Leo 09, 01 / Jun 26, 17 15:11 UTC

I got this email from about the Elections!

Nominating Yourself

Please remember that anyone can submit his or her candidacy, but you must only submit for one level at a time. If you have applied for more than one ...

Leo 07, 01 / Jun 24, 17 09:39 UTC

I would propose the following.

All programs which can be considered to be Youth or Education services or programs shall be governed by the Youth and Education Ministry. The Minister shall have the duties of researching, recommending programs and services which will serve to prepare all ...

Leo 06, 01 / Jun 23, 17 15:45 UTC

Now we can get down to the business of building our nation, space nation! I'm extremely excited about the coming future. Will we be able to keep our humble beginning and grow? Will it all fall apart or grow into something out of this world? I'm hoping for the ...

Leo 03, 01 / Jun 20, 17 01:33 UTC

On facebook today I see there are many people encountering the same problems over and over. Asgardia should appoint someone to oversee the website and keep it up to date. The deadline for the CONSTITUTION has passed but the site is continuing to accept votes. The site and elections ...

Leo 02, 01 / Jun 19, 17 23:48 UTC

My name is Dennis Shoemaker. I would like a place in the Asgardian government to represent Asgardians to insure fair and impartial treatment for all citizens and residents of Asgardia. ...

Sco 22, 02 / Oct 1, 18 16:08 UTC
Thanks for the complement. I don't believe I'm a one dimensional thinker, or even a one dimensional mind. I we need to be open to different ideas to make this idea of Asgardia real. I hope you stay involved and learn what kind of thinker I am. Thanks for taking ...
Sco 12, 02 / Sep 21, 18 16:37 UTC
Thank you for the question. Ideally we would like to live without the need for a currency in the future. However Asgardia will need to maintain trade relations with Earth Nations so we need a currency system. The coin designs will not be minted and put into circulation, that is ...
Sco 12, 02 / Sep 21, 18 16:19 UTC
Yes, I teach in high school.
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Can 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 09:50 UTC

So, I haven't been getting my emails recently but I got the latest one on the voting. However nothing was said about Who, When, How the vote was to take place.... I'm a little confused at the moment.

If you have any information please share it!

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