Sep 19, 18 / Sco 10, 02 23:59 UTC

Re:Taxes and Annual Fee  

 even if the above three issues were fixed, you still have the problem of who collects said taxes and enforces the collection and then the penalty for those who do not pay these fees and taxes ,   for all intensive purposes i am poor.  But even if i wasn't i never had any intention of ever paying Asgardia anything not even a donation.  I think the answer to my question is it is a voluntary taxation / fee, really it can be only considered, taxation requires jackboots and  Gmen with guns to come and arrest you , toss you in the clink an put you before a judge for not paying.  But anyhow, the only real penalty is to lose ones " membership " as being an " Asgardian ".

It is all a fun idea, but pointless.

Sep 22, 18 / Sco 13, 02 12:50 UTC

Oh. Ok. Thanks for the replies and the answers.

I read the constitution and understood that all "Decrees" were to be actual laws to be followed. Since it was a "Decree" I assumed it was an actual real "thing" (now) for the nation.

Honestly, you shouldn't have to accept citizenship without:

1) Knowing what the taxes or costs thereof will be OR

2) Having a large buffer time to actual pay for it ( when you start your first job and then have several months to a year before taxes from the previous fiscal year are due).

I assumed that when I read the constitution, that all of these infrastructure things were actually already in place (economy, solar, etc...) since there seems to be a government and there was a Mayoral election (which I still haven't read about).

Well, I'm glad I don't have to worry about all of that now.

Why would the Head of the Nation be withdrawing support? Can I read about that somewhere. I'm all very, very new and don't know where to go to read about what first. (There's no Quick Start or Start Here type of thing that I can find for new people.)

Oct 9, 18 / Oph 02, 02 13:37 UTC

I was worried about this development. We now have an arbitrary fee that means different things to different people in different economies. There's no tangible benefit to being an Asgardian yet. People will leave.

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 20:06 UTC


Most nations don't require taxes without economic activity or assets, however most nations were started with initial funds and assets (such as land, resources tied to the land, actual currency stolen/taken/taxed from citizens and visitors).

My question is how do we know if we are part of the 100,000 based on the ID?

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 20:13 UTC

You know, America ( yes I know we are the laughing stock of the world right now) has in their history a war, it is called the Revolutionary War, it was based on Taxation without Representation, or the Tea Tax, does Asgardia really want to ignore world history and have a revolution on there hands, because that is what will happen, and guess what, I have the military knowledge and skills to fight as well as lead, would I want to lead it, hell no I am a support specailist but I do know a scam when I read one and would gladly lead a revolution against this " Parliament.

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 20:55 UTC

I have been here from the beginning without saying much. I joined because in the beginning Asgardia represented an ideal that I never heard of anywhere. We could all be part of this new great thing no matter where we came from. 

I do not believe this is the intention anymore. When you impose a voluntary fee and limit what type of citizen I can be based on this fee, then you are no different than anyone else.

In fact, you are worse... no the worst kind of society where the rich get richer and the poor are excluded and forgotten.  This is what is fundamentally wrong with earth as a whole.

I will not pay this fee and I pray noone else does.  We need a society that puts people first, All people, not just the ones who pay.

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 21:28 UTC

I was under the impression that we became citizens when we signed up. For most people 100 euros is too high a price for something that offers questionable returns. It’s fun to be a part of this but in reality we get nothing in return. I won’t be paying this fee/tax. 

Nov 13, 18 / Sag 09, 02 01:03 UTC

It would be helpful if they shipped us a tangible object or something for pitching in. I suspect that people are gonna start leaving if nothing is changed. Understanding that they need money to continue the project, why don't they call it donations instead of citizenship? Citizenship implies there is something of value on the other side, but... i'm not seeing it. The president should interact with the community on this. Because I see a lot of disappointed faces

Nov 13, 18 / Sag 09, 02 03:37 UTC

Are you kidding?  Taxation without tangible benefit?  Uh, nope.    I'm sorry, did you even ask?  See ya cult of Asgardia.  I once thought you were something new with great potential, alas it appears I was wrong.  You are dead to me, I'm out.

Nov 13, 18 / Sag 09, 02 06:13 UTC

This is insane.

Getting some money, maybe, thats like, doable, maybe $10 USD Annually? That's something a lot of people could afford, but you guys just killed Asgardia with that ridiculous fee.

You guys KILLED ASGARDIA :( :( :(

Extremely unhappy, and people that i told about Asgardia saying "oh i told you so, sorry it turned out to be a scam"

You guys in government f**ked up big time. Yes we need money, but this was just a shocking, shocking out of nowhere development. The forum is clunky and hard to navigate, and i rarely come here, except for this email you sent me today telling me to go **** myself and my enthusiasm.

I really hope that I am wrong, that ASGARDIA ISN'T DEAD, but this is a Huge, Huge Set back, your going to have Half the nation leaving because of this.

Asgardia was supposed to be about Collaboration and HOPE, and basically it seems right now like a cash grab to a lot of people. I know that you guys are not scammers, that we need money, but there is no tangible benefit that people can see to being a part of this for that large amount of money.

