Pis 23, 02 / Feb 20, 18 15:02 UTC

Petition for the first Asgardian ID card

To all citizens, leaders, and Head of State:

As part of my candidacy and to show my commitment to all of you, I have designed the first ID card for all Asgardian citizens. As one of the projects to be implemented as soon as the parliament and other members of the government are established; is to be able to provide identification to all citizens.

After several studies carried out on different security protocols, the following criteria have been taken into account for this new identification:

General information

A. Front Section

1. Current Citizen Photo

2. The current position: parliament, government, citizen, etc.

3. Basic information of the citizen

4. Barcode to be used in some sectors

B. Reverse Section

1. QR code where you all the information of the citizen to be available for used by government agencies and hospitals

2. Personal, work and medical information of the citizen

3. Memory chip where the biometric information of the citizen is stored as well as related files of your bank account for the acquisition or purchases using the Solar as cryptocurrency.

Security system

A. The ID card is made of PVC and inside it has a Radio Frequency device to facilitate recognition and tracking as well as access to controlled doors.

B. Both the front and back of the card has a holographic layer as another security measure to guarantee the authenticity of the card.

The main idea is to include all means of security, vital and monetary information mostly encrypted, all in a single identification card.

On the other hand, I also present you with the first vehicle identification for all Asgardian citizens. It has to be placed on the inside of the windshield and located on the lower side of the drivers. This identification will have as a security measure a barcode that will be used for automatic entry to any of the government facilities. This vehicle identification will also have authenticity measures such as holograms and UV visible ink.

I asking all of you for your vote and support on this request.

Petición para la primera tarjeta de identificación Asgardiana

A todos los ciudadanos, líderes y Jefe de Estado:

Como parte de mi candidatura y para mostrar mi compromiso con todos ustedes he diseñado la primera tarjeta de identificación para todos los ciudadanos asgardianos. Como uno de los proyectos en poner en marcha tan pronto se establezca el parlamento y demás miembros del gobierno; es poder proveer una identificación a cada uno de los ciudadanos.

Luego de varios estudios realizados sobre distintos medios de seguridad se ha tenido en cuenta para esta nueva identificación los siguientes criterios:

Información General

  1. Sección Frontal
    1. Foto del ciudadano
    2. Posición actual entre: parlamento, gobierno, ciudadano, etc.
    3. Información básica del ciudadano
    4. Código de barra para ser utilizados en algunos sectores
  2. Sección Reversa
    1. Codigo QR en donde posee toda la información del ciudadano para ser utilizado por agencias gubernamentales y de salud
    2. Información personal, de trabajo y medica del ciudadano
    3. Chip de memoria en donde queda alojado la información biométrica del ciudadano al igual que los archivos relacionados de su cuenta bancaria para la adquisición o compras utilizando el solar como cryptomoneda.

Sistema de seguridad

  1. La tarjeta de identificación está hecha de PVC y en su interior posee un dispositivo de Radio Frecuencia para poder facilitar el reconocimiento y rastreo al igual que el acceso a puertas controladas.
  2. Tanto la parte frontal como reversa de la tarjeta posee una capa holográfica como otra medida de seguridad para poder garantizar la autenticidad de la misma.

La idea principal es de incluir todos los medios de seguridad, información vital y monetaria en su mayoría encriptada, todo en una sola tarjeta de identificación.

Por otra parte, también les presento la primera identificación vehicular para todos los ciudadanos Asgardianos. La misma se tiene que ser colocada en la parte interior del parabrisas y ubicada en la parte inferior del lado del conductor. Esta identificación tendrá como medida de seguridad un código de barra que será utilizado para el ingreso automático a cualquiera de las instalaciones gubernamentales. Esta identificación vehicular también contara con medidas de autenticidad como hologramas y tinta visible a la luz UV.

Desde ya le pido a todos por su voto ante esta petición.

