Feb 20, 02 / Feb 17, 18 17:59 UTC

I'm an electronics engineer, doing research on aerospace & nanotechnology. Also I am leading 2 international aerospace chapters in India. I used to do research on space energy, mars, robotics and biosensors applications for aerospace, etc. Also I am heading international aerospace chapters for India. I used to develop ...

Feb 19, 02 / Feb 16, 18 17:18 UTC

If others could try this,why not me? I believe i definitivly could be good at this post.Go big or go home.

Feb 19, 02 / Feb 16, 18 08:55 UTC

Save the people ang make beautiful word.

Feb 18, 02 / Feb 15, 18 07:22 UTC

Justice such a fickle word.........Does it actually exist. I believe it can if we believe in it.

"Unity brings Tommorow" is the motto i live by and will become my mission statement when i win the election.

I promise to deliver the Promise that my ...

Feb 17, 02 / Feb 14, 18 11:15 UTC


In termen van idoelogie ben ik van ruim voor het jaar 2000 een transhumanist en ijver voor expansie van de meenselijke conditie in alle richtingen - en dan heb ik over wetenschappelijk begrip en vernuft, het goede, waarheid, affirmatie van het leven, het ...

Feb 15, 02 / Feb 12, 18 11:55 UTC


Culture has always been an inalienable and very important element of human development, along with socio-economic, industrial-technological, functionalist and scientific elements. It was and remains a powerful tool for the formation of mentality, a specific system of knowledge, worldview, morality and philosophy. I am sure that ...

Feb 15, 02 / Feb 12, 18 05:07 UTC

To me the call to become a Leader is.

1. I work it not only to fill the stomach, but also the soul filler.

2. Work is not just a duty but a Call and Responsibility of Human Life (for self and others who need). ...

Feb 7, 02 / Feb 4, 18 12:34 UTC

Fellow Asgardians,

It's my pleasure to introduce one (innovative for most) vision to you.


Feb 14, 02 / Feb 11, 18 18:12 UTC
Hello marta. My name is kashif shaikh I am assistant election Manager I have seeing your post & your introduction its very good can we have meeting regarding the election in which we can talk the betterment of Every Asgardian & to see your potential Please revert ASAP. Regards Kashif ...
Feb 2, 02 / Jan 30, 18 02:17 UTC





Today people live in a world filled with conflict and contradiction. Peaceful conflict resolution is the purpose of political dialogue. Political dialogue is always biased as each part protects its interests.


Feb 1, 02 / Jan 29, 18 11:25 UTC

Creation of new nations means not only defining the system of values that united people but creating the system of upbringing and education that will be accessible for Asgardians of all ages.

In order to ...

Jan 28, 02 / Jan 28, 18 21:35 UTC

If we want to better ourselves as thoroughly as possible than it is essential that we explore the wast seas of Ideosphere as detaildly as possible and thus broaden our horisons. During our exploration of this wast unknown world we establish settlements. Islands of knowladge. This can be as ...

Jan 23, 02 / Jan 23, 18 09:04 UTC

Today people live on the world full of conflicts and contradictions. Peaceful resolution of conflicts is the aim of any political dialogue. There are always a bias in any political dialogue as each side is protecting its own interests.

Asgardia unites people from all over the world ...

Jan 22, 02 / Jan 22, 18 05:55 UTC

All people are born equal and have the right to a decent life. All people should help each other in achieving good life quality. Despite the fact that countries and nations on Earth are separated by history and boundaries, people still find the common language through culture where politicians ...

Jan 19, 02 / Jan 19, 18 06:16 UTC

Dear Asgardians,
As an Asgardia parliamentary I will actively attend in every single issue and topic raised by asgardians. I want to create e-Democracy platform allows citizens to comment on draft legislations of The Space Kingdom of Asgardia. People comments will be incorporated and integrated ...

Jan 18, 02 / Jan 18, 18 13:22 UTC

I believe that a Government has the duty of giving the best health service to every citizen, despite it's condition. If someone is capable of finding health resources on his own, than those who are in need must be taken care.

We should focus on prevention, with ...

Jan 10, 02 / Jan 10, 18 21:51 UTC

Any major national policy could be decided with a direct vote of the entire population. The only possible measures for a large constitutional break can be warning, public reprimand and exclusion from the society. The ultimate freedoms must be guaranteed, the right of ...

Jan 8, 02 / Jan 8, 18 17:29 UTC

Greetings, invisible friends.

Humanity has never seen beyond itself, but at times when it has decided that the time has come to do so, and that moment is now, and we do not observe towards the horizon, we now observe towards the stars.

Jan 3, 02 / Jan 3, 18 03:48 UTC
I come from Vietnam, a country formed over 2000 years and continuously through war and peace really get just over 40 years. As a citizen of a newly independent country, I personally understand very well what the devastation of war is, the loss of human suffering, material poverty ...
Jan 2, 02 / Jan 2, 18 10:23 UTC

Who am I?

I’m Anastazja Jaworska, more known as Nastii . I'm from Poland. I am a person of many skills and hobbies, so I won’t list them all. I consider myself as a ...

Feb 22, 02 / Feb 19, 18 19:01 UTC
Good point!
Dec 22, 01 / Dec 24, 17 05:56 UTC

Obedezco al mundo de las ideas. (SupraSensible)

- Gerenciar, Proyectos, Ciencias y Artes son lo mío.

- Estratega, Empático y Líder.

- Demócrata, No tolero la corrupción.

- Respeto y admiro la religiosidad aunque no necesariamente la comparta.