Jul 26, 02 / Aug 10, 18 16:24 UTC

With the creation of the Asgardian Flag, Coat of Arms and National Anthem, it is only natural that patriotic citizens begin to look for ways to display their national pride and support for Asgardia through official merchandise; including clothing, jewellery and accessories.

I propose that official merchandise licenses be made available only to Asgardian citizens, obtained via application submitted to the Asgardian Minister of Trade & Commerce, which will be charged as an administration/licencing fee. Once the application is approved and the licence fee paid (or arrangement agreed upon) the holder will be free to produce official merchandise of the Asgardian Nation.

This ability to obtain licensing rights will help to kick-start our economy, maximise our citizen's opportunities to create profitable businesses and a way for our citizens to contribute to both the economy and global awareness of our great nation.

Please support my petition.

Ad posterum, Asgardians.

Aug 3, 02 / Aug 15, 18 11:40 UTC
Genius! Please support the petition and Upvote it, Ty.
Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 08:52 UTC
Thank you for the support Muhammad!
Aug 3, 02 / Aug 15, 18 21:30 UTC
Just today I thought about some small accessories like bracelet or necklace to identify us on Earth and to show how proud are we to be members of Asgaria. It's great that we got similar feelings about it
Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 08:53 UTC
Absolutely! The ability to show our pride and help to promote the nation in an individual and personal way.
Aug 5, 02 / Aug 17, 18 21:18 UTC
Great Idea
Aug 6, 02 / Aug 18, 18 23:58 UTC
even if the vote time runs out i really hope you try again and again
Aug 7, 02 / Aug 19, 18 00:00 UTC
what if we could by asgardia flags,hats,and t-shirts
Oct 17, 02 / Oct 24, 18 22:01 UTC
Yeah, this once a good idea
Aug 7, 02 / Aug 19, 18 00:09 UTC
and the money that was raised helped fund asgardia
Aug 13, 02 / Aug 25, 18 06:30 UTC
As a maker, I'd love to see this pass!
Aug 17, 02 / Aug 29, 18 19:07 UTC
Got my vote! Go for it. But keep prices low so everyone can afford to buy.
Aug 21, 02 / Sep 2, 18 03:52 UTC
Um... Wouldn't that be desecration? (I understand the need for kick starting the economy)🤔🤔🤔🤔
Aug 27, 02 / Sep 8, 18 01:27 UTC
This is a well thought out idea and I can't think of any immediate downsides. Although, would we be open to loosening restrictions after establishing our economy? Since Asgardia is meant to be inclusive to all who follow our laws and wish to become integrated, it might be seen as ...
Sep 21, 02 / Sep 30, 18 19:35 UTC
I agree with your sentiments. Initially it would be a great means of generating revenue and ensuring that such revenue is used to kick-starting the economy. but I would propose after a certain period of time such restrictions are lifted.
Oct 17, 02 / Oct 24, 18 22:04 UTC
I agree with you sister. It must not be too restrictive since it's for anyone willing play by the rules.
Aug 27, 02 / Sep 8, 18 20:46 UTC
I think being patriotic is great, but to show patrionism in an exclusive way might be wrong if we want to be open to any earthling. And patrionism has brought many problems in human history like racism and war. Despite how cool it would be.
Sep 8, 02 / Sep 17, 18 16:36 UTC
Да, я поддерживаю эту петицию! Но!!! Качество всех производимых товаров, под Нашим Знаком, должны быть превосходным и неизменным!!!!!
Sep 27, 02 / Oct 6, 18 06:54 UTC
Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 04:43 UTC
I would like to see ongoing royalties in the form of % of sales rather than 1 off fee. Sorry if that was implied, I don’t know how merchandising fees work.
NY Day, NY Day / Dec 31, 18 03:37 UTC
素晴らしい、そうあるべきです。 なぜなら、私がそれを欲しているからです。
Jun 26, 03 / Jun 15, 19 20:01 UTC
Pins, Chains as well as Shirts and other clothings would be a good idea. Oh, and of course Baseball Caps. However, other Merchandise like Mugs, i don´t really know...... This is IMHO not needed. As for the national flag of Asgardia (and it´s Coat of Arms), Citizens should be able ...