Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 17:09 UTC
The energy of success!

The greatest Secret of all, is that Joy is the energy of success! That's why the dark rulers of earth have created the social system, that erases the Joy from your personality! Children are born with the natural energetically protection, to the lower vibrations, and with the connection to ...

Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 17:39 UTC
yeahhh, thats right, i've been dreaming about the space since early childhood ..was mesmerized by stars, and especially by the planet Saturn ...
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 17:27 UTC
Well your picture says it all, all positive force goes to space, and unite there as a new united positive force, something that has never existed before on the whole world.
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 11:36 UTC
I am new here help me ...

i just cant figure out what is going on here

Aph 19, 02 / Oct 26, 18 02:00 UTC
Definitely the advantage is that we are in different nations of the globe and that will motivate from different disciplines the activities that serve our nation
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 16:59 UTC
good. thank you!!!!
Lib 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 14:22 UTC
In short, we are in the beginning of building a nation in space. We need to be accepted by the UN and therefor we need to fulfill some basic needs like a constitution, a government, parliament and citizens. Then we need to make contact with other nations on earth so ...
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