Lower entree fee

I suggest that we lower the entree fee for the Asgardia website to 10euro for full use.
If we can assemble more paying website-users then that will give not only a number of a more exact number of active users but will also drive them to interact more.
All together the idea is to have a more extended budget. As example, if 1000 users pay 100euro then that gives a result of 100k. If 1000000 users pay 10euro then that is a far more extended budget to start all sorts of projects inside Asgardia.
It is known from in the beginning that the 100euro fee is to much for most people around the world. Only industrial country's can take this fee. By lowering that amount we give many people in the world the change to support Asgardia in a easier way.
Lets also alter our mentality around money by viewing it from the lowest points. We should not use money as a status symbol for wealth but more as an application to support good goals for humanity and our world.

Grtz, Dirk.

Apr 29, 21 / Gem 07, 05 20:32 UTC
With the launch of the Solar, people can now purchase it in lower increments over time which they can then apply to the full Resident fee once they have enough.
May 1, 21 / Gem 09, 05 20:00 UTC
Agreed Dirk
May 3, 21 / Gem 11, 05 06:46 UTC
May 5, 21 / Gem 13, 05 05:24 UTC
That sounds very, very reasonable. Thankfully, I was able to afford it, but not everyone can. It should be made accessible.
May 21, 21 / Can 01, 05 16:31 UTC
May 24, 21 / Can 04, 05 18:43 UTC
Also don't say pay 10 euros to be something, resident for example, tell the truth; we have a budget and we need Xxxx euros per year, this contribution is used to cover the budget expenses. Do not create a privileged caste in a space (digital) nation.
May 24, 21 / Can 04, 05 18:51 UTC
For me, 1 euro a month is enough for all my compatriots to collaborate. One euro or more, leave it open, it is not for benefits, it is for cooperating with Asgardia projects. Perhaps there is still a lack of clarity about which project we are talking about.