Oph 04, 03 / Oct 11, 19 20:57 UTC

Dear Asgardians!

October 12 is our Space Nation’s 3rd birthday: Happy Anniversary!

This is just an instant in history which is, nevertheless, a considerable time period for a young nation. Over this short time Asgardia has demonstrated the most important thing: its viability. From the moment it was founded, we have been steadfast in moving forward. We have been building our nation step by step, forming its infrastructure, and coming into the spotlight with an increasing confidence.

Today, we can proudly say that our effort was not in vain. The Space Nation and its key mission of ensuring the birth of the first baby in space as an indispensable condition for preserving humanity gained recognition, which is the key thing.

Making history is not easy, changing the course of history is even harder. We are building a state and a society free from earthly prejudices, wars, and strife. We will seek recognition of Asgardia by other states and the UN.

I am sure that tomorrow is with us. This is the tomorrow we are building with you today.

Happy Anniversary! Best wishes!

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Sag 26, 03 / Nov 30, 19 17:37 UTC
Happy 3rd anniversary Asgardia! 🎂
Sag 25, 03 / Nov 29, 19 13:23 UTC
Thank you for your inspiring words and especially actions Mr. President. I’m a new citizen and please be at liberty to connect with me on here also.
Sag 23, 03 / Nov 27, 19 14:47 UTC
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Leo 01, 03 / Jun 18, 19 09:10 UTC
Dear Asgardians!

Today we’re celebrating our national Unity Day, the day we adopted Asgardian Declaration of Unity and the day our Constitution was published. Congratulations! I want to remind you what the main goal of the Asgardian nation is. And you’ll be probably like what any state’s main goal could be? For an Earth-based state no matter how tiny and peaceful the state is it’s always to conquer the whole world and gain world dominance at the slightest chance. Asgardia is different cause we’re a space nation and the Universe is infinite, borderless and there’s a place for each and every one if our main goal will be achieved – the birth of the first human child in space. Just think about it! Not a single science fiction writer had ever set such a goal. It was always about conquering Mars, the whole Universe, spaceships and so on. But it’s a one-way train. If we don’t make it, if the first human child is not born in space, then we’ll never leave our save heaven – the Earth. We need to build a new space Noah’s Arc and go on a long voyage through the Universe. And only after giving a birth to the first human child in space we’ll be able to give confidence to future generations. Confidence that humanity will exist forever in space. I embrace all of you and each of you.

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Sag 21, 03 / Nov 25, 19 10:09 UTC
It is a great initiative for mankind to go beyond earthly physical boundary. Thanks for this great journey.
Sag 18, 03 / Nov 22, 19 08:06 UTC
I hope, along with plenty of human beings born in space, there are plenty of human "berths" (cabins) in space too.
Oph 04, 03 / Oct 11, 19 22:17 UTC
Félicitations monsieur le Président
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Pis 16, 03 / Feb 13, 19 14:24 UTC
Head of Nation Greets Asgardians residing on Mauritius


Thank you for being part of Asgardia. There are already 82 of you, from 20 cities and towns of Mauritius. I’m excited to see even more Asgardians in Mauritius and I invite all of you and other Mauritians to become full-fledged residents and citizens of Asgardia, the first Space Nation in the history of humanity.

Build your Asgardian community and elect your lead Asgardian representative for Mauritius!

Together, let’s explore Space – the future of all humanity!

Please visit our state website: https://asgardia.space/en/

I embrace you all and everyone of you,

Igor Ashurbeyli,

Head of Nation of Asgardia

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Can 21, 03 / Jun 10, 19 12:36 UTC
The best initiative ... one day everyone will feel proud on you sir ...
Can 12, 03 / Jun 1, 19 17:46 UTC
Welcome to Asgardia
Can 10, 03 / May 30, 19 22:15 UTC
Happy to help me with my Azerbeijani brother 🇹🇷🇦🇿
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Cap 27, 02 / Dec 29, 18 15:47 UTC
Dear Asgardians!

I sincerely congratulate you with the upcoming Year Day, as per the Asgardian calendar.

Our history is just a bit over two years old, but how much we’ve been able to achieve together!

Our first Asgardian satellite has been launched; the first Parliament elected, representing residents of more than 40 Earthly nations; the head of Government, a number of ministers and the Supreme Justice have been appointed; and the mayoral elections continue. We’ve developed the framework for the economic system of Asgardia.

We are on track in moving towards the recognition of Asgardia as a full-fledged nation.

But for me personally, most important is the recognition of Asgardia as a nation by you, my dear space fellow citizens!

More than a million followers from more than 200 countries – this is the most important assessment given to Asgardia. In essence, this is precisely the global recognition of the idea of the first space nation in the history of humanity.

