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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Apr 25, 03 / Apr 19, 19 18:54 UTC
Robots 3D print a Mars hábitat

Watch robots 3D print a Mars hábitat

Apr 23, 03 / Apr 17, 19 01:04 UTC
Tourism Tech Adventure Forum by UNWTO-United Nation World Tourism Organization
Tourism Tech Adventure Forum as an invited by UNWTO-United Nation World Tourism Organization, I will participate as a national delegate of FOCNC division and as parliamentary of Asgardia at the Forum of Innovation Tech Tourism Adventure in Cartagena, Colombia South America 29th April, 2019. A scenario that give us the ...
Mar 25, 03 / Mar 22, 19 21:13 UTC
Spatial Technology to Apply at Gastronomy!
 A prominent industry for the survival of the human future in Space and on Earth!

I am part of the Culture Committee and as a simple Asgardian Citizens, I will participate as an advisor and consulting, invited and registered by the Franchise Mr.Edd Cocktail Ceviche Gourmet Art Exhibition & Fast Seafood and FOCNC Colombian Division. Uniting the World with the Intangible ...

Mar 15, 03 / Mar 12, 19 21:36 UTC

Spanish Interview.

Uniting Asgardia with the World through the Intangible and Tangible Space Culture Heritage!

Mar 2, 03 / Feb 27, 19 22:06 UTC

Federation of European Carnivals Cities - FECC

Yalova, Turkey

June 10-18, 2019

As an active ...

Mar 3, 03 / Feb 28, 19 15:34 UTC
Thank you to follow up my post! This is our mission from the Culture Committee unite Asgardia with the World through the culture, respecting to everyone and the most important; to enhance the positive of each culture that allows us to integrate as true Asgardians citizens, to exchange all the ...
Mar 3, 03 / Feb 28, 19 11:05 UTC
Thank you for this example :D it was suprising to see our cultural characters Karagöz and Hacıvat in here :) And of course thank you to Yalova city for protecting and remembering them.
Jan 14, 03 / Jan 14, 19 13:56 UTC
Interview Caracol Radio Prisa Group

Courtesy by the Journalist Mr. Juan Alberto Zapata CaliCrea for Caracol Radio Prisa Group from Spain in Colombia /Cortesia por el Periodista Sr. Juan Valdes CaliCrea para Caracol Radio Grupo Prisa de España en Colombia

Dec 25, 02 / Dec 27, 18 08:06 UTC

I wish you a new 003/2019 full of Health, Peace, Love and Prosperity! All the best for you family and friends! Eliyahu.

Te deseo un nuevo 003/2019 pleno de mucha Salud, Paz, Amor y Prosperidad, para ti, la familia y amigos! Todo lo mejor. Eliyahu.

Dec 26, 02 / Dec 28, 18 03:46 UTC
Dec 25, 02 / Dec 27, 18 08:11 UTC
Anche a te amico mio :D
Aug 8, 02 / Aug 20, 18 22:54 UTC
Uniting the World with the Intangible Culture Heritage!
 The next step of Asgardia through the Ministry of Culture & Tourism,Trade and Commerce is become a new member of Federation European Carnivals Cities with more than 52 countries members.

Worldwide Federation European Carnival Cities FECC Journal 2018/2019. FOCNC Colombian Division promoting and uniting Asgardia and the world with the Intangible and Tangible Culture, Tourism and Education Heritage. Implementing the Economic Model for the Cultural Tourism and Education XXI Century.


Jul 3, 02 / Jul 18, 18 04:34 UTC
Identidades Festival Fonni Municipality Sardinia, Italy

I am very glad to share with the Asgardians that I will present an international Conference through the FOCNC Colombian Division . "The Economic Model of the Culture, Tourism and Sustainable Education Sector" It will be presented on August 3, 2018 in Sardinia, Italy.

As International Speaker ...

Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 21:09 UTC
Sure! Thank you to share it! All the best!
Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 21:09 UTC
Thanks very much! It will be another great place to bring together the nations with a great goal!
Jul 3, 02 / Jul 18, 18 05:58 UTC
Congratulation a very nice event.
Asg 17, 02 / Jul 4, 18 18:04 UTC
Thanks whom voted for me ! I am Officially Declarated as a Parliamentary for Asgardia 1st Space Nation!

I invite you to become a citizen and enjoy the fiction come true! At

We will do the best to get Asgardia a nation for the human benefit!

Eliyahu Munoz - Parliamentary of Asgardian 1st Nation on Space 2018-2023. ...

Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 20:11 UTC
Hola Juan, enviame ti email para ponernos en comunicación directa. Gracias.
Dec 3, 02 / Dec 5, 18 02:32 UTC
As a member of this Argardia nation, elected mayor of the city of Cali, I welcome you and offer you my most sincere congratulations. The future is now !
Aug 8, 02 / Aug 20, 18 22:12 UTC
Muchas gracias Martha por su mensaje. Todo lo mejor!
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Asg 15, 02 / Jul 2, 18 02:45 UTC
Cultural Heritage and Multicultural dialogue for the peace of the world

An very interesting Post of a Candidate for Minister of Culture!

Asg 16, 02 / Jul 3, 18 09:31 UTC
Thank you very much for your support for my candidature at Ministery of Culture
May 23, 02 / May 15, 18 17:59 UTC
Thanks for your Support and Believe in my Skill to help the next step of Humanity!
  Gracias por su Apoyo y Creer en mis Capacidades para ayudar al próximo paso de la Humanidad!


Asg 13, 02 / Jun 30, 18 06:10 UTC
Congratulations !!
Asg 13, 02 / Jun 30, 18 06:10 UTC
Congratulations !!
May 22, 02 / May 14, 18 21:56 UTC
1 Left Day to Vote for Me!  1 Día para Votar por Mí. Thank you for your Support and Believe in my Proposal! Gracias por su Apoyo y creer en mi Propuesta!

Uniting Asgardia and the World with the Intangible and Tangible Culture, Tourism and Education XXI Century, Space Sustainable Heritage!

I am part of the new generation making the Transition from Fiction to Reality! Sharing my experiences, knowledge and dreams, to unite the world to reach a great ...

May 18, 02 / May 10, 18 18:26 UTC

I invite you to share without limiting your educational, social, economic, cultural, ethnic, religious or gender status. In the end, everybody we have to live together in the same town, city, region or country and only then, we continue to achieve awareness of the changes that we want and ...

May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 03:51 UTC
Ariadne, un gran gusto y gracias por tu loable comentario. Termine en Distrito 1 porque algo paso inicialmente que aun no se había confirmado el de español, luego se cambio y después de verificaciones lo Activaron en Distrito 1 directamente por Asgardia. Pero igual uno puede registrarse por el Distrito ...
May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 03:25 UTC
¿Por que estas en el distrito 1 si eres colombiano? O Algo no entendí... Saludos Eduardo, un trabajo de promoción que se ve interesante; analizando que no exista conflicto de intereses económicos entre ambas partes, sino de colaboración y crecimiento se ve muy bien. :D
May 12, 02 / May 4, 18 22:28 UTC


 in Cali Colombia South America in

The Space Technology the new Cluster a reality as a seed that germinates in Colombia through Cali Valle del Cauca by FOCNC Division Colombia with a comprehensive vision for the benefit of present and future generations such as Space Technology ...

Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 16:57 UTC
Nostalgia por no darme cuenta de un evento como este!
May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 03:54 UTC
Te gusto? Gracias!! Todo lo mejor. Eliyahu Eduardo.
May 19, 02 / May 11, 18 03:28 UTC
Hermoso trabajo Eduardo Wow!!!
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