Nov 6, 01 / Nov 10, 17 17:22 UTC

A Cygnus cargo spacecraft will launch to the International Space Station on Saturday (Nov. 11) to deliver supplies and science experiments to the Expedition 53 crew. Today (Nov. 10), NASA TV will air a live briefing about the science on board beginning at 3 p.m. EST (2000 ...

Feb 20, 02 / Feb 17, 18 20:01 UTC
Hello, Please see my profile and vote for me so we can help each other and make this dream a reality. I would like to count on your vote for the parliamentary elections in Asgardia.
Feb 10, 02 / Feb 7, 18 21:28 UTC
Feb 8, 02 / Feb 5, 18 14:58 UTC
kind to you
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Oct 24, 01 / Oct 31, 17 16:57 UTC


Dear Asgardians,

Borders exist only on the maps and in our minds. From space you can see only continents and blue ocean, no names of the countries, no political regimes or economic situation, no war conflicts, no allies and no enemies.


Feb 18, 02 / Feb 15, 18 10:54 UTC
I think it should run similarly to the show "The 100" but maybe not so strict? I do understand the strictness in that show though. If someone commits a horrible crime in space, perhaps they should be "floated" shot into space.
Feb 18, 02 / Feb 15, 18 10:52 UTC
I would gladly volunteer my life and my soul to this cause. I will be happy to help in any way I can. I am a good cook(not so highly sought out) but a clever mind, I've come up with concepts and maps for games. I think I could be ...
Feb 17, 02 / Feb 14, 18 09:35 UTC
Me too 👍
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Oct 5, 01 / Oct 12, 17 15:39 UTC
Happy founding day, asgardia!

Today is a first anniversary of Asgardia and you can see how much have been done already!

Feb 19, 02 / Feb 16, 18 03:29 UTC
Dear IGOR ASHERBEYLI heartiest congratulations for this remarkable achievement. It's just the beginning, hail all ASGARDIANS.
Jan 14, 02 / Jan 14, 18 18:27 UTC
yes i did ...thanks ;).....,,, but, chrome got some sort of a problem, the comment is all over the place :)
Jan 14, 02 / Jan 14, 18 08:18 UTC
I am so happy to be a part of this digital nation. Space nation is the best. I am glad I become a citizen
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Sep 25, 01 / Oct 4, 17 10:33 UTC
60th anniversary of first artificial satellite launch

Human history changed on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I. The world's first artificial satellite was about the size of a beach ball and weighed only 83.6 kg. It took about 98 minutes to orbit the Earth on its elliptical path. That launch ushered ...

Nov 10, 01 / Nov 14, 17 02:57 UTC

De fato, este evento marcou tanto a humanidade que se ele não ocorresse nós poderíamos estar neste momento em outra situação outra era! Pena que muitos utilizam os avanços científicos para coisas escusas em benefício de poucos.


In fact, this event marked so much ...

Oct 2, 01 / Oct 9, 17 08:58 UTC

Sure, very soon

Oct 2, 01 / Oct 9, 17 06:04 UTC
Soon, It will be our Satellite Asgardia!
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Aug 27, 01 / Sep 8, 17 09:49 UTC

The contests for the national symbols of Asgardia took place on the website in the period of 15 October 26 to 20 January 2017.

Please follow below link to see the results of the popular vote and find out which symbols became the most popular. Winners ...

Dec 13, 01 / Dec 15, 17 06:04 UTC

how would someone get a license agreement, i would love to start 3d printing items with asgardia logo's on them, For Asgardian's

Oct 5, 01 / Oct 12, 17 19:17 UTC

Hi Linda,

As a citizen of the USA or any country you have the right to use the flag and symbols pretty much anyway you want. You can find flags from any country on almost anything including napkins, plates, etc. and you can sell and buy them. ...

Sep 27, 01 / Oct 6, 17 02:02 UTC

I assume the Governmental symbols as well as the Very name of ASGARDIA should be treated with respect and sacred. If you guys want to bear them for commercial purposes , ATSN would be better off to create other names and logo which are associating with ASGRDIA . Imagine ...

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Aug 20, 01 / Sep 1, 17 16:08 UTC

Under the leadership of chairman Ram Jakhu, the CEC has reviewed the candidacies and confirmed the independent Voting Commission, comprised of the following Asgardians:

Paul Bellamy (Asgardian from Australia) -Chairman

John Spiropulos (Asgardian from Hong Kong) - member

Robert Thomas (Asgardian from the ...

Aug 23, 01 / Sep 4, 17 09:46 UTC

you've done the best work, thanks


Aug 21, 01 / Sep 2, 17 09:13 UTC

смотрю с надеждой на информацию о завершении голосования! Это даёт опоры на устойчивость

Asg 13, 01 / Jun 30, 17 14:47 UTC
UNESCO and Asgardia International Non-Governmental Research Society on Space establish cooperation on Space Science

On 29 June, UNESCO Director-General, Irina Bokova, and Mr Igor Ashurbeyli, President of the Asgardia International Non-Governmental Research Society on Space (IUFV), signed an agreement to foster high-quality research and education by rewarding individuals and institutions for their outstanding contributions to the development of space science and the expansion ...

Aug 6, 01 / Aug 18, 17 16:04 UTC

very like

Jul 18, 01 / Aug 2, 17 22:37 UTC

Wonderful, I liked it!

Jul 17, 01 / Aug 1, 17 16:03 UTC

Good news. I am curious to know what the follow up would be like ?

Jun 28, 01 / Jun 17, 17 13:38 UTC
What are space industry projects be of interest for asgardia?

All space agencies are developing their own projects both open and secretly in benefit of their countries and agencies itself. Reaching Moon and Mars are the greatest priority nowadays and everybody knows something about these NASA, ESA, Roskosmos projects, although there are many projects that are not advertised that ...

Aug 22, 01 / Sep 3, 17 10:49 UTC

Дорогая Линда! Давайте создадим структуру, что не мы ищем партнеров, и что они ищут нас! Вот мое деловое предложение.

Aug 22, 01 / Sep 3, 17 10:48 UTC

Дорогая Линда! Давайте создадим такую структуру, чтобы не МЫ искали партнёров, а чтобы ОНИ нас искали! Вот такое моё деловое предложение.

Aug 6, 01 / Aug 18, 17 16:05 UTC


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Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Space exploration is a highly technological, scientific industry that creates jobs worldwide and shows revenue of billions of dollars. Modern aerospace careers include engineers, scientists, technicians, computer programmers, pilots, mechanics, graphic artists and administrators and many others. Careers specific to space exploration include those in the physical sciences, ...

Oct 20, 01 / Oct 27, 17 22:27 UTC

I could be the Cosmic Guide)))) This is my direction ....

Oct 20, 01 / Oct 27, 17 22:25 UTC

Я бы могла быть Космическим Гидом )))) Это мое направление....

Sep 8, 01 / Sep 17, 17 14:40 UTC

We need to figure out how we re-train and equip our citizens to have the necessary skills for these jobs.

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