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Nov 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 10:00 UTC
Hello, Asgardians!

On 23 November 0002 (27 November 2018 by the Gregorian calendar), I met with the Supreme Justice of Asgardia, Mr. Yun Zhao.

The judicial system of Asgardia is one of the key branches of power in our Space Nation that ensures the supremacy of the Law and guarantees to every Asgardian their Constitutional rights, and most importantly, their right to justice.

We discussed with Mr. Zhao the results of the verification of Members of Parliament, as well as plans for the formation and development of the judicial system of our country.

The Supreme Justice signed the first court decision in the history of Asgardia at the request of the Chairman of Parliament Lembit Öpik on the basis of my Decree No.21.

I embrace all of you and each of you.

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Dec 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 17:02 UTC
Hola agradecida de verdad por haberme aceptado en su comunidad Asgardiana, feliz estoy de ser parte de Asgardia, saludos cordiales de una venezola con sueños de futuro...
Dec 4, 02 / Dec 6, 18 23:11 UTC
"Hello Igor and Yun"
Dec 4, 02 / Dec 6, 18 15:42 UTC
Awesome to know Head of Nation.
Oct 7, 02 / Oct 14, 18 20:47 UTC

I congratulate you on the successful conclusion of our pioneering digital Parliamentary Sitting. This was the first ever digital session in the history of Parliaments of any Earthly Nation.

There were some shortcomings and misconceptions, which is inevitable on the journey of pioneers, but there was also positive communication and mutual respect for our common vision. I am sure that as we gain experience, each following digital session will be more organised and take into account the opinion of every participating MP.

I wish you success on our challenging journey to creating a brighter future for Asgardia!

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Dec 4, 02 / Dec 6, 18 15:43 UTC
I am honored to be part of Asgardia.
Dec 3, 02 / Dec 5, 18 14:31 UTC
All the best, wished too, by a very small country. You can count on us !
Nov 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 05:01 UTC
Congratulations. I wish you always all the best
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Oct 5, 02 / Oct 12, 18 12:00 UTC

I would like to congratulate you on the National Holiday – the Second Anniversary of the Space Nation Asgardia!

Two years is a short term for a new and unique Space Nation to form, but we’ve already accomplished so much. From an idea and a dream, Asgardia has become a functioning Nation with more than a million followers, a Constitution, a Flag, a Coat of arms, an Anthem, a Parliament and other governmental bodies – in addition to its territory on a satellite.

Asgardia’s citizens are pioneers and no one has formed a nation like ours before. That’s why we encounter some difficult tasks without set solutions along the way. However, in two short years the enormous potential and the inspiring idea of Asgardia has become evident to the entire world, and to Asgardians themselves.

Once again, I congratulate you on the birthday of Asgardia – the First Space Nation!

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Nov 24, 02 / Nov 28, 18 12:31 UTC
Nov 2, 02 / Nov 6, 18 08:22 UTC
There is always hope ✌🏻
Oct 25, 02 / Nov 1, 18 01:51 UTC
I believe in our space.nation
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Oct 5, 02 / Oct 12, 18 12:00 UTC
Nov 26, 02 / Nov 30, 18 00:22 UTC
Ya somos parte de este gran proyecto que llevara a la humanidad y sus semillas a los confines del universo.Felicitaciones Sr. Igor Ashurbeyli, nuestros sueños se cumplirán.
Nov 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 00:50 UTC
I love it!
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 20:58 UTC
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