Best Regards;


Canditate District 4 - Spanish

Pis 24, 02 / Feb 21, 18 16:00 UTC
I think this is really good work, thanks you for your commitment Gilberto! I do have a couple of minor "gripes" (suggestions, really) with the form of the ID: 1) Units: Where nothing else has been decided by the Asgardian government, I believe it makes sense to adhere to the ...
Ari 06, 02 / Mar 3, 18 05:01 UTC
I agree with almost everything here. I would say centimeters would be better than meters for the height though.
Tau 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 06:08 UTC
It makes sense. So as an american, i guess I better start learning the metric system.
Pis 25, 02 / Feb 22, 18 00:17 UTC
Another thing that you may want to take into consideration is the date of expiration, set to your birthday, that way it will be easy to remember, and instead of bar code a magnetic strip.
Ari 06, 02 / Mar 3, 18 04:59 UTC
I think it's worth noting that the bar code will continue to work for a longer period of time and would be less expensive from the start. Magnetic cards are more expensive and can become demagnetized.
Tau 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 06:07 UTC
I agree with CagedMinds. Barcode would last longer.
Pis 27, 02 / Feb 24, 18 06:19 UTC
I like this idea, but the part where it has medical information on it worries me a little bit. I am in college right now getting my degree in health information technology and one of the most important things I have learned is that medical information should be protected. Typically, ...
Ari 02, 02 / Feb 27, 18 19:32 UTC
Medical facilities can and have had problems keeping medical records, even on a base, from flooding, hacking and crashing system. If I medical issue having my medical history on my ID card chip would solve problems, as far, as medication, allergies or health issues. All someone would have to do ...
Lib 11, 02 / Aug 23, 18 02:35 UTC
Perhaps there should be some code that blocks general people from seeing the health information. It might be difficult at first but if only Doctors or nurses could access it, there could be protection on the patients/citizens rights.
Gem 08, 03 / Apr 30, 19 18:13 UTC
I think a two-factor system could be used here, where only vitally important medical info is readable immediately (such as allergies, vital health conditions) and could be accessed by local medical professionals such as first responders. Then there's an encrypted ID code that can be sent to wherever the full ...
Ari 06, 02 / Mar 3, 18 05:04 UTC
I agree with Rina41. HIPAA regulations are helpful in most contexts but portability of information is going to be important for our citizens in an ideally globalized world.
Ari 07, 02 / Mar 4, 18 19:53 UTC
This is an amazing idea, however the only thing i would change is the placement of the memory chip to allow compatibility with currently implemented systems. (AKA The card reader at the checkout stand of your local grocery store, etc.)
Ari 08, 02 / Mar 5, 18 10:38 UTC
Not quite sure if "The current position" really needed, as it may be changed in some unexpected reasons
Cap 06, 02 / Dec 8, 18 23:42 UTC
I agree. Its not like traditional IDs state your job or position in government. It should be just for the individual, not the position in society. everyone is equal after all....
Tau 26, 03 / Apr 20, 19 06:13 UTC
Maybe a different background color. In Ohio, US, our drivers id has 2 colors behind the photo. one for under 21 and one for older.
Gem 08, 03 / Apr 30, 19 18:18 UTC
Agreed, these are not life-term appointments and not having that information on there would reduce overhead costs when people's positions change and a new ID would need to be issued. As there's both a barcode and a chip on the ID, that information can be stored on the system that ...
Ari 08, 02 / Mar 5, 18 17:16 UTC
I'd support this petition with the suggestions made above by other users only if current dictatorial Asgardian government system wouldn't turned me into a "second-class citizen" without a lot of human rights due to no supporting current highly flawed and poorly written "constitution", which doesn't seem to be written by ...
