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Asg 4, 01 / June 21, 2017 11:47 UTC
Looking for alternative homeland
In generations we may look for new homeland, Let's have a scientific program in Asgardia to start study it !
Asg 10, 01 / June 27, 2017 23:50 UTC
would definitely take time but it is something we should at least keep in our minds. i fully support this petition.
Asg 11, 01 / June 28, 2017 22:05 UTC
I think with cooperation between Asgardia and aerospace organizations around the globe like NASA, ESA, JAXA, etc. this research is already ahead of the game. NASA has identified numerous Earth-like planets and continues to research this topic today. This kind of research is a must for the expansion of the human race into the reaches of space.
Asg 13, 01 / June 30, 2017 02:16 UTC
I agree
Asg 13, 01 / June 30, 2017 15:25 UTC
Well, this is scientificaly complicated, since the nearest world is at light years from us. But I suggest only to think about it. One of our best Scientist (Stephen Hawking) said lattely this should be done before 1000 years !
Asg 13, 01 / June 30, 2017 20:05 UTC
kesinlikle katılıyorum
Asg 14, 01 / July 1, 2017 12:11 UTC

said he agreed !
Thank you !
Asg 14, 01 / July 1, 2017 11:09 UTC
I Agree
Asg 19, 01 / July 6, 2017 20:30 UTC
Agree with you. We should have a scientific program about this. I'd would love to study it !
There is a chanse we can adapt to a new enviroment. Even if it's similar to our planet but not quite the same... Planet earth is still a blessing for us. Gave us possibility to live a beautiful life, And i hope there may be other worlds suitable for a human. Well, whole universe is our home , isn't it?
Asg 27, 01 / July 14, 2017 01:55 UTC
it's time to do it.
Jul 2, 01 / July 17, 2017 06:07 UTC
Hello friends i am your new buddy .
Jul 2, 01 / July 17, 2017 06:08 UTC
Jul 2, 01 / July 17, 2017 06:08 UTC
Jul 4, 01 / July 19, 2017 20:06 UTC
Asgardian officials should construct official partnerships with the space agencies of the world as to axe the potential costs of the equipment necessary for conducting this form of scientific investigation.
Jul 9, 01 / July 24, 2017 19:29 UTC
While I agree in principle, I think we shouldn't be seeking a new planet, but rather to become a post-planetary species. The distances between stars are such that, barring the discovery of FTL travel, we should be building self-sustaining long-term habitats in space. We may choose to take them to other star systems, but I expect that once we have them and have been living in them for generations, we will not choose to live back in the gravity well of planets.
Jul 28, 01 / August 12, 2017 18:27 UTC
Amazing train of thought you have there sir, it'll be good to finally be able to live for a long time on none planetary bodies but gravity is essential, and I hardly see any artificial gravitational force ( we may create) doing the job of the gravity from earth-like planetary bodies, the fact remains that gravity from planets allow us to be able to do a lot of things and while I welcome the Idea, it would be nice if this train of thought focuses on long habitation in space for future space voyagers not the ditching of the god given gift called planets. Thank you.
Aug 25, 01 / September 6, 2017 21:48 UTC
You make some good points.  Our chances of finding worlds that would not be incredibly hostile to us are pretty slim in any case.  If anything we would probably be better off on a giant rock in space than we would be on any planet that is capable of terraforming or naturally sustaining life.  Existence in space would also be problematic when solar radiation is taken into account, and osteorporosis and muscle weakening caused by lack of gravity. Adaptation might take generations of unacceptable health complications.  If we sought to travel to other star systems in an attempt to find suitable alternate planetary habitation the odds are that with our current understanding of physics we would arrive in a condition that would no longer be capable of living on a planet.  Perhaps our best approach would be something akin to space 1999 where we travelled aboard a moon or similar body.
Oct 12, 01 / October 19, 2017 09:45 UTC
Thanks your long comment !
Sep 3, 01 / September 12, 2017 09:06 UTC
Demongrey this is a great idea I too think that instead of looking for a new planet to settle in we should just live in space ships and stations constantly moving from star to star. With this we could learn more about the galaxies and other life species that exist
Sep 17, 01 / September 26, 2017 20:15 UTC
Agreed! Thinking leaving earth means moving to a new planet was called planetary chauvinismby the Dr. Sagan. We need to colonize space, not other planets.
Jul 12, 01 / July 27, 2017 23:50 UTC
I couldnot agree more
Jul 20, 01 / August 4, 2017 15:30 UTC
I Agree...but the first now is we need home base for our nation...without that how we say we are asgardian nation.
Jul 20, 01 / August 4, 2017 15:33 UTC
Yes...I Agree...But the first is we need a home base for our nation...without that how can we say we are the asgardian people
Jul 23, 01 / August 7, 2017 06:55 UTC
Jul 23, 01 / August 7, 2017 15:42 UTC
We need to organize asgardians To be in touch in person before they can go To space..make a home base from around where they're living at.
Jul 24, 01 / August 8, 2017 09:43 UTC
I agree and I personally hope to one day travel to Outerspace to help with the Exploration and Colonization Effort😀.
Jul 25, 01 / August 9, 2017 20:49 UTC
I agree colonzation in others planets. We race conquest the worlds. We are the one. <3
Jul 28, 01 / August 12, 2017 04:43 UTC
I agree for visiting and outspace Journey with love and peace
Aug 6, 01 / August 18, 2017 11:51 UTC
I Agree
Aug 10, 01 / August 22, 2017 20:37 UTC
Я согласен
Aug 16, 01 / August 28, 2017 20:00 UTC
Primero debemos coordinados con los lideres unir a los asgardianos en cada region o ciudad para empezar a reunir talentos, conocimientos y recursos que cada asgardiano se runa con sus nuevos compatriotas para empezar a llevar a cabo este sueño, yo invito a las personas que estan en medellin, en toda la zona metropolitana par que nos reunamos y empecemos a darle forma a este proyecto tan importante.
Aug 17, 01 / August 29, 2017 14:28 UTC
We have several hundred million years for this. Plenty of


