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We welcome Asgardian citizens to upload your files to А for transfer to the Asgardia-1 satellite! Files storage will also be available on other Asgardia satellites and platforms in the future.

All Asgardians who were not in the first 100,000, but became citizens before the Hong Kong conference on 13 June 2017, can send up to 200KB once they’ve accepted the Constitution. All citizens who joined Asgardia after 13 June 2017 receive 100KB.

Please post only your own or copyright-free material. Asgardia respects copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights.

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Thalt Rybinsk

Qbaz Sosny

Shuktija N bangalore

Whoever reads this in whichever year under whatever circumstance, I say this ...

DawnK Highland

Sometimes this planet is so lonely even with the massive amount of bodies. We...

Asgardian 1146582 RENO

Mr.Zeng Nanchang

Is there aliens? If it's being, please contact me with phone number 150790455...

Matheus Presotto Sao Paulo

Não vamos cometer os mesmos erros que cometemos na Terra em nossa Nação Espac...

Dirk Baeyens Staden

Herokles Athens

wangchuanwei shanghai

wangchuanwei shanghai

I am Wellwang from China. I love Asgardia.

shahabpk Tehran

bayugustama Bogor

Hi Asgardian, my name is Putra Bayu Gustama and currently live in Indonesia ;...

JohnR Islington

Asgardian 1146582 RENO

No Pain , No Gain - Harvinder Gogna

Nikola 369 Zajecar

Take me Away from this Planet

Ercan Ersoy istanbul

A_waitforit_Mir Rasht

Scott Keatings Rose Bay

Hi! My name is Scott Keatings. I am very proud to be a citizen of Asgardia, a...

Terry Skrinjar Redbank Plains

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