Sep 15, 17 / Sco 06, 01 14:30 UTC


We are all looking forward to how this project is progressing and I am the first to want its progress to be optimal. I have my confidence in the person who is establishing the roadmap for how things are being done and I am aware that it is very difficult to be able to respond to all the doubts we have individually as long as a good communication system between Asgardians is not established and elections are not concluded.

Even so, I think that the union, the contact between us and the discussion of concepts among many other things, is basic so that we can all contribute something.

For now, both facebook and the Asgardia web forum are the main discussion platforms and I am sure they will improve a lot in the near future, but apart from a place where you can debate with Asgardians from all over the world, I think it is necessary to have a place where you can debate among the Asgardians of an area.

I live in Vigo, Spain and I think that having a very direct relationship between the Asgardians of Galicia and Northern Portugal is essential.

I stand for election as "Debutant" in order to achieve that union. To be able to manage and organize well everything that we will be able to contribute is my objective.

Establish regular meetings, a rapid and real-time communication system between us, form a structure of the area that is responsible for informing, educating and encouraging other people to join us, to be Asgardian.

This project is a project of the future that our children and grandchildren will enjoy and we must get involved to make them live and continue Asgardia.

I request your vote to be able to develop all this. There will be more Debutants involved and we'll get it together.

I trust in the support we will have from the Asgardia institutions to develop everything.

In Vigo we have one of the main schools in aerospace development in Spain and Portugal and we can learn a lot if they allow us to. For that it is necessary to generate a very serious image and concept of Asgardia, to have a common objective and to be able to jump all the stones that we find ourselves on the road.

I trust all of you. We must do it.

Copy and paste. Vote for the union.

Sep 15, 17 / Sco 06, 01 19:13 UTC

I have taken the liberty of moving this post from our ministry of citizenship area to the campaigns area of the forum. thank you. 

Sep 15, 17 / Sco 06, 01 21:44 UTC

Thank you Shane.

Sep 16, 17 / Sco 07, 01 02:49 UTC

My pleasure Marcos, best of luck with your election campaign :)