Sco 07, 04 / Sep 15, 20 14:51 UTC
System of National Accounts  the Space Kingdom of Asgardia
Macroeconomic statistics will be needed to manage Asgardia's space economy. The author's vision is proposed on how to do this. The management of the space economy in Asgardia must be based on the system of national accounts. System of National Accounts the Space Kingdom of Asgardia (SNA) It is advisable ...
Vir 08, 04 / Jul 22, 20 12:24 UTC
Robotic welding production in the space industry
Space builders. Robotic welding production in the space industry. Nice idea. It is hoped that modern spacecraft construction will be accelerated. Robot welders for the construction of hulls of spaceships is a world feature in space construction both on earth and in orbit. Operators can control robots from both the ...
Vir 05, 04 / Jul 19, 20 08:18 UTC
The first space exchange as part of a new public market in space.
The economy of Asgardia is on the path of restoration, among the many vectors of its development, it is proposed to consider and discuss with future parliamentarians and working groups, the direction of Asgardia's spаce trade and its prospects. As objects of space trade any space, assets are offered. In ...
Leo 20, 04 / Jul 6, 20 16:03 UTC
Knowledge Management Systems in the Space Kingdom of Asgardia. (Concept )
During the existence of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, intangible digital assets appeared in it, which are the assets of Asgardian in the space economy Space Kingdom of Asgardia. The knowledge in the Space Kingdom of Asgardia is an intangible asset, and like any other asset, it must be managed. ...
Leo 20, 04 / Jul 6, 20 16:35 UTC
Good suggestion
Leo 19, 04 / Jul 5, 20 20:06 UTC
Orbiting spaceport Space builders.
The concept of an orbiting spaceport for receiving hundreds and thousands of spacecraft. The vision of the author.
Can 20, 04 / Jun 8, 20 03:59 UTC
What can the economy of Asgardia take from Trekonomics?
Trekonomics -the economics of Star Trek by Brad DeLong. “What really makes sense in the Star Trek universe and Space Kingdom of Asgardia society is to compete for reputation”. "Asgards are different from people of the 20th century when it comes to ordinary life. They combine a real and virtual ...
Can 23, 04 / Jun 11, 20 13:27 UTC
Yeah. Greed and hunger, no longer our problem. Why? We are humanists, peace loving and cherish a sound reputation.🤔
Can 16, 04 / Jun 4, 20 11:47 UTC
“Dream. Dreams Come True. And I don’t know why ” Elon Musk The impossible becomes possible. The first Space Exchange - "FLICKER WORLDS" for trading in space assets.
Can 14, 04 / Jun 2, 20 08:45 UTC
Space Exchange of Asgardia
“Dream. Dreams Come True. And I don’t know why ” Elon Musk A space economy is impossible without an exchange. Asgardia may create an exchange for trading in space assets. This is a logical continuation of the development of exchanges in space for the growing needs of planet Earth and ...
Can 16, 04 / Jun 4, 20 11:50 UTC
The objects of trading on the space exchange are all space assets, including rights to them.
Can 15, 04 / Jun 3, 20 10:05 UTC
Are togas the name of the exchange place or is it a physical object
Can 14, 04 / Jun 2, 20 16:30 UTC
The vision of the author.
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Can 08, 04 / May 27, 20 03:28 UTC
Towards US Space Independence!
05/26/2020 20:30:00 The US can regain manned space independence. To the first flight of astronauts on the futuristic ship Crew Dragon. Sergey Krichevsky About the author: Sergey Vladimirovich Krichevsky– former test cosmonaut, professor, chief researcher at the Institute of the History of Natural Science and Technology. S.I. Vavilova RAS (Moscow). ...
Can 02, 04 / May 21, 20 18:34 UTC
Space builders.
Orbital space station architecture concept. The artistic vision of the author. The docking of space modules is an old technology for the construction of modular space orbital stations (MIR, ISS, Tiangong-1). This is in the past, only docking elements are moving into new construction. The disadvantage of the old building ...
Leo 03, 04 / Jun 19, 20 18:29 UTC
Leo 03, 04 / Jun 19, 20 07:50 UTC
Triangle nice
Leo 02, 04 / Jun 18, 20 15:27 UTC
На рисунках нет стыковки есть посадка : ))
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Gem 14, 04 / May 5, 20 08:47 UTC
Series. Space Builders.
Assembly of the ship’s hull in orbit.
Gem 14, 04 / May 5, 20 08:59 UTC
Very good idea to start a workplace in space.. confine your area with an empty structure..
Gem 10, 04 / May 1, 20 09:45 UTC
What will be the next step in the space jungle?
The theme of space jungle will attract children and adults for a long time, like the cartoon “The Jungle Book”, which tells about the favorite heroes of Rudyard Kipling and their adventures. The adventures in the space jungle begun by Luna-1, Luna-20 brilliantly continued by the Apollo 11-12; Apollo 15-17 ...
Tau 27, 04 / Apr 20, 20 10:37 UTC
Space Bees
Space builders. The concept of builders in orbit "Space Bees". (SB) A swarm of bees can have fully automatic control from both the ISS and Earth. Impressed by Bruno Gauthier - MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit)
Tau 23, 04 / Apr 16, 20 06:27 UTC
From the Banner of Peace to the Banner of Worlds
Philosophically supplemented and updated version of the "Banner of Peace" to the 85th anniversary. Official Date April 15, 2020 (April 22 Taurus / April 15) Record 11 years later, on March 23, 2001, the Mir orbital station was flooded, after which it was flooded in the Pacific Ocean. Worlds Perish ...
Tau 22, 04 / Apr 15, 20 19:58 UTC
Banner of Peace
The wheel of life is saturated with the greatness of the Cosmos ... N.K. Roerich We pay tribute to the Russian cosmists. on this significant day, April 15, 85 years ago, the earthly world and the light of God saw the Roerich Pact (Banner of Peace) as an embodiment through ...
Tau 19, 04 / Apr 12, 20 11:53 UTC
Cosmonautics Day. Asgardia!
April 12, the whole world celebrates a significant event. On this day, exactly 55 years ago, Yuri Gagarin uttered the words that became history. He said: “Let's go!” And from that moment the great era of space exploration began. And then he was met on Red Square, bombarded with flowers, ...
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