sure why people think the Earth won't support life in less than a billion years.
Sep 3, 01 / September 12, 2017 09:17 UTC

3 earth might be able to support life hundreds of millions of years later but it might not be able to support the entire population that would exceed a septillion amount of people. For that we need extraterrestrial settlements.
Aug 21, 01 / September 2, 2017 03:56 UTC
Humanity's basic instict for survival and curiosity
Aug 21, 01 / September 2, 2017 14:27 UTC
Can't agree more. The journey for the discovery of such a technology will be long. It will be even longer to harness resource and to finally implement the technology. So better start now. Not only solar system but interstellar, even intergalactic travel! Don't fear to dream. Yes no one can travel faster than light but there must be some other way! We can't be destined to be locked up in a microscopic corner of our galaxy, I believe it.
Aug 22, 01 / September 3, 2017 20:04 UTC
Estoy de acuerdo en lo que planteas, si bien por el momento no es tan necesario; en un futuro no muy lejano tendremos que buscar nuevos sitios/planetas en los cuales establecer colonias. Además, también podremos explotar los recursos que estos nuevos planetas o planetoides nos provean.
Sep 4, 01 / September 13, 2017 18:51 UTC
it is true and very important ...i mean it takes a lot of time to study them and discover them ,,,,i totally agree with


we do not start now then we will regret it later,better we learn as much as we can as soon as we can .. the end we are not losing anything is always

Sep 6, 01 / September 15, 2017 23:51 UTC
I fully agree !  But I see as a fact that it will be imposible to migrate Asgardians due to the amount  of "will be"  travelers. I suggest the forming  of  a"think tank" to study other  possibilities of travel other than the actual ones.
Sep 8, 01 / September 17, 2017 12:21 UTC
I agree with you. If a race only lives on its mother star, then the race will surely perish
Sep 8, 01 / September 17, 2017 12:27 UTC
I agree with you. If a race only lives on its mother star, then the race will surely perish
Sep 9, 01 / September 18, 2017 20:54 UTC
I Agree
Sep 9, 01 / September 18, 2017 20:54 UTC
I Agree
Sep 9, 01 / September 18, 2017 20:55 UTC
I Agree
Sep 9, 01 / September 18, 2017 20:55 UTC
I Agree
Sep 17, 01 / September 26, 2017 00:48 UTC
My very personal opinion: Asgardia should own a few homelands on planet Earth. owned by Asgardia itself or by an Asgadian of confidence who supports the aims of Asgardia without conditions. I hope this not lies far away!
Sep 18, 01 / September 27, 2017 09:56 UTC
Tout a fait d'accord.
Sep 19, 01 / September 28, 2017 09:05 UTC
We need to set sail from our island planet. There will be huge challenges no doubt and there might be sacrifices; but if we let these issues bog us down, we are writing our future generations' destiny to perish in this island Earth. I fully support this petition!
Sep 28, 01 / October 7, 2017 17:43 UTC
Lets start by creating the spaceship that could let us leave earth and travell through space
Oct 13, 01 / October 20, 2017 19:40 UTC
Thanks to all for your support !
Jan 2, 02 / January 2, 2018 03:08 UTC
Dear all Asgardian friends, I learnt from his family that JeanMi just passed away shortly before Christmas.
In his real life, he was a published novelist, poet and writer, a premium watch connoisseur, an environmental activist and a great soul and family man.
He was from my homeland, France, living on the French riviera.
He had one of his books published in French titled "Changer le monde" (Change the World), that I hope can inspire us on our quest of a recognised Nation.
I offer his family my deepest condolences.
He had such great dreams and such a great vision and inspiration for Asgardia!
May his spirit remain among us, Asgardians!