Asg 1, 02 / Jun 18, 18 11:21 UTC
Asgardia Celebrates Unity Day 2018

In 2017 Head of Nation Dr. Ashurbeyli issued Decree No.3 which outlined Unity Day- An important day where Asgardians cast their votes on the Declaration of unity and the constitution.

Fast-forward to 18th of June 2018 and Unity Day is a special day for Asgardia, this the ...

Asg 2, 02 / Jun 19, 18 05:05 UTC
Happy Unity Day all! This year is going to get even more exciting and what better way to start than to celebrate our unity as a nation!
Asg 1, 02 / Jun 18, 18 14:49 UTC
Happy Unity Day, everyone!
Asg 1, 02 / Jun 18, 18 13:56 UTC
This is amazing <3
Jun 24, 02 / Jun 13, 18 18:52 UTC
7 reasons why the inauguration is important for Asgardia.

On June the 25 th , Asgardia will host the inauguration of Igor Ashurbeyli at a ceremonious event at the Hofburg in Vienna. Today, I look at 7 reasons why this historic event is important for Asgardia.

1. It puts us on ...

Jun 26, 02 / Jun 15, 18 23:11 UTC
Thanks, Ross! Looking forward to the Inauguration for all these fine reasons!
Jun 26, 02 / Jun 15, 18 01:19 UTC
100% Ross! The greatest benefit of the inauguration would be to show the international community that we are serious about this project and to become an eventual recognised state-actor in the global political arena. Especially regarding recognition by business people, investors, entrepreneurs and even companies who may see Asgardia and ...
Jun 25, 02 / Jun 14, 18 16:04 UTC
Amazing share Ross! And you are absolutely correct about it. I believe this will help kick start more support for Asgardia. Also this innaguration has helped me to convince some of my life long friends to become asgardians! And with that said me and my friends had a thought of ...
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Jun 10, 02 / May 30, 18 11:02 UTC
Answering your questions!

Q. How do I get an official Passport?

A. Passports will only start to be issued once we have reached mutual recognition with other nations that will accept an Asgardian passport as an official document.

It ...

Jun 12, 02 / Jun 1, 18 17:48 UTC
Thanks Ross!
Jun 11, 02 / May 31, 18 21:03 UTC
Jun 11, 02 / May 31, 18 12:33 UTC
Thank you for the information Ross!
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Apr 16, 02 / Apr 10, 18 21:06 UTC
A different path to building the Nation.

A different path to building the Nation.

By Ross Cheeseright | 10/04/2018

As many of you will know, I have been working on helping to build Asgardia for a long time now. That journey took me ...

May 22, 02 / May 14, 18 21:36 UTC
Sorry for the Delay - Yes, I opened up a new FB Account to collect all my Asgardian business in one place :)
May 22, 02 / May 14, 18 21:35 UTC
That would be great. I've got some things in the pipeline that you'll be hearing about soon, Christian :)
May 21, 02 / May 13, 18 21:34 UTC
If there is anything coming up regarding VR as a tech for Asgardia to make this great nation more alive, and close the earthly distance between citizen please count me in! :) I'm very positive to being able to probably best help out with interaction design/ UX, UI and QA/ ...
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Mar 17, 02 / Mar 14, 18 23:30 UTC

I spent a lot of time on Asgardia’s networks, on our social networks and on our own website. Much of the time I spend there is enjoying debate and discussion with people from all walks of life. One topic that I have seen come up time and ...

May 12, 02 / May 4, 18 08:36 UTC
Fair shout buddy
May 2, 02 / Apr 24, 18 21:41 UTC
My personal opinion: Best place for religion would be in the past. Humanity cannot move forward without releasing itself from the shackled, repressive thoughts of the past. We see what religion has done to divide humanity here on Earth and the bloody battles as it's result. So that should continue ...
Mar 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 05:09 UTC
post this one to the other one" typo
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Mar 17, 02 / Mar 14, 18 23:30 UTC
Religion in Asgardia?

I spent a lot of time on Asgardia’s networks, on our social networks and on our own website. Much of the time I spend there is enjoying debate and discussion with people from all walks of life. One topic that I have seen come up time and ...

