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We welcome Asgardian citizens to upload your files to А for transfer to the Asgardia-1 satellite! Files storage will also be available on other Asgardia satellites and platforms in the future.

All Asgardians who were not in the first 100,000, but became citizens before the Hong Kong conference on 13 June 2017, can send up to 200KB once they’ve accepted the Constitution. All citizens who joined Asgardia after 13 June 2017 receive 100KB.

Please post only your own or copyright-free material. Asgardia respects copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights.

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Marcelo Abinajm CASA BRANCA

Hi! My name is Marcelo Abinajm, and I believe Asgardia is the future of human...

Adamis Tsoupkas Tyrnavos

Adam a Mimi Guču Muču 😘❤️

Danila Ishutin Krasnodar

Ansh Bhatnagar Dehradun

Gian Marco Malfanti Rome

Anche io, Gian Marco, volo nello spazio grazie alla comunità di Asgardia!

yuming cheng Beijing

Zubaida Whidden Winnipeg

Zubaida Whidden Winnipeg


Jose Maria Gutierres Filho Tramandai



Patricia Alamilla Concha , nacida en Mérida Yucatán viviendo en Cancún, Quint...

Alis Goroglu Earth

OwO what should I write here

Sarbananda Maibram Moirang

Ramakrishna Nethinti Hyderabad

Andrei Rumin Voskresensk

Да прибудет с нами святой Маск

Paul Graziano Springfield

Mohamed Ben Ayed Ariana

HyeongJin Won Seoul

새로운 시작, 새로운 희망 -서울에서

Martin Stocchetti pacheco

Fabien CLOUET london

Se rappeler des belles plages bretonnes BZH

Thai Anh Vu Mercer Island

Ὁ Ἐψτιν ἐαυτον οὐκ ἀπεκτεινεν

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