Ari 08, 02 / Mar 5, 18 19:12 UTC
Combined with the suggestions offered above regarding standards & security, this is an excellent starting point.
Ari 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 18:51 UTC
It looks like you've worked a lot for these... I did not expect anyone to do it but here you are! I support this petition with my whole heart! Thank you for this great idea!
Ari 21, 02 / Mar 18, 18 15:14 UTC
Rechazo PARTE de la idea. Según nuestra constitución, declara que: "Todos los ciudadanos de Asgardia son iguales" capitulo 1, sección 4. Con distintivos que marquen un "grado de autoridad" estaríamos entrando en el proceso terrestre del ESTATUS SOCIAL, por ello, considero innecesario colocar el grado al que pertenecen pues TODOS ...
Ari 21, 02 / Mar 18, 18 17:19 UTC
My thoughts, and all above are great. The medical section should be very limited. Blood type, allergies, major disorders (diabetes, epilepsy, etc), but nothing else. The rest of the medical info could be encrypted on the chip if people really want it there. Cyber security an absolute must. Just because ...
Ari 21, 02 / Mar 18, 18 23:09 UTC
If you want a id-cart take the same als the belguim. IT have a chip and is very dificult to copy it.
Ari 21, 02 / Mar 18, 18 23:11 UTC
I love also my privacy
Tau 04, 02 / Mar 29, 18 03:50 UTC
ok yess but how much this will cost and sure we most pay for it ufffff!!! we can made it but step by step I dont want to pay for a pretty marvelous card just for show to my friends and smile =). But its good idea made a good ...
Tau 04, 02 / Mar 29, 18 10:43 UTC
Alrighty everyone let’s sign it to get IDs next step PASSPORTS , spread the word as much as possible.
Tau 06, 02 / Mar 31, 18 00:38 UTC
By signing the petition, I agree to the creation of an identity card. This document will be the starting point for the formation of such documents as: obtaining a tax, pension, insurance and medical number. That is, the procedure for the formation of a tax authority, a pension body, a ...
Tau 08, 02 / Apr 2, 18 02:26 UTC
I agree with this idea, and I think it should have the number of the district you are from.
Tau 11, 02 / Apr 5, 18 20:07 UTC
Доброго времени суток всем! Пишу на родном мне языке. Недавно присоединился к Асгардии, я рад, мечты сбываются! Касательно темы ID-карт, идея отличная и само-собой разумеющаяся. Ибо в любом новом или старом государстве должна быть идентификация личности, "единицы" общества. Немного не согласен с обозначением принадлежности к определенному "слою", найдутся люди, которые, ...
Gem 00, 02 / Apr 22, 18 07:23 UTC
I agree with you on the point of the current status of the citizen, and that the current job, whether parliament, government or citizen should be on the chip and not on the card as it is inefficient to reprint ID cards, each election cycle.
Sco 04, 02 / Sep 13, 18 21:00 UTC
Полностью согласен с нецелесообразностью выделения статуса на удостоверении личности (в Конституции установлено равенство граждан), и возникновении излишних сложностей, связанных со сменой оного. Хранение полного объёма информации в чипе, так же не имеет смысла, на мой взгляд, поскольку при потере или несанкционированном доступе к носителю информации, злоумышленник может получить полный объём ...
Tau 13, 02 / Apr 7, 18 16:49 UTC
looks good, don't have a problem with the medical info because it is standard info that even if someone had it they could not do much with it except maybe safe your life. agree with the birthdate as an expiration date, no micro chips implants for me thank you as ...
Gem 00, 02 / Apr 22, 18 15:40 UTC
Good job
Gem 04, 02 / Apr 26, 18 00:16 UTC
Post this petition again ! Try again! It's an very good idea!
Gem 18, 02 / May 10, 18 14:18 UTC
Bonjour, Je découvre seulement cette pétition (Citoyen seulement depuis aujourd'hui),il serais judicieux de la relancer si elle n'as pas été accepté.
