Nov 16, 18 / Sag 12, 02 02:47 UTC


Dang, I have already written long x wide topics before now it's lost.

Alright I'll write it again in brief version:

1. How do we do search in Asgardian forum/website? The search button on top right corner doesn't work for me. It's not clickable.

2. I heard that Asgardian currency is called Solar and Lunar. What is it based of? Gold? Silver? Fiat currency? What's its exchange rate?

3. Is there a way to follow topic/thread/post we have written so that there will be announcement sent to my email?

Thank you.



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Nov 21, 18 / Sag 17, 02 08:23 UTC

1. Site still in beta state. So some features doesn't work correctly.

2. Solar and Lunar is cryptocurrency. Starting value will be depended by Goverment after economical discussion (It should ends at december 10).

3. Below your thread there is button "Subscribe".

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