Nov 20, 01 / Nov 24, 17 17:47 UTC
PRESENTACIÓN de plataforma de campaña

Saludos Cordiales Compañeros Asgardianos,

Mi nombre es Arnulfo Alegria, candidato al Parlamento por el Distrito # 4: Español y estoy aquí para presentarles muy respetuosamente mi plataforma de acción y propuestas.

Soy graduado de Ingeniera en Gestión Empresarial y tengo 29 años, he trabajo en ...

Nov 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 19:49 UTC
Space Politics and future leadership

The leaders of the future must understand one thing above the others, and is that they represent the citizens, they are the means by which the voice of the smallest is channeled; according to the Guatemalan political scientist Gloria Alvarez, there are several elements that a nation must have ...

Sep 2, 01 / Sep 11, 17 19:51 UTC

Congratulation for the acceptants of the Constitution, a great step for the recognition of our Colony.

Sep 2, 01 / Sep 11, 17 19:28 UTC
The economy in space habitats

When we speak of colonies that thrive in space, apart from the indispensable factors for life, we must take into account how it must thrive and grow, after all, it is not easy to obtain space recruits for Asgardia, and those in the land, belong to THE EARTH ...

Aug 1, 01 / Aug 13, 17 17:47 UTC
the history of space habitat concepts

The men go to the moon, then we explore mars, there is no boundaries of what a strong will can do, there is limits for dreams? I don't think so, If we come this far, I'm sure we can go further and beyond, but what is the history behind ...

Jul 24, 01 / Aug 8, 17 19:07 UTC
The stanford torus colony concept

When we speak of space colonies, we must take into account that space was not made for humans, we would die instantly; therefore a series of factors must be considered so that the human being can not only survive in space, but can live and progress.

So ...

Jul 25, 01 / Aug 9, 17 04:20 UTC

very interesting

Jul 23, 01 / Aug 7, 17 18:34 UTC
A Civilization in space, Is It Possible?

We all once saw the film Elysium directed by Neill Blomkamp, where in a near future humanity lives on an increasingly polluted, sick and overpopulated planet, with the exception of Elysium, a toroidal world where only the rich and wealthy can live in peace and ''never die''; Scenarios like ...

Best regards, My name is Arnulfo Alegria and I am Ecuadorian, like many of the citizens of Asgardia, my biggest concern is knowing how and when Asgardia will be a real place, and how people who work nowadays, make this possible, although there is a lot effort on the part ...
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