May 21, 19 / Can 01, 03 17:13 UTC
Applying photo and real name always in Official Asgardia Space Nation web page.
Proposal : Applying photo and real name always in Official Asgardia Space Kingdom Nation web page, without exception of person. On Free speech.... We all have freedom of expression, but example.... it is understood that there are countries where their dialogue is sometimes insulting, humiliating, despised and threat. for them everything is absolutely fine, for others not, there are those who hate one country or another, in Asgardia there must not be a divided!Nation!, to expose a concern, a complaint, or discomfort as humans wish to call,  it shut not be offended, good dialogue entails a good response, perhaps, investigative it ..and often ignorance in some questions is due to envy , many times they do not read or observe how things are concurring. Maybe the dialogue is right, obviously, the reason is to be observed because the problem is present, ..... Free expression is a right. but like all, that right has limits. there is in the Constitution which indicates it, in the law, and amendments, that protects it directs and defends. People no matter where is their culture , those not have to offense nobody, humiliate, no despise,,, all around the planet earth, the cultures are different and when some humans leaving their nest they modify their being ..( but nobody is limited if they do not want to change ...) we have to be careful what an individual with free expression refers to, because what he or they wants is to provoke a riot to obtain his purpose. anyone in some places asks for their right of expression, asks at the same time for their right to freedom because they are captives, this is a right that we should all defend, and the right of expression with respect, the word right to expression should always be put on a scale, which is the request the reason, the cause to ask for free expression. The purpose is to stop people or not human in insulting, threat, humble, despite, went they debating a Question or in comments, also to approve a rule, amendment, a law, that oblige Citizen of Asgardia Kingdom Space Nation, to be with the real names, photo.In that way the citizen of Asgardia if they want to complain, cut write directly to a Department of Asgardia Citizen and non-Citizen as well as non-human.  An official document is need on the purpose to complain, Who, Where, When, Date, Place, Time, adding the real name and photo, also Asgardia have to verify is the name and photo are real, is persons involved, the documents are official, The official Asgardians in charge at the Department of Asgardia Citizen and non-Citizen as well as non-human. Investigated the case. To act with any action against any member, for having committed one or a few faults, will be imposed a suspension for a period of weeks plus a fine, and depend in the weight of the case, could reach a total suspension. the implementation of these rules, amendments and laws will be added within any Asgardia community in space and the planet Earth. We need a Department of Asgardia Citizen Complain and non-Citizen as well as non-human. A bill to become a rule, amendments, the law it will no conflict with another law, this rules, amendments, and law will protect the well-being, physical and mental tranquility of all our members Asgardia kingdom space Nation. including the space and terrestrial area of The offense is analyzed and investigated if a Asgardia citizen member enters into a felony, the case will be transferred in front of an Asgardian judge, any fault, offense, crime will be applied to the defendant's file even with cause or without cause ... it will prevent the accused from having a high job position or job changes. And will prevent an accused to be accused of a made-up case. Working also with Art 9 sec 2,3,4. Art 10 sec 1,2,4. Art 20 Art 6 sec 4 Conclusion, it will stop the insults, threats, humiliation, despised, to any member of Asgardia, in the implement, rules, amendments, and laws that protect the well-being, mental and physical tranquility for all Asgardian Citizen. We need to name an official Department of Asgardian Citizen Complain and non-Citizen as well as non-human.  All actions apply, lack, crime, offense, rape, harassment, sex offender, abuse, robbery, insults, identity theft, invent a false case. mutilation, it does not matter that the culture is not equal, what interests is the Respect to all Asgardian Citizen. Last time summit Apr 12, 02 / Apr 6, 18 11:33 UTC recent .... May 2019 Att Aida M Crescente Tamaris
May 21, 19 / Can 01, 03 21:33 UTC
Stard again !
Aug 29, 19 / Lib 17, 03 08:33 UTC
Who or how's defined what constitutes an insult or offense? Because it offends a person? Hypothetical Example: Someone says the Earth is not flat. Someone else who believes the Earth is flat gets offended. Could the person that made the statement be prosecuted by the offended person? How do you ...