May 8, 02 / Apr 30, 18 00:12 UTC
What do I strong believe is the truth. Every religion is telling us a part of true and good values. `Fundamental values such family, love, respect, loyalty, are part of every religions from all over the world. What I would like to do is relay on all the old ones ...
Mar 20, 02 / Mar 17, 18 01:37 UTC
Religion is an important part of human history that we should not leave behind, regardless of an individual's personal beliefs. No one should be forced to accept a particular faith, and on the other side of the coin, no one should be denied their faith.
Mar 19, 02 / Mar 16, 18 12:44 UTC
Religion is a fear based form of control. Why do we want Asgardian’s to be afraid? I don’t need a religion to know what is right or wrong to my fellow human beings. 75% of all the wars on this planet are because of a disagreement over who’s religion is ...
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Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 19:01 UTC
What features does our website need for Asgardian Citizens?

As the elections draw to a close, it certainly seems that Asgardia is looking towards the future – there are a lot of developments, Parliament is being selected, there is a design contest for the Solar and Lunar currency and there is a ...

Apr 18, 02 / Apr 12, 18 16:03 UTC
I've been trying to see the blog history for a while but Asagardia tech only just fixed a bug that allowed it. I'd join you in any world building ideas.
Mar 28, 02 / Mar 25, 18 14:42 UTC
Идея Росса "Собирать взносы граждан в Библиотеку Асгардии-нашего Дома -это создание Банка интеллектуального капитала Асгардии. И это мне нравится. Некоторые научные идеи и разработки я отправил на наш спутник "Асгардия-1" именно с этой целью-сохранение интеллектуального капитала. Давайте делать "Библиотеку Асгардии" как банк Интеллектуального капитала коллективного пользования!
Mar 13, 02 / Mar 10, 18 07:14 UTC
*Updated I scrolled down to see Ross's proposal of a think tank for our finance. I just wanted to say that think tank can stay the same (or subject to change or form a new group of think tank) to discuss about things that are non finance related.
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Feb 24, 02 / Feb 21, 18 21:43 UTC
Operation Treasury - Funding Asgardia

By Ross Cheeseright & Ivan Rosel | 21/02/2018


In the text of Decree 15, HoN Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli announced that he would bring ...

Mar 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 13:13 UTC
You repeat your words too much, they will have no meaning.
Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 15:45 UTC
Hello !!! I read your platform and I voted for you. I invite you to know my campaign, and return your vote for me. Access my profile and vote for me. All the Best !!!
Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 07:21 UTC
I vote for you too...wish you fo your job well when you are elected, specially to all Asgardian Citizens worldwide for their benefits & welfare to all.
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Feb 20, 02 / Feb 17, 18 19:10 UTC
100 Euro Fee?!

Salutations my fellow Asgardians,

Many of you have may have recently seen something about a 100 EURO fee circulating around on our Social Media 'outlets' and I have seen that it is causing some confusion so I wanted to write a blog to clear up that confusion ...

Feb 25, 02 / Feb 22, 18 05:26 UTC
Thanks Ross i'm all set up in dischord :)
Feb 24, 02 / Feb 21, 18 19:20 UTC
Hey Jen - I know what you mean there is always a lot going on. My blog is a good source for information for news and Asgardia-related content, but you can find the Discord server here: To clarify, myself and some Asgardian colleagues proposed the server and set it ...
Feb 24, 02 / Feb 21, 18 07:48 UTC
Hi I read your profile and voted for you. In your profile you said you have a chat group on discord. Is that open to everyone? If so is it possible I could join? I struggle to keep up with the agrarian news so it would be good to be ...
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Feb 15, 02 / Feb 12, 18 15:36 UTC

Hello there my Fellow Asgardians,

Some of you eagle-eyed people may have noticed that my campaign profile has appeared under the "Government Candidate" section of the website, complete with a whole new campaign platform. ...

Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 02:53 UTC
I have a question because I can't find it anywhere. You were a strong candidate for Parliamentary and withdrew due to age. As for Government position the age starts at 35 so are people under that age also disqualified?
Feb 16, 02 / Feb 13, 18 02:44 UTC
Good to know that you recovered your votes, back in the game as they say.
Dec 23, 01 / Dec 25, 17 13:30 UTC
Withdrawing from the Elections.


Asgardia has made an indirect statement on the age-limit for Parliamentary candidates. On the 24 th of December they have updated the website, splitting the candidates into two categories. Parliamentary ...

