Tau 00, 04 / Mar 24, 20 13:32 UTC
I hope everyone is staying home and being safe. Please respect your Country's established laws and practice safe social distancing.
Tau 00, 04 / Mar 24, 20 20:30 UTC
Stay at home, I wish all of us health and hope.
Tau 00, 04 / Mar 24, 20 14:52 UTC
In our country in Indonesia the same thing has been done. Hopefully this is the best solution
Gem 24, 03 / May 16, 19 13:17 UTC
I just had to ask to be let back into Asgardia.space! Why??? Because a spam virus swept through Asgardia and kicked out active members! So my question is, if this is how insecure we are right now at Asgardia.space, should we put trust in Asgardia's financial system currently??
Gem 25, 03 / May 17, 19 16:18 UTC
Gem 25, 03 / May 17, 19 09:49 UTC
Actually this site is overseen by paid professionals! Which has always been an issue in the past. There are multiple big time computer guys/gals who are Asgardians that KNOW Cybersecurity that have tried in the past to make suggestions and in my opinion should have been hired and replaced the ...
Gem 24, 03 / May 16, 19 15:55 UTC
Remember they have mostly volunteers doing the work. unless they are paid IT wages and have a good security team, hackers are going to attack. Oh and no security is 100% ever. IT Security is always changing on a daily basis. The best you can do is limit the types ...
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