Aug 25, 02 / Sep 6, 18 04:10 UTC
I seek your support for the greater Albuquerque and New Mexico Mayor of Asgardia for several important reasons: 1) I was one of the first New Mexican, U.S. Citizens to become Asgardian in October 2016 because I believe in the concept of forming an organized governmental framework for outer space ...
May 10, 03 / May 2, 19 12:57 UTC
Hello Olimpia! Muchas gracias for reaching out to me! Unfortunately Mexico City is a 24 hour drive away, and I am not able to secure flights on short notice this week. The program looks exciting and I wish I could go to Mexico City. Perhaps we will be able to ...
May 10, 03 / May 2, 19 12:50 UTC
Looking forward to learning more! Thank you for reaching out!
May 5, 03 / Apr 27, 19 06:59 UTC
Serà un gusto conocerla en Ciudad de México
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