Gem 25, 02 / May 17, 18 15:44 UTC
really love this idea. we should deffinetly have ID card and passport in our community
Can 13, 02 / Jun 2, 18 03:31 UTC
So when do these become available?
Can 14, 02 / Jun 3, 18 10:47 UTC
I'm really ok with that. But I don't think that we have to show our "rank" / "societylevel" directly to everyone. Each Asgardians is equal, so a parliament member or a goverment member must have the same right, we have to not repeat this kind of problems that the "grand ...
Cap 08, 02 / Dec 10, 18 04:15 UTC
Cap 08, 02 / Dec 10, 18 04:15 UTC
Leo 12, 02 / Jun 29, 18 11:44 UTC
How can i be a citizen
Leo 12, 02 / Jun 29, 18 19:11 UTC
Is there an official date to release ID card?
Leo 13, 02 / Jun 30, 18 07:37 UTC
Bu kimlik kartı için çalışmalar çok güzel olmuş bu kimliğin üzerine ve çip bolumune her türlü kayıt işlemi yapilali mesela sürücü belgesi, pasaport., suç kaydı gibi işlemlerin buraya kaydı işlenerek mükemmel bir kimlik leme olur
Leo 17, 02 / Jul 4, 18 05:26 UTC
Хорошо получилось, благодарим!
Leo 18, 02 / Jul 5, 18 03:33 UTC
its great idea and I fully support you go ahead .
Leo 19, 02 / Jul 6, 18 13:04 UTC
It is a great idea to maintain an Id system for it Nationals. We should also add a multi lingual function on the database to enable all personnel with different linguistic background. The number of languages on this planet is over a 100 so we should consider that into the ...
Cap 09, 02 / Dec 11, 18 11:06 UTC
Asgardia has 12 official languages so the database would have to be written and tranlated 'only' 12 times.
Leo 26, 02 / Jul 13, 18 12:05 UTC
It is a great idea but how much it cost?
Lib 26, 02 / Sep 7, 18 07:29 UTC
Should be sent out by mail for free to every citizen of the colony so we can all get the hell off this planet once the Colony is ready!!!! :D :D
Lib 08, 02 / Aug 20, 18 17:37 UTC
I fully support this with most of the changes mentioned by other fellow asgardians
Lib 08, 02 / Aug 20, 18 19:31 UTC
Buena idea amigo, aunque los cospiranoicos se van a poner como locos, informacion biometrica del sujeto...etc ? Solo le fata el GPS y le puedes llar Iluminati-Nuevo Orden Mundial ID ja ja ja :-D Es una broma !!! :-D
Lib 09, 02 / Aug 21, 18 21:50 UTC
What if it were also a smartcard so that we could load and sign keys as well as retain a burned-in identity perhaps?
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 17:52 UTC
I suggest a redesign of the ID card, to opt for a more modern, more minimal and more universal design would be ideal. Sugiero que esta no sea el diseño definitivo, creo que optar por un diseño más moderno, minimalista y universal cuadraría más.
Lib 11, 02 / Aug 23, 18 15:11 UTC
its great idea. Hi from México
Cap 09, 02 / Dec 11, 18 11:07 UTC
Agreed. Hi from The Netherlands
Lib 16, 02 / Aug 28, 18 18:28 UTC
Great idea...should be implemented
Lib 16, 02 / Aug 28, 18 19:44 UTC
Excelente idea y con todo el apoyo para la misma
Lib 16, 02 / Aug 28, 18 21:39 UTC
Excelente, gran aporte, saludos a tod@s
Lib 23, 02 / Sep 4, 18 03:09 UTC
Good job. I am with you
Lib 23, 02 / Sep 4, 18 11:20 UTC
I don't think this is necessary or needed. As explained by the Head of Nation in his speech, every citizen will be provided with a portable device that will work as ID, wallet, etc. Furthermore, the tag with Goverment, Parliament, or Citizen written on it is higly unnecessary and helps ...
Lib 26, 02 / Sep 7, 18 07:28 UTC
So when will I be receiving my portable device than???? They need to hurry up and send mine in the mail so I can get the hell off earth the very moment Asgardia Colony is ready!!!! :D
Lib 25, 02 / Sep 6, 18 19:11 UTC
My vote to this, just a few notes: the RFID chip should go in the middle, as all readers have the chip sensor in the middle, not as it's placed in the picture (which I know it is used for illustrative purposes), Date should be in ISO format YYYY-MM-DD, and ...
Lib 25, 02 / Sep 6, 18 20:29 UTC
I can't wait to use my ID card to get off this planet hopefully for good!! :D
