Lib 23, 03 / Sep 4, 19 05:51 UTC
I have, through official means ( ) submitted an amendment to the Constitution which, if approved, should make Citizenship and Residency inalienable rights of Asgardians. Besides the 100 Euro fee problem, the fact that Asgardian Citizenship (and Residency) are alienable, spells opportunity for corruption and malignant action. Basically, in ...
Lib 24, 03 / Sep 5, 19 07:39 UTC
May I suggest you create a petition ( and publish there the text of your proposed amendment? This way, by sharing its link, you can gain some visibility and create meaningful debate around the issue.
Can 17, 03 / Jun 6, 19 11:12 UTC
So, apparently the Supreme Space Council had a lovely little chat and decided to have a referendum at some point in the (near?) future, about changing the constitution. Now, I'm not an expert on the constitution or laws or that kind of stuff. But I do remember there was a ...
Can 16, 03 / Jun 5, 19 15:30 UTC
Welcome to ARE, I've created this community with the hopes of uniting people who are disgruntled with the manner in which equality has been left to the sidelines by Asgardia, even though it was supposed to be a central tenet of the Space Nation. I believe our first focus should ...
Can 21, 03 / Jun 10, 19 08:05 UTC
The thing is, followers are, legally, basically the exact same as foreigners. As far as I'm aware, they can't vote, have the same rights as foreigners, and just generally will have a significantly harder time participating. It's like if I, as a New Zealander, were to go on facebook to ...
Can 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 12:37 UTC
Yea, I agree that absolute equality is most likely a pipe dream. My big concern here, is that this is about the fundamental right of citizenship/residency. You NEED to pay the price in order to be a resident, if you don't, you physically become a non-resident. This doesn't happen in ...
Can 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 12:26 UTC
That's a fair edit =P.
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Aqu 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 12:30 UTC

You know, I remember when we were still called "Citizens" rather than "Residents"... At the beginning of this whole endeavour, Citizenship seemed like an inalienable right, potentially only able to be removed upon some horrid crime or something.

Oh how the hope has dwindled in me. It ...

Ari 19, 03 / Mar 16, 19 07:19 UTC
Sorry, but there's people who will actually say stuff like that seriously. Tone doesn't translate very well into text =/.
Pis 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 18:17 UTC
dude it was a joke calm down
Pis 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 09:45 UTC
Seriously? Treason? Dude, fuck off.
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Cap 02, 02 / Dec 4, 18 07:27 UTC

Dear Space Kingdom of Asgardia,

The Citizenship Act, 2018 (0002)(Henceforth "The Act") contains a clause that requires citizens to pay a 100 Euro citizenship fee in order to retain citizenship(Section 10). As such, anyone who does not earn 100 Euro per year, or can afford to spare ...

Cap 12, 02 / Dec 14, 18 16:07 UTC
Hello Alexander, Thank you for the questions you raised in your Open Letter. We would like to clarify all points. I. In order to obtain and maintain Asgardian citizenship, the Citizenship/Residents Card Fee is mandatory. The fee is the same for all citizens, and covers the administrative costs of processing ...
Cap 06, 02 / Dec 8, 18 20:49 UTC
I did put it there too, I've recently learned there is an e-mail that I can actually mail to though ( ), so I will be sending my letter there as well =).
Cap 05, 02 / Dec 7, 18 12:38 UTC
This is important information and it needs to be addressed. Could you bring it up in the government section of the forum and we can all see what they say.
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