Cap 08, 03 / Dec 10, 19 19:49 UTC
What did I do as Mayor of Asgardia in 100 days?
I invite each of the 44 elected mayors of Asgardia to write no more than two printed pages. An essay on the topic “What did I do as Mayor of Asgardia in 100 days?” This experience is interesting for studying and summarizing best practices for elected mayors and future candidates ...
Cap 08, 03 / Dec 10, 19 22:22 UTC
Good idea!
Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 03:54 UTC
Vision Asgardia Mayors Training Program 2020.
The mayors of Asgardia should be at the forefront of the movement of the Nation towards the declared goals by the Head of the Nation in his appeals to achieve the Nation towards the goal. A leadership training program gives local politicians the opportunity to implement sustainable practices in urban ...
Cap 10, 03 / Dec 12, 19 02:40 UTC
This is amazing
Cap 06, 03 / Dec 8, 19 23:17 UTC
I would be VERY interested in this program.
Cap 06, 03 / Dec 8, 19 14:39 UTC
I think it would be interesting to hear future candidates for the mayor of Asgardia. Your amazing stories from all 44 mayors chosen. Your first hundred days. What did you do as mayor in 100 days? Thanks to the mayors of Asgardia for their amazing stories.
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Cap 04, 03 / Dec 6, 19 18:26 UTC
Working. Asgardia
Useful experience. For the work of future parliamentarians of Asgardia. Summarizing the experience of parliamentarians in Asgardia. Dedicated to the work of the First Parliament of Space Kingdom of Asgardia. Collection of publications Asgardia Parliament. Volume 1. 72 pages. The compilation includes publications by the Parliament of Asgardia for the ...
Cap 05, 03 / Dec 7, 19 11:23 UTC
Cap 04, 03 / Dec 6, 19 19:14 UTC
Cap 04, 03 / Dec 6, 19 19:04 UTC
Can we have an excerpt/extract of the book?
Cap 01, 03 / Dec 3, 19 10:58 UTC
Everything is in your hands Asgardia.
Everything is in your hands Asgardia. Robots and humans can now build dry docks in space. Forward Asgardia! Previously, people did it on earth, but now robots and people can remotely do it in space! Challenge space agencies and robot manufacturers. Do it in space on the ISS. Start building ...
Cap 00, 03 / Dec 2, 19 17:54 UTC
The first stones in the new space era.
The first stones in the new space era. On these stones, mankind will build new spaceships. People and robots. Forward Asgardia! SPACE ART DEDICATED TO OUR PRESENT AND FUTURE LIFE OFASGARDIA IN SPACE.
Sag 27, 03 / Dec 1, 19 22:50 UTC
New Era in Space. Welding in space. (Сhizhik)
Combining the interactions of quantum modules along faces, edges, and vertices, we obtain a minimum of 62 directionally variable capture of space without loss of guaranteed collinear alignment with other directions of the quantum modules of this chizhik, which gives maximum diversification of the load forces for the captured space. ...
Sag 27, 03 / Dec 1, 19 23:19 UTC
Awesome drawings! 👍 Very interesting.
Sag 26, 03 / Nov 30, 19 17:00 UTC
New Era in Space. Assembly and welding of quantum modules.
The assembly and welding of quantum modules are performed by robots on work platforms in outer space without human intervention.
Sag 25, 03 / Nov 29, 19 15:22 UTC
The concept of ideas about the stages of space construction, which is based on the philosophy of quantum modules and the joint work of the robot and man. The first building stone to build dry space docks for new spaceships. Drawings made in the style of space punk art.
Sag 22, 03 / Nov 26, 19 07:48 UTC
Bill of Rights Presented at VIth Parliament Session Accepted in the First Reading. Asgardian Bill of Rights which in the first reading on Sunday, November 24, 2019, prompted an insightful discussion and raised some controversy, was accepted today, November 25, with 93 vote participants having voted for, 4 against, and ...
Sag 23, 03 / Nov 27, 19 20:01 UTC
Changes relate to politics and religion. The emergence of politics and the legalization of political parties in Asgardia will lead to the democratization of all future and existing institutions in Asgardia. This is only a small part of what lies on the surface.
Sag 22, 03 / Nov 26, 19 20:59 UTC
I'm really curious to hear what challenges this would impose on Asgardia so much that the Constitution would require amendment. Which parts, specifically? Do we know yet?
Sag 18, 03 / Nov 22, 19 19:16 UTC
New Era in Space.

عصر جديد في الفضاء. الرؤية الأصلية للمؤلف. التحكم عن بعد في المنصات الآلية من الأرض ومحطة الفضاء الدولية. بناء وحدات من الاحواض الفضائية. تحد جريء في الروبوتات لجميع القوى الفضائية والشركات المصنعة للروبوت. الملايين والملايين من الوظائف في جميع أنحاء العالم. هذا غدا هذا ليس خيالا! *** Original Vision ...

Sag 18, 03 / Nov 22, 19 20:03 UTC
One ticket to orbit station please! :D
Sag 11, 03 / Nov 15, 19 15:54 UTC
Dry docks for the Space Kingdom of Asgardia.

Further advance into space will be associated with the construction of large spaceships. Building on land which is convenient, but it is a big expense to bring them into outer space. It is wise to move construction into space into dry docks, which have yet to be built. This ...

Sag 10, 03 / Nov 14, 19 18:49 UTC
Competition of works devoted the Space Kingdom of Asgardia.
Unfortunately, we were not able to submit our work to the competition at the time for technical reasons related to loading the work on the announced page. We publish them here. They are dedicated to the Space Kingdom of Asgardia. Triptych - together in Space.
Sag 10, 03 / Nov 14, 19 19:09 UTC
Hi Kulai! What issues are you having submitting your work for the competition?
Oph 20, 03 / Oct 27, 19 16:06 UTC
The cosmic past and the future of robotics.

More than 50 (47) years ago, Soviet self-propelled vehicles and planet rovers Lunokhod-1 and Lunokhod-2 successfully completed a large complex of studies on the lunar surface. (“Lunokhod-1” (Device 8EL No. 203). Landing on a celestial body on November 17, 1970. “Lunokhod-2” (8EL No. 204). Landing on a celestial body ...

Oph 02, 03 / Oct 9, 19 18:26 UTC
What else would you do for Space Nation?
The link to the video will be available later. Thank you for your patience! You are all well done! I really hope for your understanding and your friendship with humor :) Hi Asgardia! Not knowing each other's faces, we did a lot of things together over these three years! Looking ...
Sco 05, 03 / Sep 14, 19 14:34 UTC
Spac e-Trade and Commerce.
Journal of Spac e-Trade and Commerce in the space kingdom of Asgardia. Journal of "Spac e-Trade and Commerce in the space kingdom of Asgardia". We invite investors, founders of traders and merchants, artists and designers.
Sco 01, 03 / Sep 10, 19 12:17 UTC
Akoma Ntoso XML Schemas for Asgardian Legislation.
Akoma Ntoso (Architecture for Knowledge-Oriented Management of African Normative Texts using Open Standards and Ontologies) - Asgardia proposes as a model for data exchange and open access. The XML schemas of Akoma Ntoso make explicit the structure and semantic components of the digital documents so as to support the creation ...
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