Lib 27, 02 / Sep 8, 18 06:14 UTC
I like the idea for this, but I would recommend a number of changes. Front side: 1. Photo 2. Basic info for the person - name, gender, birthdate, etc. - information that is constant 3. Keep the barcode, but I think it will need to be designed very carefully and ...
Sco 15, 02 / Sep 24, 18 01:49 UTC
Leave off non asgardia accounts
Sco 16, 02 / Sep 25, 18 21:29 UTC
I agre with you . Especially about no bank account information.
Sco 02, 02 / Sep 11, 18 18:37 UTC
Me parece una muy buena idea...te apoyo en esta iniciativa
Sco 03, 02 / Sep 12, 18 21:25 UTC
Not a bad idea
Sco 05, 02 / Sep 14, 18 00:51 UTC
Поддерживаю Вашу идею. Голосую за Вас!
Sco 08, 02 / Sep 17, 18 16:55 UTC
Идею поддерживаю!!! Но, считаю, что для Асгардца, лучшим решением, был бы стильный, оригинальный браслет с проекционным устройством. И в этом случае, мы получаем все сразу: и средство связи, и хранение данных, и мониторинг состояния организма, и многое другое.... К чему еще дополнительная карта в бумажнике??? Но, идея нужная, поэтому я ...
Sco 11, 02 / Sep 20, 18 19:38 UTC
Yukarıda standartlar ve güvenlik ile ilgili sunulan önerilerle birleştirildiğinde, bu mükemmel bir başlangıç ​​noktasıdır.
Sco 15, 02 / Sep 24, 18 01:48 UTC
My only real Question is what would the expense be per citizen? And could the be retrieved?
Sco 21, 02 / Sep 30, 18 19:29 UTC
I like the idea, but 1) I don't have an issue with the Medical Information provided it is only the bare Minimum Needed to potentially Save the person's life; Blood Type, Allergies, Chronic Medical Conditions. 2) I do have an issue with stating the current position of the person on ...
Sco 22, 02 / Oct 1, 18 05:10 UTC
I do not support this ID-Design. You are putting us systematically into categories. We have all those division systems already here on earth and we know how that turned out for all of us!!! Is that not the reason why Asgarida exists in the first place? Something that is disappointing ...
Sco 27, 02 / Oct 6, 18 23:40 UTC
Bro, i really do respect Your opinion, and i think that you are right, there will be nothing different if we just taken what is already here on earth and just applying it to Asgardia , we really have to come up with new way of doing things , it ...
Cap 08, 02 / Dec 10, 18 04:33 UTC
We still have to live on earth, if the whole planet has agreed to certain standards to make it easier internationally, to be taken seriously we would need to agree to pre-existing agreements with whatever we feel it should be added as additional and petition for change respectfully. Society has ...
Sco 23, 02 / Oct 2, 18 17:36 UTC
This amazing and well detailed. But you should definitely add a tracking chip into the ID card FYI: I’m not criticizing you designing, I’m just giving suggestions to a already up to date ID system
Sco 23, 02 / Oct 2, 18 21:22 UTC
Your plan is well detailed and tremendously specific on the needs of this planet and I am supporting this.
Sco 25, 02 / Oct 4, 18 00:46 UTC
If you're an Asgardian, why is there a need for an expiration date on your cards unless your holding office in administration, or ... Clarify this pls. Also best to create an ID Smart and collaborate with other sovereign states to use it as a travel document, not only in ...
Cap 08, 02 / Dec 10, 18 04:36 UTC
Photos expire as we age and really do need updating unless everyone consents to dna identification. And death, it makes it harder for identity thieves taking on dead peoples persona...probably.
Sco 27, 02 / Oct 6, 18 23:29 UTC
OK, i have read a lot of the comments already the idea is ok ech ..... but i do not see privacy in here mentioned , i agree with @Pirre [ i love my privacy ] i feel like that this id cared tries to take as much privacy from ...
Cap 08, 02 / Dec 10, 18 04:37 UTC
I think you’re looking for a commune, not a space nation.
Oph 01, 02 / Oct 8, 18 12:52 UTC
Woow super 👍
Oph 05, 02 / Oct 12, 18 17:10 UTC