It's a lot of money to someone in a 3rd World Country or someone in a 1st world like myself with ONLY DISABILITY MONEY AND NO JOB.

Nov 13, 18 / Sag 09, 02 06:13 UTC

Double Post because i got Not Found 404 error twice. Please delete this post and keep my wordy length post above. Thank You.

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Nov 13, 18 / Sag 09, 02 15:28 UTC

I'm bemused by this development.

Not only has there been no real tangible development for the people of asgardia, but the goal posts have been changed. 

When I joined in July of 2017, the main aim of the organisation was to get people to accept the constitution. We were promised if we were within the first 100,000 people to accept the constitution we would be within the 'Golden 100,000' and would receive special benefits.

Now it appears this 'Golden 100,000' applies to the people who simply registered on the website first, and we all know that out of the 500,000 people that registered on launch, 70% of those were fake accounts or bots hence the various stages of verification. 

Without a substational amount of people accepting a constitution there would be no potential for this nation, and the officials knew this. What better way to get what they need than incentivising people to accept the constitution. 

This recent development has changed the definition of the 'Golden 100,000' and the €100 fee is comical at best. 

Even the small print clearly states if you pay this fee all you are doing is sponsoring an organisation. It even outlines this can never be refunded. 

I will not be paying this fee or any fee until we the people who made this possible receive something real and tangible at the very least. To even ask before this is downright cheeky (sorry Lembit). 

Further to this, the clever bait and switch approach has me questioning this organisations legitimacy.

A word of warning to people reading this, don't be conned out of your hard earned real money for something that has yet to prove it's self as a real entity. 

Let's see if this gets posted this time, as my previous attempts have been lost mysteriously... 



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Nov 14, 18 / Sag 10, 02 01:16 UTC

This means the idea of a new nation is now going for another step and stablish a base for economy?

And does that mean this fee could be another way to separate true members from people taking the ideal of this site as a game?

It is just part of our citizen duty, I guess. I just read the article and makes sense on paper but I overthink too much when it comes to economy and I don't know if what I said looks wrong to the eyes of others.

Nov 15, 18 / Sag 11, 02 00:42 UTC

 All this is becoming now, is a giant scam, you have a group of people who managed to con the UN, by filing correct paper work to establish a " nation " and then conned people into joining via an idea for the future, and getting out of the crap country they are in now. 

Then mystery people get into  government supposedly voted in, with no proof what so ever as to how the voting actually took place or was verified. 

Now they want money. 

Big surprise, why not.

An maybe, they will get some money from people who just do not know better. And or actually buy into the crap that is being sold. But what you will see after Nov 2019 is the citizen / followers, on the main page changing, Citizens numbers will decline due to " citizens " not paying the " Citizen fee "  and thusly converting them into " followers " making an increase in that. This isn't remotely an economic, thing, a politics thing, captialism or socialism.  All this is now. Is a total Con Job.  One shmuck managed to spend enough money to launch a cube stat into space, and create a website. bravo. big deal. 

If anything, Asgardia becomes a private club for the rich.  Next to happen when they realize they cant get people to pay the " citizen fee " they are going to make this website, a pay to use website, or rather subscription based, with things like,  you will get up todate Asgardian news, on what is being done for the future, have your vote count, only paying members can vote, be apart of the future. blah blah blah, and all you get is a nifty worthless digital i.d card, not recognized by anyone in the USA or Europe.

The only way this is not a con job is by creating a banking system, that is locked, with only a research and development purpose, maybe a few scholarship programs, and nothing else permitted. no business lunches, no paying for hotel stays, no b.s.  and it would have to be handled by a reputable firm, here on planet earth. that is under jurisdiction in a country of law an order.

Nov 15, 18 / Sag 11, 02 15:25 UTC

Hi all!

I think I can answer a few questions in this thread.

Asgardia isn’t just a Nation, it’s a community of futurists and a collection of ideas and hopes. There are lots of ways to get involved in Asgardia, even without paying the Citizenship Fee. The Nation has a range of social media networks and news being posted on a daily basis. People can keep up with the nations activities and get involved as a Follower at no cost.  
Asgardia stands for equal rights and inclusivity, however, we must also cater for the practical needs of raising a nation. Without tending to our current financial needs, we won’t be able to grow Asgardia or achieve our collective vision.

Asgardia offers several tiers of membership, including Resident and Follower so it is still possible for forward-thinking people who can’t afford the citizenship fee to work together with like-minded individuals to build a brighter future.

In the future, there may be other alternatives to pay for the citizenship fee such as sponsorships from current citizens or systems where people may be able to exchange their time and skills for ‘Lunar’ and pay for the citizenship using Asgardia’s own currency.

The teams will be working hard on launching the Crypto Currencies now that we are starting to have the financial influx that will allow work to be completed. That is project number one from what I have been told. Other projects on our wish list are business services to be built into our website platform, however the government of Asgardia needs to complete work on business regulations and policies so that Parliament can vote on them, and educational resources for all Asgardians to use.

Please have patience, we are working on it and hope that showing our work over time will help assuage everyones concerns.

Kind regards,

Rebekah Berg

Head of Community Affairs