Feb 14, 21 / Pis 17, 05 23:00 UTC
Revocation, ID of people who are fake or do not work

I had the opportunity to take a look at the members of the site.

This is how people are described.

1- Active: There are people who are citizens or are active on a daily basis.

2- Inactive: They have no activity and have only occupied the page and do not even have a photo.

3- Semi-active: Those who visit the site every week or every month.

My result and request: delete the second row inactive group.

Reason: It lowers the quality of the site, and apparently the newcomer has the impression that everything is solved with just one membership, if in this site you have to be active every day and receive the latest news.

Thanks to all the friends for voting.

Apr 14, 21 / Tau 20, 05 00:13 UTC
Thank you, I will send your observation to the parliament. best regards Jose
Apr 16, 21 / Tau 22, 05 08:30 UTC
While I understand your concern over inactive accounts, and while I seek to be very active in the development, governance, and growth of our Space Nation, I do not feel that we should try to dictate how anyone participates. Those "inactive" members are much like any "citizen" in many countries. ...
Apr 21, 21 / Tau 27, 05 17:09 UTC
May 13, 21 / Gem 21, 05 11:29 UTC
right consideration
Apr 17, 21 / Tau 23, 05 17:37 UTC
Asi es no todos estan activos, no todos son residentes y muchos de ellos no muestran su rostro verdadero, creo que es un proceso cuando vena la conveniencia de integrarse de una forma diferente es por que Asgardia esté ofreciendo servicios y una cartera de Soles a partir de su ...
Apr 21, 21 / Tau 27, 05 17:09 UTC
In a world where everything we could want digitally is in the palm of our hands...literally. Not a lot of people in their day to day busy lives have the time or convenience to pull out their old dusty laptop or sign on their old desktop computer to visit the ...
May 24, 21 / Can 04, 05 07:10 UTC
Alright, maybe the inactive user just forgot their login or just they are busy to keep following us.
May 25, 21 / Can 05, 05 14:03 UTC
I think the problem is not being inactive, it is not being a resident. Because an inactive resident is no problem. We have to think about how to make a lot more people residents. Although I do not agree with that denomination.
Jul 30, 22 / Vir 15, 06 08:00 UTC
I really agree. It’s strange how this happens but I believe it happens when you can sign up by the click of one button like linking other social media sites and using those credentials to create an account here in Asgardia. Not cool. Let’s fix this and delete inactive accounts!