Apr 16, 20 / Tau 23, 04 18:22 UTC
Asgardian merch (souvenirs) e-shop

Dear Asgardians,

I would like to have Asgardian flag on the wall in my office. But I can't find a place to buy such. Of course I can order online. But it would be awesome if we already as a nation started selling merchendize which would help to present Asgardia to public and same time earn profit to fund our projects. Therefore I propose parliament to think about the best way how to organize e-shop and merch items (maybe online contest or online database of souvenirs that all Asgardians may propose).

Apr 22, 20 / Gem 01, 04 06:52 UTC
Good idea. Meanwhile there is an available on line to buy I will put a pdf hard copy in my office.
May 21, 20 / Can 02, 04 07:07 UTC
Our National symbols should be distributed by our Nation, and if profit is involved it should go to our Nation.
May 23, 20 / Can 04, 04 11:56 UTC
We do have an e-shopping site, go to they have tons of Asgardia stuff, the site is run by an Asgardian parliament member
Jun 11, 20 / Can 23, 04 07:17 UTC
Good idea
Jan 28, 21 / Pis 00, 05 03:31 UTC
I do agree, I would love to have a Flag!!