Oct 30, 21 / Oph 23, 05 11:29 UTC
Change to Constitution of Asgardia to add a 13th Committee and Ministry of Health.

Currently as a member of Parliament I have a proposal waiting to be voted on in Parliament to add a Ministry of Health ,which will be very important to our people not only in the future but in our near future. This not only would deal with health care, but also medical R&D ,Space Medicine and research on the Birth of humans in space

Nov 22, 21 / Sag 18, 05 22:21 UTC
Nice idea..Good luck and keep up the good work:)
Dec 10, 21 / Cap 08, 05 12:20 UTC
Mycket bra ,varför inte della det så att det blir mer synligt och att fler människor blir medvetna om ditt förslag.