Parliamentary Elections

Election Statistics

How Members of Parliament Are Elected

MPs will be elected in a system under which the number of seats depends on the size of the electoral district. Therefore, the number of MPs selected per district will depend on the number of parliamentary seats allocated to them. The electoral districts of Asgardia will be assigned parliamentary seats in proportion to the number of Asgardians represented by each electoral district.

of Parliament

Electoral Districts

The Parliament of Asgardia is comprised of 13 electoral districts. An electoral district of Asgardia is a territorial subdivision for electing Members of Parliament (MPs). Asgardian district boundaries are also determined by the distribution of the most spoken languages in Asgardia.

Setting up the electoral districts will be the first step in Asgardia’s parliamentary elections.

Twelve of the 13 districts were formed on the basis of most spoken languages in Asgardia, based on what Asgardians have indicated as their primary language during registration.

Asgardians whose languages are not represented by the 12 electoral districts may choose to join the 13th electoral district, which represents all other languages spoken by Asgardians.

Anyone who is 18 years old or older, and has accepted the Constitution of Asgardia will automatically be assigned to an electoral district which represents his/her spoken language.

If for any reason, one wants to switch to a different district, he/she may do so until November 12, 2017.


Guidelines for

  • There's no requirement that one physically resides in the electoral district one is aiming to represent. However, prospective MPs are required to have fluency in the language of the district they are running to represent. The language proficiency of the candidate will be assessed by the Central Election Committee of Asgardia.

  • To nominate yourself as a Member of Parliament, you must compete your campaign profile which you clearly describe your platform and the goals that you will try to accomplish during your term. All campaign information should be provided in English.

  • Campaign profiles can be edited up to 30 days prior to the conclusion of the parliamentary elections. If a candidate changes his/her campaign profile, voters will be notified of the changes and have the right to give their votes to a different candidate.

  • You must also submit the following documentation:

    A headshot photo
    A copy of
    an identification document

You must be 18 or older, and have accepted the Constitution of Asgardia,
to nominate yourself to become a Member of Parliament.

Favorites are a way to save a list of candidates for whom you consider voting. Votes and Favorites appear at the bottom of the screen for any district in which you selected candidates.

Every candidate has the right to receive an unlimited number of votes in any district. All of the votes received in each of the districts are counted if they do not exceed the number of seats for each district. If they do exceed the number of seats, the most recent votes are counted first.

​Assume the I am from the French district, which receives four seats in Parliament. In this district, four Members of Parliament are to be selected from nine candidates. I am not nominating myself, only voting for others.

  • In the French district, I voted for all nine candidates. My votes are given to the four candidates for whom I voted most recently.

  • In the English district, I voted for three candidates (fewer than the 71 seats in Parliament), so my three votes are given to the three candidates that I specifically voted for.

  • In the Russian district, I voted for six candidates (while the number of seats for the Russian district is five), so my votes are given to the five candidates for whom I voted most recently.

Citizens may change votes as they wish prior to Final Voting during 01-09 March 2018. During Final Voting, two buttons are available: a Confirm-Vote button to finalize your choices, and a No-Vote button to indicate you abstain from voting (this will erase your pending votes in the system). During final voting period, citizens will receive an email reminding them to vote. If you do not vote during Final Voting, any Favorites that you selected will be converted to final votes.

Last Steps for MP Candidates

Candidates who receive most votes in their electoral districts will move on to the interview round conducted by the Central Election Committee of Asgardia. Elected MPs cannot take office until they have been interviewed by the Central Election Committee of Asgardia and approved by the Head of Nation.