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NAME:Shahab Siavash
Author annotation
Asgardia: The Hexagon Nation!

I am a graphic and typeface designer and I think we should search for something memorable as well as simple. It is a flag. So it should be just colors or one symbol maximum. It is not a poster or banner.

So I designed this. And some note about the flag, Hexagon is a:
- very powerful shape. Defines unity.
- recognizable math shape, too. Defines reason and thinking.
- structure that has been seen in chemistry as well. Defines science.
- form in mechanics and physics as parts of the devices. Defines usability.
- pointer to humans' sixth sense, also!
- very sweet thing, too! You can see it in honeycomb, too.

So there you have it. Simple and meaningful. I hope all Asgardians like this! :)

A hexagon day to all!

Shahab Siavash