Nov 15, 18 / Sag 11, 02 23:46 UTC

Constitution Unacceptable  

The Asgardia Constitution is unacceptable.  I will not sign it as it stands.  Folks go and read the constitution.  There is no point becoming a citizen under a constitution that is foolish and corrupt at the outset.  I speak here quoting parts of this ridiculous constitution:

"The Government shall establish its public opinion and take the same into account when making administrative decisions".    So in making decisions the government consider's it's own opinion for which it calls "public opinion".  So I guess that means your opinion does not matter as it is not part of the 'public opinion', as public opinion has now been reduced in definition here to the opinion of bureaucrats.  I am not signing to that ever.

Asgardia would be sure to fail completely in a ponzi type scheme as many other civilzations have e.g. Rome, simply by having both (1) a fixed name (in this case SOLAR) and (2) It's currency be allowed to not be backed by real money (e.g. gold, silver etc).  The fact that the constitution guarantees bank secrecy and commercial secrecy encourages this sort of corruption.  Quoting the constitution "Asgardia shall recognise the immunity of commercial secrets and bank secrecy." and also "The SOLAR shall be issued by the National Bank of Asgardia in the amount tied to the parameters of the Moon, the Sun, the other celestial bodies set by a special law of Asgardia."  Parameters of celestial bodies have no relevance to the issuing of currency or money.  How very foolish to have that in a constitution.  Astrology suggests the position of celestial bodies influences human affairs.  Do you want the position of the stars to have some corrupt banking group dictating to you what they mean so that they can manipulate to their advantage the currency of the nation.  As a matter of historical fact and relevance here: all currencies that are fiat currencies have always eventually gone to zero and been discontinued.  The definition of money is that it holds value.  Fiat currencies do not hold value and as such are not money.  Some example of real money are gold and silver.  Back in the days of 'Andrew Jackson', as president of the USA, he fought to ensure the nations currency was exchangeable for gold.  These days of course we have a private banking cartel with a name that is a lie called "The Federal Reserve". It charges interest on money printed and now that the US dollar is not backed by gold the true value of the US dollar has massively reduced with all their printing.  Any new decent constitution needs to outlaw such corruption that sends the people of a nation poor by profiting form them as bankers create money out of nothing and charge interest.

It is very clear to me that the intention of this constitution is not at all attempting to raise to a new level of constitution to avoid the failings of the clear lessons of the past.  It instead specifies ambiguous waffle and defines at the outset the elements of corruption that would encourage the same corruptions that ruin nations by corruption and profiteering.  I will not be part of this.  I will not sign.  Clearly those that are thick as thieves have got together to make this constitution. 

Dec 17, 18 / Cap 15, 02 22:25 UTC

If you have agreed to the Constitution, it is the Law of the Land.  Any changes to it would have to be made by Addendums.  At the moment, Parliament is not set up to handle a Constitutional Convention.

There might be changes down the road for the Constitution, but I do not believe that the First Parliament will deal with any Constitutional Amendments.  There is just too much on our plate right now.