First in history Inauguration of the Head of the First Space Nation Asgardia Asgardia’s first Head of Nation, Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, was inaugurated on the 25th of June at the Hofburg Palace with guests from over 40 countries from across the world.

In attendance were ambassadors of more than 10 countries, representatives of a number of major public organizations affiliated with UN structures, newly elected Asgardian Members of Parliament, astronauts, space industry managers, scientists, international lawyers, and media from all over the world.

Taking part in the ceremony was the Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Öpik, a former leader of the Welsh Assembly and Member of the British Parliament. The Head of the Supreme Court, Dr Yun Zhao, also took part—a well-known lawyer in the field of space law, a professor at Hong Kong University and a member of a number of arbitration courts. After taking his oath of office, Dr Ashurbeyli announced that, within the next 25 years, Asgardia will have habitable space stations and stationary settlements on the Moon equipped with artificial gravity and protection from cosmic radiation which will effectively enable permanent human habitation in space.

In the coming months, he also announced that Asgardia’s first Government administration will be formed, during which time a Cabinet of Ministers will be appointed, alongside the formation of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the National Audit Office and the Supreme Space Council.

Asgardia will also be establishing its National Bank and introducing its national cryptocurrency by the end of the year. Dr Ashurbeyli also shared his vision of Asgardia being ultimately populated by 2% of the world’s global population—150 million people.

“By uniting in Asgardia, the progressive part of humanity can offer the whole civilization on Earth an alternative by replacing geopolitics with space politics and thereby open up a path to a new spiral of development,” he said.


Kriti AnandMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“Today here’s so many people from all over the world, and everybody have their own thoughts, thinking, imagination. So Asgardia will get all the ideas”.

Inna PomorinaMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“When I was a child we saw Gagarin… We grew in USSR, and space was everything for us. This is why this dream of our offsprings visiting and working in space for the sake of humanity – is a wonderful idea”.

Alex MilkusMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“I have a feeling that we are at the beginning of a very kind, good and positive humanitarian startup where, and it’s very important, all earthlings can participate”.

Frank De VinneAstronaut

“I think Asgardia is a very good initiative, indeed. Space is, of course, for the entirety of humanity and this is what the goal of Asgardia – to preserve it for entire humanity”.

Leonid GutkovichMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“In the history of mankind, even if it sounds flashy, there are such points which, at first, remain unnoticed. Then 10, 20, 30 years passes and everyone say ‘Wow! How could we miss it’. Today is exactly the point when it happened”.

Dr. Steven BehramMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“I think one of the things that’s so exciting about Asgardia is the opportunity to do new things, to do things we’ve never done before”.

Dimitru-Dorin PrunariuMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“The advantage of Asgardia is a new psychology and ideology. We want to become a peaceful nation, to preach peaceful space exploration and cooperation between people. We want to preserve environment, both terrestrial and cosmic. Of course, cooperation between our members, citizens of Asgardia, is also very important”.

Zoryana KushplerMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“Asgardia makes a big accent of culture, which is why I vowed to become MP, because I’m quite interested in the subject, and I like that Asgardia pays attention to it”.

Eliyahu Eduardo A. MunozMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“We are the new generation that made the transition from fiction to reality. And for united world I think it’s a great, visionary project. I mean, this is very important for the future of humanity”.

Ruslan AshurbeyliCEO of ‘Socium’ Holding

“People of all countries should understand that we are all living on one planet that is not that big, as we all know. We’re all here together and should live as one big united family”.

Nicas SafronovArtist

“In the first turn, the progress is driven by dreamers. First someone must imagine the ‘flying carpet’, so after that the airplane could be invented. I fully support Igor, who started this whole story. He is not just a dreamer, but a man of practical mind, who made fortune materialising his dreams and ideas”.

Sergey KrichevskyMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“The ceremony was amazingly organised. The children, who started and ended the whole process, and the speech of the Head o Nation that was very inspiring, picturing wide perspectives.”

Irina NikitinaMember of the Parliament of Asgardia

“In principle, what we are talking about is the country of the future”.