Jan 17, 19 / Aqu 17, 03 19:21 UTC

Asgardia citizenship  

Good time to all my countrymen! I propose to change the procedure for obtaining Asgardia citizenship. The fact is that I don't have citizenship, and most likely I will never get it. There is no such option in the questionnaire, and I had to specify my non-existent citizenship. So let those who do not have citizenship on Earth, for the sake of justice will receive at least citizenship in Heaven for free.

Jan 18, 19 / Aqu 18, 03 04:01 UTC

There should be an international law, that people who are bat cray cray, are not allowed on the internet, ever.

Jan 18, 19 / Aqu 18, 03 19:08 UTC

    some people here don't understand jokes.

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Jan 19, 19 / Aqu 19, 03 08:10 UTC

Dear Asgardian 1161127

I'm reading every article in this forum line by line. google translate..

Best Regards,

Member of Parliament / Citizenship Committee

Jan 19, 19 / Aqu 19, 03 17:24 UTC

Dear Ugur Aydin

You are wrong - I use Yandex translator, which is much better than the Google translator.  I am a member of the The Russian aerospace society. Do I have the right to enter the Parliament of Asgardia?

Best wishes / member of the aerospace society

Jan 21, 19 / Aqu 21, 03 08:55 UTC

Dear Asgardian 1161127

Thank you for the translator's suggestion. The answer I wrote is the constitution.

"Members of Parliament shall be elected for a term of five years from among Asgardian citizens who have reached the age of 40."

Jan 21, 19 / Aqu 21, 03 20:13 UTC

Oh, it's a very fair Constitution. Thank you for your kind reply.

Jan 28, 19 / Pis 00, 03 16:34 UTC


y every one still creating a bad "emo" in this area.i could not understand why we should barking each other with some simple words.please looks your beyond future.this is not 1 AD.

Jan 30, 19 / Pis 02, 03 15:26 UTC

You're right. Please tell me what is 1 AD - Asgardia? Thank you.