Feb 17, 02 / Feb 14, 18 17:53 UTC
I'm truly excited and glad you decided to run for a position in our government again I'm always happy to give you my vote.
Feb 15, 02 / Feb 12, 18 20:07 UTC
Thanks for the heads up. I'll go and take a look :)
Feb 15, 02 / Feb 12, 18 19:36 UTC
I noticed you wrote a lot about virtual reality, I'd recommend checking out Sansar.
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Dec 22, 01 / Dec 24, 17 11:37 UTC
Wishing you a happy Holiday

Salutations my fellow Asgardians,

It is tradition in my Fiancé’s country to celebrate Christmas on the 24 th of December, in mine, we do it on the 25 th but as she must live away from home, we decided to ...

Dec 22, 01 / Dec 24, 17 14:23 UTC

Yes if we look at the positive things it was not so a bad year. The most importent like you say Ross is that we have a new future with new hope. Time now to enjoy the years end or what ever festivity comes along. Happy Days. ;-)

Dec 22, 01 / Dec 24, 17 11:49 UTC

Great Ross, here in Galicia also has the same tradition that most people have. A religious event has become the best excuse to gather friends and family and celebrate many things. These dates have something very special for everyone here in my land.

Happy Holidays.


Dec 11, 01 / Dec 13, 17 17:53 UTC
To my ‘golden 1000’: A thank you.

To my dear supporters,

“Asgardia is a nation of dreamers” – so our new promotional video says, and since I joined Asgardia I have seen the dream slowly start to turn into a reality and it is upon that ...

Dec 11, 01 / Dec 13, 17 21:27 UTC

Champagne is on ice and ready lol and one more congrats Ross to first 1000 supporters/voters,I'm glad to be one ,the bright futuure is front of us, we WILL make it.

Dec 11, 01 / Dec 13, 17 20:55 UTC

We'll make it Ross.

Dec 11, 01 / Dec 13, 17 19:16 UTC

Congrats, Ross! You've put a lot of work into your campaign and our nation, both on this website and in the real world. I respect your work and hope to help our country flourish through our work in Parliament.

Dec 2, 01 / Dec 4, 17 09:42 UTC
So what does Asgardia think about the minimum age for Parliament?

Hello my fellow Asgardians,

So the minimum age polls are now closed and in the short space of time that they were open, they generated 1,488 responses which is hundreds more than any petition managed to get ...

Dec 3, 01 / Dec 5, 17 14:37 UTC

I'm 44 years old, I have only 5 votes and while that may be enough to get me into Parliament, due to our lack of numbers since we don't have enough people to fill out the entire English district, I severely insist the age be lowered. I can see ...

Dec 3, 01 / Dec 5, 17 14:37 UTC

I'm 44 years old, I have only 5 votes and while that may be enough to get me into Parliament, due to our lack of numbers since we don't have enough people to fill out the entire English district, I severely insist the age be lowered. I can see ...

Dec 2, 01 / Dec 4, 17 12:18 UTC

Indeed people want this change many of us from the beginning (18th of June) have been active in defending and promoting. An unfair treatment segregating amongst Asgardians not according to their enthusiasm or their capacity, not even their merit or their dedication but just based on their age.

Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 21:01 UTC
Time is running out to voice your opinion

Hello there my fellow Asgardian Citizens,

The opinion poll that Civic Asgardia is running on the subject of the age-limit is running out time. It's due to expire on December 04, 2017. If you haven't yet voted, please do so. With enough voices all talking together as ...

Nov 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 10:43 UTC
Minimum Parliamentarian Age: Perspective

November 28, 2017

The ongoing debate about “Minimum age.” Has raised some interesting points from the community and I would like to address some of them in this post.

18 Vs 40. ...

Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 07:51 UTC

I'm not really sure how to articulate what I'm thinking, so bear with me. Perhaps this might be where the arguments are originating from in reality? Due process implying a legal system (legislature, judges, etc) when all we have is a constitution that knew it was going to run ...

Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 06:18 UTC

The due process is to use the provisions built into the constitution in article 44, 45 and 46. This would be going directly by the constitution. Why would you champion going by the age in the constitution but not changing the age by following the constitution?

Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 02:11 UTC

Mistakes were made. He said. She said. Absent of a formal decree, these are all precisely why we need to be going directly by the constitution; to avoid these misunderstandings. I am not opposed to changing the age, I just want to see due process.

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