This is our most important achievement and the biggest motivation for those who put their souls and hearts into the formation of Asgardia, the mission of which is the birth of the first human in space.

Your trust and your decisiveness demonstrate that there are many people in the world who understand that humanity’s development must take new, unchartered paths.

This allows us to look towards the future with optimism, while at the forefront of a historic movement upwards.

Congratulations, dear fellow citizens!

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Tau 23, 03 / Apr 17, 19 21:50 UTC
Hello, I'm very happy as an asgardian citizen. I living in Turkey. There is no justice in our country. Education, science and technology are not given importance in our country. Now I've cut hope from my own country. If Asgardia gives importance to education, science, technology and humanity, I will ...
Pis 05, 03 / Feb 2, 19 10:20 UTC
Congratulations, I believe we are the solution for the future.
Aqu 02, 03 / Jan 2, 19 01:48 UTC
It'll take time, maybe decades or more. But what we do today, and how we go forward, will strengthen the groundwork and foundation of this idea. Together, we can build a society focused on unity, innovation, and true progress. Unheld by superstition and primitive ideology, we can set the grounds ...
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Sag 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 10:00 UTC
Hello, Asgardians!

On 23 November 0002 (27 November 2018 by the Gregorian calendar), I met with the Supreme Justice of Asgardia, Mr. Yun Zhao.

The judicial system of Asgardia is one of the key branches of power in our Space Nation that ensures the supremacy of the Law and guarantees to every Asgardian their Constitutional rights, and most importantly, their right to justice.

We discussed with Mr. Zhao the results of the verification of Members of Parliament, as well as plans for the formation and development of the judicial system of our country.

The Supreme Justice signed the first court decision in the history of Asgardia at the request of the Chairman of Parliament Lembit Öpik on the basis of my Decree No.21.

I embrace all of you and each of you.

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Aqu 19, 03 / Jan 19, 19 19:28 UTC
Hello Mr. Igor how to switch my name is a Klerjan Qendro I wanted to know where the asgardia embassy in albania .
Cap 23, 02 / Dec 25, 18 02:21 UTC
Xin chào ngài Yun Zhao, mong rằng ông và chúng ta sẽ cùng đóng góp cho sự thịnh vượng của Asgardia.
Cap 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 19:55 UTC
Приношу великое почтение и уважение к вашим персонам.
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Oph 07, 02 / Oct 14, 18 20:47 UTC

I congratulate you on the successful conclusion of our pioneering digital Parliamentary Sitting. This was the first ever digital session in the history of Parliaments of any Earthly Nation.

There were some shortcomings and misconceptions, which is inevitable on the journey of pioneers, but there was also positive communication and mutual respect for our common vision. I am sure that as we gain experience, each following digital session will be more organised and take into account the opinion of every participating MP.

I wish you success on our challenging journey to creating a brighter future for Asgardia!

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Gem 14, 03 / May 6, 19 13:41 UTC
To be a part of this magnificent group of free thinkers is truly a great gift. Humanity has so much potential to evolve and grow with this.
Pis 07, 03 / Feb 4, 19 20:13 UTC
Thank you and I'm truly honoured to be part of next mankind which will helps to protect our brothers ,sisters and our earth from natural and unnatural things.today I'm feeling very happy to join our respectable country Asgardian.Again thank you to all of you who gives the golden opportunity to ...
Cap 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 19:58 UTC
Я рад быть и жить в Асгардии.
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Oph 05, 02 / Oct 12, 18 12:00 UTC

I would like to congratulate you on the National Holiday – the Second Anniversary of the Space Nation Asgardia!

Two years is a short term for a new and unique Space Nation to form, but we’ve already accomplished so much. From an idea and a dream, Asgardia has become a functioning Nation with more than a million followers, a Constitution, a Flag, a Coat of arms, an Anthem, a Parliament and other governmental bodies – in addition to its territory on a satellite.

Asgardia’s citizens are pioneers and no one has formed a nation like ours before. That’s why we encounter some difficult tasks without set solutions along the way. However, in two short years the enormous potential and the inspiring idea of Asgardia has become evident to the entire world, and to Asgardians themselves.

Once again, I congratulate you on the birthday of Asgardia – the First Space Nation!

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Cap 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 20:00 UTC
Взаимные поздравления и уважение.
Sag 24, 02 / Nov 28, 18 12:31 UTC
Sag 02, 02 / Nov 6, 18 08:22 UTC
There is always hope ✌🏻
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Oph 05, 02 / Oct 12, 18 12:00 UTC
Cap 24, 02 / Dec 26, 18 23:05 UTC
eu quero uma camiseta dessa aí.
Cap 24, 02 / Dec 26, 18 23:05 UTC
foi magnifico .
Cap 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 20:04 UTC
Мои большие поздравления.
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