Apr 24, 19 / Gem 02, 03 09:42 UTC
Section: 1. We, the Asgardia Space Nation should have the rights to have their information not to be display on their profile page in name of the security reason. Our data is being displayed on the profile with full name, birthdate, and location and profession. 2. This is what cybersecurity called "open identity marketing" that are open to anyone to steal, misuse our data and safety of our home from our profile. We should have the right to turn on or off to volunteering to display our certain information via profile without Asgardia approval on what to display our information online for our safety. 3. The page under social site: Dashboard, Asgardians, Map should be private and close to public that are not citizen of Asgardia and is not registered follower, when approaching the website. Social page should be public with selected page as stated in section 4 for unregistered visitors, once there is new register as followers, they can view and participate in social which would unlock for them to view. But on public domain and unregister visitor of the, the full open "social" is limited to only as private to citizens of Asgardia, when log in the site. 4. While event and communities can be display in public for unregister visitor of website. List as privacy right is: A. Personal information is for only Asgardian citizen to have control over it own data, with toggle options to turn off their certain information display on profile page as name, birthdate, location and profession. B. They have the right to keep their profile private from public view without Asgardia NGO approval, with expectation for security reason in term of safety and acciential action. C. Social page is consider directory for the Asgardian citizens to connect, it is only for Asgardian citizens to see it. It should not be display on public domain of the website for security reason. Social certain page as stated above in section 3 should be off the public website permanently, only accessible after register citizen of the Asgardia.
May 6, 19 / Gem 14, 03 00:04 UTC
Yes! Keep data such as DOB private is a MUST!
May 7, 19 / Gem 15, 03 09:28 UTC
It is important to vote on the petitions page – button "SUPPORT" I think you should share your position and link in the Asgardia community on Facebook
May 13, 19 / Gem 21, 03 12:20 UTC
Hi, Jason! This is crucial indeed. Thank you for raising concerns about date of birth public visibility. And also thank you for drawing attention to the security protocol issue. I’m happy to inform you that both problems have been resolved thanks to our brilliant tech team and, of course, to ...
May 20, 19 / Can 00, 03 12:35 UTC
May 20, 19 / Can 00, 03 12:38 UTC
Hello, thank you for the updates on the improvement of the security protocol and it profile visibility. There is still several more to go through. I will email you soon with the list of actions to fully safeguard the people and it accessibility management.
May 13, 19 / Gem 21, 03 12:22 UTC
Now date of birth is visible only to you. Here's a screenshot of how I see your profile:
May 30, 19 / Can 10, 03 08:25 UTC
I think this not a real good idea, because every asgardia need to be transparent. There is nothing to hiding. It would be bad that criminals are infiltrate the nation to get on the top.