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Feb 14, 03 / Feb 11, 19 13:16 UTC
Our Culture Minister Olimpia Niglio interview

Impatient to work with her!

“There isn't a future without culture both on Earth and in space”

Professor Olimpia Niglio, Asgardia’s Minister of Culture, holds substantial expertise in cultural heritage of the East and West, as well as aspects of comparative art history, architecture, and ...

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 16:00 UTC
My Candidacy as Deputy Minister of Culture

As a Minister Candidate, I was not chosen, and I was pleased by the nomination of Olimpia Niglio the actual Minister of Culture!

It was offered to me to maintain my candidacy for another position in the government.
So I decided to maintain my devotion and ...

Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 12:43 UTC
Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 12:43 UTC
Thank you
Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 22:00 UTC
I really hope to see you at the ministry of Culture Valéry ! Good luck
Dec 10, 02 / Dec 12, 18 14:47 UTC
Minister of Culture has been appointed by Prime Minister Ana Diaz

Chairman of Asgardia’s Government Ana Mercedes Díaz announced the appointment of Olimpia Niglio as the acting Minister of Culture

Chairman of Asgardia’s Government Ana Mercedes Díaz announced the appointment of Olimpia Niglio as the acting Minister of Culture.

The ...

Sep 7, 02 / Sep 16, 18 16:33 UTC
Government News

Work is underway to form the first Asgardian Government

Asgardian Prime Minister Ana Mercedez Diaz and her team are working around the clock to carry out interviews with a global cast of applicants.

The work of forming Government ...

Sep 7, 02 / Sep 16, 18 16:27 UTC
Congratulations to the 12 Parliamentary committees Chairs!

The Chairman finalises Committees structure

Asgardia’s legislative body has carried out an important step by finalising the selection of the Chair and Deputy Chair for each of the twelve Parliamentary Сommittees .

Each Parliamentary Committee in Asgardia is responsible ...

Dec 5, 02 / Dec 7, 18 21:59 UTC
Tôi rất muốn được trở thành 1 công dân của quốc gia ASGARDIA
Nov 7, 02 / Nov 11, 18 12:56 UTC
приглашаю посетить мою тему паралельный мир в разделе Наука и техника . Оставьте свое сообщение . https://asgardia.космос / ru / форум / форум / наука и техника-176
Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 12:06 UTC
Happy Birthday Igor Ashurbeyli !

A video as an hommage:

Valéry Grancher Minister of Culture candidate

Aug 7, 02 / Aug 19, 18 16:31 UTC
My Inactivity

As a Minister of Culture candidate, the campaign is finished.
Now it's the time to wait for the final answer to our project as a candidate!
For this reason, the blog will sleep from August until on September beginning time of the government nomination...
And ...

Jul 16, 02 / Jul 31, 18 03:36 UTC
Space Architecture

As a Minister of culture candidate, I have to say that I am considering architecture as a cultural fact. And there is no reason that in our Nation it is not.

For this reason in my program, ...

Oct 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 22:10 UTC
Tôi đồng ý
Aug 24, 02 / Sep 5, 18 12:46 UTC
Also i am.
Jul 27, 02 / Aug 11, 18 21:15 UTC
I agree
Jul 9, 02 / Jul 24, 18 10:19 UTC
The Government selection is on the process

Important Announcement for Asgardia Government Applications

Following the election of interim Prime Minister on the 24th of June, and as outlined by article 49 in the constitution, work on forming the government is underway.

As of 31 July 2018, we will stop accepting candidates for ...

Jul 8, 02 / Jul 23, 18 09:14 UTC
History was made!

The inaugural day at Hofburg Palace, Vienna

I was honored as a citizen Minister of Culture candidate to be invited to this historical event.

History was made on this day!

Long life to Asgardia

NB/ To be clear, ...

Jul 9, 02 / Jul 24, 18 10:08 UTC
Here my guess: First there was an auction for the entrance ticket, they may not have sold so many of these auction tickets. Then some MP had visa troubles, they were not able to attend this event. And a short time before it, they were running at risk to have ...
Jul 9, 02 / Jul 24, 18 10:08 UTC
I'm learning to trust my inner gut instinct..and right now, it is screaming that there is something wrong here. To be more accurate, something has taken place that was not fair to me, nor does it appear to have been fair to other candidates. You seem to be the ...
Jul 9, 02 / Jul 24, 18 09:55 UTC
And thank you again so much for this invitation ;-)
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Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 16:18 UTC


Virtual sculptures are produced through Google Tilt Brush and Oculus Rift. It's dealing with the hands' gestures in virtual space and the virtual textures and even keywords.
Everything is focused on energy and flux. It is also questioning the paradigm of Sculpture with the ...

Jul 3, 02 / Jul 18, 18 08:24 UTC

As a Candidate Minister of Culture, I always promoted the new cultural expression form linked to Space!
Here the Telemetron, which will help to create the soundtrack of our space journey!


Jul 3, 02 / Jul 18, 18 15:08 UTC
Oui c'est superbe
Jul 3, 02 / Jul 18, 18 11:33 UTC
Mon Dieu ce que ça fait SCI-FI ! :D
Jul 1, 02 / Jul 16, 18 13:19 UTC
Meeting synthesis

Yesterday as a Candidate Minister of Culture I organized a meeting on zoom:

You will find hereafter the synthesis of this meeting:



Asg 27, 02 / Jul 14, 18 17:30 UTC
The indispensable necessity of a Ministry of Culture in Asgardia!

A- On the Diplomatic level:
Asgardia is a new nation, it's a humanist nation motivated by the humanity unity and the peace. For this reason, in our time when all of our Biggest countries in the world are playing a war game on a geopolitical level and ...

Asg 28, 02 / Jul 15, 18 06:41 UTC
Asg 27, 02 / Jul 14, 18 17:48 UTC
Actually, the 'space force' already exists. Several whistleblowers have already identified several 'Secret Space Programs' or SSP's that have been in operation, some for decades. Trump's declaration of a 'space force' is not made with the intention of building one, but rather to plant the seeds within the mainstream public ...
Asg 27, 02 / Jul 14, 18 16:54 UTC
Great road Map about our gouvernance

The link:

Valéry Grancher Minsiter of Culture Candidate

Asg 17, 02 / Jul 4, 18 12:09 UTC
The head of our Nation

Ana Merces Diaz, Asgardia Prime Minister

All my congratulations to them

Prime Minister:
Ana Mercedes Díaz She is our acting President of the Government. This is a post proposed by the Head of State and approved by Parliament. Lawyer, she was an official ...

Aug 17, 02 / Aug 29, 18 03:42 UTC
Felicitaciones a nuestra primera ministro.
Asg 18, 02 / Jul 5, 18 02:51 UTC
Well, we are waiting for decisions and actions.
Asg 17, 02 / Jul 4, 18 13:30 UTC
You are welcome
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