Nov 5, 20 / Sag 02, 04 10:15 UTC
Asgardia Language School

As a country with 12 replaceable official language. It comes to mind the immediate need of sharing knowledge on those languages between asgardian. Thereby I propose to create a volunteering asgardian language academy (that could be within the asgardia nation website) where citizens of Asgardia can voluntarily teach their language to other fellow citizens.

Jan 15, 21 / Aqu 15, 05 04:10 UTC
I like this idea. If you would like to keep this idea going even if it doesn't gather thee needed support, I would recommend going to and creating a group for this topic. I am an English teacher with 20 years teaching experience in Japan. I would join your ...
Jan 23, 21 / Aqu 23, 05 19:53 UTC
Good idea this, as said above keep this going, regardless of how many votes.
Jan 23, 21 / Aqu 23, 05 22:54 UTC
I Personally Liked It Worth Thinking Idea Must Try