Como asgardiano nuevo, apoyo esta idea pero con un poco mas de amplitud, quiero decir que todos deberian tener su especialidad o responsabilidad dentro de nuestra sociedad sin discriminacion por rango, sino volveremos a tener el mismo error que se esta cometiendo en la tierra distinciones hasta en las targetas ...
Oph 05, 02 / Oct 12, 18 22:29 UTC
Very excited to see this in future. Great work.
Oph 10, 02 / Oct 17, 18 14:17 UTC
That's really good work, but I have just one observation there are no difference between the goverment, parliment and citizen, we are all citizens however our posts in asgardia, and the expiry of ID is long than the post in government or parliment, so we should have one ID without ...
Cap 08, 02 / Dec 10, 18 04:38 UTC
Oph 23, 02 / Oct 30, 18 16:57 UTC
This is very good work and I agree with @abbes star
Ari 07, 03 / Mar 4, 19 22:33 UTC
Thank you
Sag 08, 02 / Nov 12, 18 17:34 UTC
I'm up
Sag 09, 02 / Nov 13, 18 17:04 UTC
Is it more secure than an American green card? :) looks good - let's Rock - past due to get into the Federation, and I can't imagine they allow you in without ID.... lol
Sag 15, 02 / Nov 19, 18 05:18 UTC
Sir How much money taken from you.
Sag 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 02:34 UTC
Buen dia. Informacion medica en una tarjeta seria bueno pero se pusieron a pensar si tienes un accidente o si se pierde tu tarjeta x cuanto tiempo me quedaria sin poder realizar transaciones y sin historial medico? Propuesta Monedero cifrado y activado con huella digital Informacion medica en chip en ...
Sag 20, 02 / Nov 24, 18 18:05 UTC
I like this idea.
Sag 21, 02 / Nov 25, 18 19:10 UTC
Great idea. Only two problems with the design. All cards have the microchip in the middle of one small edge not on the lower corner. If you put it in the lower corner then most of the card readers won't be able to read your card and that implies the ...
Cap 09, 02 / Dec 11, 18 01:50 UTC
I agree your work and proposal. As long as it do Not have to be put in body, in hand or in head (otherwise I will leave).
Cap 12, 02 / Dec 14, 18 13:53 UTC
Да, проект этой карты замечателен, но много может быть нюансов по мелочам. Я за этот проект, нужны будут только не большие доработки по всем направлениям для жителей Асгардии.
Cap 20, 02 / Dec 22, 18 17:10 UTC
so awesome
Cap 22, 02 / Dec 24, 18 14:48 UTC
I feel very good. I look forward to it. Come on!
Cap 25, 02 / Dec 27, 18 18:28 UTC
The current position should be removed as it may change from time to time. One would need to get it reissued every few years or if that current position changes. I like many do not want my medical information stored on my ID Card. maybe it should just allow for ...
Aqu 09, 03 / Jan 9, 19 19:40 UTC
You miss-spelled GOVER'N'MENT. Otherwise looks great
Pis 02, 03 / Jan 30, 19 14:23 UTC
I like the design and i have to agree with most of my fellow citizens.
Pis 13, 03 / Feb 10, 19 03:09 UTC
Pis 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 16:43 UTC
Damn.... Everything looks fine except for the Position Bar [thingy], it looks like there's a class difference and sometimes that may or may not cause some ruckus between citizens and the government. Asgardia is all about Unity, so I think that Position Bar could maybe be scrapped. The other thing ...
Ari 04, 03 / Mar 1, 19 09:14 UTC
this is trash LOOK AT MY BLOG
Ari 04, 03 / Mar 1, 19 09:15 UTC
i agree
Ari 04, 03 / Mar 1, 19 09:15 UTC
jk no hates
Ari 16, 03 / Mar 13, 19 13:43 UTC
Me gusta mucho la idea. Tienes mi voto.
Tau 08, 03 / Apr 2, 19 20:21 UTC
Tau 12, 03 / Apr 6, 19 13:36 UTC
i have no money. thats mean i can't be a citizen. no money no life like in real.
Tau 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 03:42 UTC
How can i get ??
Tau 25, 03 / Apr 19, 19 06:04 UTC
To prevent the abuse of personal information In the beginning, the identity card of the MasterCard concept, I hope so. You need to be careful.
Tau 25, 03 / Apr 19, 19 06:05 UTC
He's still living on Earth. That's a good master card I.D. Something that's available now.
Tau 25, 03 / Apr 19, 19 06:06 UTC
The translation is a bit strange.