Oph 27, 03 / Nov 3, 19 01:27 UTC
Is the new Left a threat to Humanities future?
Is the new Left a threat to Humanities future? It seems that it could very well be. The move to the left in not only the United States but most of the industrial nations is a move to Nill growth. I have observed that many of the left's talking points ...
Cap 03, 03 / Dec 5, 19 11:13 UTC
Cap 00, 03 / Dec 2, 19 07:02 UTC
Are you aware that you are describing a life of servitude. If that is what you would like then go to any dictatorship and tell them you that lifestyle. The difference between you and I is. I will still welcome your help but show you how to be free thinking ...
Cap 00, 03 / Dec 2, 19 00:41 UTC
Asgardian 1081759 Im not talking of the 60s and 70s I remember them very well I had people I know killed at Kent state No what Im speaking of as the new left are those who use todays social issues to advance there own power base and not the true ...
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Oph 13, 03 / Oct 20, 19 04:16 UTC
As we move out more and more into Space . We as a people will have to ask what benefit will it bring to those left on earth. There are those who believe we shouldn't even try , and that it's a waste of money and recourses . I disagree. ...
Leo 19, 03 / Jul 6, 19 00:20 UTC
Most Interesting that two people one who is a scientist and the other a philosopher would want to try and limit human expansion with in our solar system. While I can see some form of regulation on mining as a whole in areas of safety and claims stakes . I ...
Leo 22, 03 / Jul 9, 19 12:57 UTC
its because these elites want to control it all. they want to hold onto power for ever. They can't have us commoners out there exploring space and mining and settling the planets/moons and asteroids or out exploring space. Whats in it for them if they all us to do that?
Leo 19, 03 / Jul 6, 19 13:35 UTC
And the more resources the greater ones wealth. Who controls the access to these resources will have more influence I guess
Leo 19, 03 / Jul 6, 19 01:04 UTC
They are also inferring that within that 400 year period, we wont find resources that we hadn't previously calculated for within our solar system, and aren't calculating the idea in that with the increased production of resources, prices will drop and lots of sciences will advance faster than today's speeds, ...
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Tau 06, 03 / Mar 31, 19 00:25 UTC
The Citizenship Fee and what it means

Hello and many Greetings Fellow Asgardians and those thinking about becoming Asgardians

I know that many are worried about what the CF will be used for .

Simpley put it is to run the nation . It will be used to set up services, to ...

Cap 28, 02 / Dec 30, 18 00:32 UTC
Yes It's worth It
Aqu 05, 03 / Jan 5, 19 14:44 UTC
Good luck sir
Cap 28, 02 / Dec 30, 18 05:16 UTC
Thanks, take care, and i wish you a healthy new year.
Sag 02, 02 / Nov 6, 18 04:09 UTC

What is leadership. Is it charisma , or a understanding of people . Is it the ability to place others before your self . or to see a future that others can't , and then be able to convince others of that future. Sometimes leadership isn't out front but ...

Sag 09, 02 / Nov 13, 18 12:58 UTC
Разработка темы Паралельный мир открывает возможности ВЕРНУТЬ свою молодость и продлить жизнь до бесканечности .Все это описывается в моей теме на форуме .Хотите вернуть свою молодость подключайтесь в помощь разработки данной темы .Смотрите тему Паралельный мир в разделе Наука и техника на форуме Асгардии .
Sag 05, 02 / Nov 9, 18 05:48 UTC
приглашаю посетить мою тему паралельный мир в разделе Наука и техника . Оставьте свое сообщение . https://asgardia.космос / ru / форум / форум / наука и техника-176
Sag 03, 02 / Nov 7, 18 18:20 UTC
Leadership is the ability of a management to set and achieve challenging goals, take swift and decisive action and inspire others to perform well. As you mentioned, leadership is a combination of charisma, ability to understand people and their needs, Power of predicting future conditions according to statistical analysis and ...
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Oph 18, 02 / Oct 25, 18 03:29 UTC
To all the voters in the Dayton OH and Indy Ills area

As your Repercentive in Parliament I ask you to vote for the people who you think will best serve the Asgardian community They may need finacial help also please do so .

As a MP I my-self can not do so as to avoid any bias as ...

Oph 19, 02 / Oct 26, 18 08:27 UTC
I am running for Mayor of the Dayton Ohio Area, this is Where I have lived most of my life. I was born here and lived up to the age of 10 when my mother decided to move out of the area, I came back to the Dayton area at ...
Lib 12, 02 / Aug 24, 18 21:53 UTC
Mayoral Candidates'

Hello mayoral Candidates'

For those of you in the OH-KY-VA- IND areas

I wish you well I would also like to Know who you are

Since I am a member of Parliament . It is my duty to help and support you in ...

Vir 00, 02 / Jul 15, 18 00:13 UTC
Just a hello to every

Hello to all Asgardia It been a little bit since I've been on here .

Since the elections and the start of parliament .I have been busy keeping up with the goings on.

Vienna was a very busy time for all of us. Many had ...

Can 16, 02 / Jun 5, 18 04:49 UTC

Hello all my Asgardian Brothers and Sisters

Well It is now a pawn us who have been elected to Represent You the citizens of Asgardia

in the first every meeting of Asgardias Parliament . This will be a time of much hard work.


Leo 14, 02 / Jul 1, 18 09:08 UTC
Now this is a beautiful sentiment glad i signed up for this bright future and im looking forward to meeting more citizens of the first space nation.
Gem 02, 02 / Apr 24, 18 02:09 UTC
Government Security

Hello my Fellow MP elect and all my Asgadian friends

As much as I like what Ivan has done and it does serve a purpose . I would much rather have the main area of business done on the Asgardian main servers . This can be done ...

Tau 19, 02 / Apr 13, 18 16:32 UTC
To everyone

Hello My friends

Right Now I 'am looking at ways for Asgardia to produce income

One of the few ways that I have found is to set up a Securities and Exchange /Stock market The rules and procedures I will post over the week end ...

Leo 14, 02 / Jul 1, 18 09:10 UTC
I would start with maker support and patreon. its a small way to generate income but we all have to start somewhere.
Tau 20, 02 / Apr 14, 18 10:42 UTC
This is great Mr. Ricky
Ari 25, 02 / Mar 22, 18 21:44 UTC
Just a few things

Hello everyone This Ricky Sickles MPC dist.1

I'm glad to see that many of us are getting back to basics in regards to what Asgardia is about .

Such are our role in protecting this planet ,and how to go about it .


Ari 20, 02 / Mar 17, 18 03:29 UTC
The new space race

This is a repost of a text response I made to a post on the FB page about the possible creation of a 6th branch of service in the US which I call The (Asteroid Rangers)

All earth nations play the same game whether ...

Ari 16, 02 / Mar 13, 18 16:15 UTC

Hello everyone

It's time to unwind

Right now I am waiting to receive my post election interview from the CEC

Once that and the Background check are done . I can start working with my fellow MPs to place Asgardia on it's intended ...

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