Vir 21, 02 / Aug 5, 18 05:40 UTC
Twitch Asgard Channel

Come by and check out my twitch channel

any asgradians that love video games and computers be sure to check it out.

Vir 18, 02 / Aug 2, 18 04:33 UTC

I work as senior dementia carer in the day and stream during the night on twitch, Thinking of making a Asgardian twitch gaming stream to help spread the message and cause of asgardia and what we stand for as a new and budding nation, What do yoou guys think ...

Vir 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 18:02 UTC
Not sure this is useful for discussing Asgardia issues. Isn't it just for watching others play games? But I agree it would be a fun group thing people could take part in, and from anywhere in the world - assuming they enjoy watching others play computer games of course
Vir 21, 02 / Aug 5, 18 05:32 UTC
i stream pc games but have space on the stream to promote asgardia website and display logo. also to any other asgardians that are intrested in video game ect
Vir 19, 02 / Aug 3, 18 21:26 UTC
Sounds interesting do have any examples of what involved?
Vir 18, 02 / Aug 2, 18 04:24 UTC

Happy to be a citizen of asgardia ) hope we can achive the mission

Vir 23, 02 / Aug 7, 18 18:13 UTC
Vir 21, 02 / Aug 5, 18 12:38 UTC
thanks nice to meet you emma, yeah twitch is a good platform i will try and make some use of it.
Vir 21, 02 / Aug 5, 18 10:49 UTC
Hi, I've just become an Asgardian today. I've only recently found out about what twitch is, but I think it would be a good platform for discussing Asgardia
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