Nov 29, 18 / Sag 25, 02 16:55 UTC

Collective Theory  

   We  use our mind to create great things in our world, we create  awareness  based on knowledge, the path we create leaves a mark in  eternity.    

   We  have the ability to create a connection based on support, a way  to  share our knowledge, and extend it to motivate to create great   technologies with the hand of peace and truth.    

   Day  by day we see how our world advances technologically, as our  society  evolves and adapts to a new life that usually changes year by  year.    
   we  all want to be part of that change, we all want to contribute  something  to our new changing world, but if we are not united, that  will never be  possible.    

   We  have to choose how we want to live our life, we have to choose  where we  want to be tomorrow, with the assurance that we can achieve   not only a personal change, but a global change.   

  I'm just a  technical aviator of small planes and aircraft engines,  with limited  experience, but with a motivation of a thousand men, with  the desire, that the world can offer me to learn new things every day,  my little  experience as aviator, I've learned that intelligence does   not manifest itself in knowledge, but in the way you decide how to live   your life, the decisions you have to make, where people depend on you,   that from the perspective of others, are insignificant objectives, but  for you and for whoever is by your side, they are great achievements,  which  will lead you to get higher and higher as the days go by.  

Dec 11, 18 / Cap 09, 02 18:20 UTC

thank you very much, strength is born from the union!

Feb 17, 19 / Pis 20, 03 09:08 UTC

I agree. I have limited experience as a social scientist/actor, however I feel that it's important to bond cohesively.

I've explored in previous posts the role of essentially 'tribalism in space' dominating our culture, and I now feel that we should be more open with our thoughts and feelings.