Gem 01, 03 / Apr 23, 19 15:20 UTC
What is happening in Asgardia?
How do you get update about what is happening in Asgardia? This is a public information post, to help and improve all asgardians daily lives on how we acquire information about Asgardia's latest news. So please, tell me how do you acquire your information in the comment section. Website, social ...
Can 06, 03 / May 26, 19 12:38 UTC
Very Good
Gem 17, 03 / May 9, 19 10:19 UTC
Yes, totally, and I also agree with you. Thank you Dave.
Gem 17, 03 / May 9, 19 10:18 UTC
Thank you, and there is anything you would like to add to help improve the community/Newsletter?
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