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Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 21:39 UTC

I am really excited about ASGARDIA. I want to work with an entirely independent mind and a big open heart. The most important thing for me is; freedom. Asgardia is the future of all mankind. It's a big step and it's not even the beginning. I'm sure we'll do ...

Aug 5, 02 / Aug 17, 18 14:11 UTC
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Jul 20, 02 / Aug 4, 18 09:39 UTC
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Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 20:56 UTC

Asgardia vatandaşlarının güvenlik ihtiyacı elbet bir gün olucak ve halkımız için barışı saglamak huzuru korumak için canla başla mucadele edeceğim

Asgardia citizens will have a day to day security and we will strive to protect peace and security for our people

Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 19:25 UTC

Freedom life

Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 09:22 UTC
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Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 09:22 UTC
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Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 18:47 UTC

Ciberseguridad en Asgardia

La información es un activo importante para las empresas, para nosotros los individuos, y por sobre todas las cosas para una nación.

Es fundamental en todo ámbito, por ejemplo para el negocio: la facturación, ...

Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 09:23 UTC
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Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 09:23 UTC
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Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 17:28 UTC

new arrangements must be made to integrate scientific developments into the environment in order to make the world more livable.I believe we will achieve this with asgardia

Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 09:23 UTC
Love your blog man. Thanks for this stuff.
Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 09:23 UTC
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Aug 5, 02 / Aug 17, 18 14:22 UTC
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Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 17:24 UTC

Öncelikle insan haklarının, demokratik hak ve hürriyetlerin, huzur ve barışın sağlanacağına inandığım Asgardia'nın bir parçası olmaktan gurur duyuyorum. Mühendislik ve spor alanında ki teknik ve pratik bilgimle yönetici asistanlık pozisyonu için adaylığımı koyuyorum.

2016 yılında %100 İngilizce Elektrik Elektronik Mühendisliğinden mezun oldum. Şu anda Lityum-İyon ...

Sep 15, 02 / Sep 24, 18 12:58 UTC
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Aug 8, 02 / Aug 20, 18 10:08 UTC
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Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 17:01 UTC

We need to improve our culture with art and literature. Because modern human needs more sharing themselves for to caring human beings. We will work for justice, peace and love: so we will be able to change the world.

Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 14:58 UTC

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Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 09:31 UTC

I believe a safe space is needed for all. Especially as we move into space. All citizen need not worry and be able to feel safe, looked after as we move into this new step for all mankind

Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 01:06 UTC

We must understand that groups and ocieties have certain beliefs and cultures that are respected Except those which violates social laws and ethics. The asgardia community is diverse in terms of culture, and in this community, we deal with the symbols, ...

Aug 16, 02 / Aug 28, 18 05:46 UTC
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Jul 20, 02 / Aug 4, 18 11:11 UTC
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Jul 20, 02 / Aug 4, 18 10:27 UTC
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Jul 15, 02 / Jul 30, 18 22:13 UTC

Today Asgardian people are located in different parts of our world and they should be in touch with each other and their country services.

Thus, we have to reinvent our way to interact with society.

I propose to create Unite Digital System of all country ...

Jul 15, 02 / Jul 30, 18 20:57 UTC

Education must be approachable for Asgardian people all over the world.

We must set up educational standards and procedures to provide the equal possibility to learn for everyone and create uniform educational space. Longlife education is the idea, which isn't so reachable ...

Aug 24, 02 / Sep 5, 18 15:36 UTC
Я двумя руками За! :)
Aug 13, 02 / Aug 25, 18 15:05 UTC
I totally agree with you. I propose to bring this appeal to the Minister of education of Asgardia, when he will be appointed or selected.
Jul 15, 02 / Jul 30, 18 13:25 UTC


As an aviation and aerospace engineer, an airplane pilot and an astronomer, I want to be part of this extraordinary nation. Thanks to the knowledge and experience that I have, I hope to push the limits and push the boundaries facing the human race.

Jul 15, 02 / Jul 30, 18 11:21 UTC

Adeletin esası asgardia. halkına sunmak istiyorum. tüm çabalarım ASGARDİA ayakta tutup .göz'de bir ülke yapmak tır. burda insanlara yönelik oalrak olanak sağlanmak. gelişimini geliştirmek için
elimiz'de ...

Jul 15, 02 / Jul 30, 18 08:34 UTC




文化部,教育部和勞動部將對各種藝術相關領域進行普查,建立藝術和文學人才庫,並從學校教育,專業執照,政府人員機制出發,勞動條件和職業培訓,以發展藝術人才。 制定整體人才政策的一般性審查。

制定文化基本法[13]。 ...

Jul 15, 02 / Jul 30, 18 00:42 UTC

Good day, I am goal oriented Supply chain and Operations Manager offering more than 16 years of end-to-end supply chain and program management expertise that directly results in efficiency improvements and cost savings. Partner manager possessing well-refined proposal, contract, and service-level management abilities. ...

Jul 14, 02 / Jul 29, 18 09:39 UTC

HELLO!! Asgardians, Myself SANTHOSH KUMAR . Am born and brought up from Chennai which is located in India at the state of Tamil Nadu. i like to work with technologies.mainly i like to troubleshoot the bugs occuried.

thanks for give me ...

Jul 13, 02 / Jul 28, 18 19:43 UTC

I am motivated and smart person. Try to face new challange. Make impossible to possible.

Jul 15, 02 / Jul 30, 18 16:41 UTC
Hi Asgardian! I am Ministry of Finance and devope at dictric#13. I need 90000 vote from you. Once I am selected then will start developing with the finance and marketing for all Asgardian citizen. Thanks guys.
Jul 13, 02 / Jul 28, 18 00:45 UTC

Everyone is can strive for greatness, however this greatness can be stunned due to lack of personal resources and opportunity. We need to provide a helping hand to our citizens so that they can have the opportunity to strive for greatness, to help themselves, their family and our community. ...

Jul 12, 02 / Jul 27, 18 19:24 UTC

It will be pleasure to me for helping Asgardia .