Dec 15, 20 / Cap 14, 04 14:55 UTC
Jobs & Careers for Asgardians

My proposal is a simple one and one that will help Argardia economically socially and culturally.

As we all know jobs equate to money, and money allows us to socialise and expand our cultural interests. Also, jobs that earn Solars can be taxed allowing additional revenue to Asgardia The Space Nation.

But in addition to The Asgardia Job and Careers Centre being a noticeboard/database of jobs it can evolve into more.

The Asgardia Job and Careers Centre, can be a central place of unfaltering support, masses of knowledge and endless encouragement. The Asgardia Job and Careers Centre will be committed to getting Argarians into paid work.

The primary function of The Asgardia Job and Careers Centre is to assist those in returning to work or starting their journey, in whatever form that may take and however long it takes.

How do you connect with the Job Centre and get help finding a job?

When you arrive at The Asgardia Job and Careers Centre you will be assigned a Work Coach and a dedicated central Case Manager. You and your Work Coach will have a chat about the process and the next steps.

How can the Job Centre help people find a job?

It’s not just about job boards anymore. Your Work Coach will work with you to identify what sort of work you might like to do. It’s about finding the right work and the right frequency of work for you as an individual.

Together you will brainstorm ideas, identify any training you might feel you need, and if you are not quite ready to dive straight in to the world of work we can arrange work experience or voluntary placements too.

Is temporary working currently promoted and encouraged through the Job Centre?

Absolutely! Temporary working is actually great for people in Asgardia. Because Asgardias work is flexible, increasing and decreasing in real-time, it works perfectly for the nature of temporary work from one month to the next.

What are the other benefits of temporary work?

There are many positives to temporary work, weekly pay is always a popular perk, but it  can also fill a gap on your CV, help you to build up your skills, provide you with a recent reliable reference for your next job application and it can often lead to permanent or ongoing work.

What are the most common concerns that candidates express when they start their job-hunting journey?

Everyone experiences periods of doubt. Sometimes they don’t know what to expect or where to start, they feel they have no relevant experience or that they lack the skills required to find the job they would like. But that is why Work Coaches are there, to help people find solutions to the barriers they feel are standing in the way of their progress, whether that is through finding training courses, work experience placements or even specialist help to create a detailed CV.

Where do you start when looking for a new job?

First of all, speak to a Work Coach at The Asgardia Job and Careers Centre and then register as a priority.

Try to think out of the box a bit when it comes to applying for a job. Approach businesses; politicians; scientists; Project Managers; etc even if they are not advertising a position, they might be hiring but have not got around to advertising it yet.

Be patient, you may apply for many jobs and not get through to an interview so don’t be disheartened. Getting an interview is not easy so when you do get one, make the most of the opportunity to impress.

Apr 29, 21 / Gem 07, 05 20:29 UTC
Soon we will be launching a new avenue in which to pitch business proposals. The Ministry of Trade and Commerce would be open to any who would like to submit their proposal for creating the first job match company of Asgardia.
Apr 30, 21 / Gem 08, 05 08:30 UTC
If you have a specific project proposal, please send to me.