Jul 1, 23 / Leo 14, 07 08:53 UTC
Very deep listen https://youtu.be/CB7Yh2af_Bk
May 24, 23 / Can 04, 07 17:11 UTC
I'am running for reelection to The parliament of the digital space nation of Asgardia for a second term I don't know how many there are who know of Asgardia Space Nation, asgardia.space. We have been around for six years,. If you haven't heard of us ,maybe you have heard of ...
Jun 18, 23 / Leo 01, 07 09:39 UTC
Dear Asgardian, I inform you that I am running for a second elected term. If you wish to renew your trust in me, you can support me by voting for me on this Italian District 5 link: asgardia.space/elections/parliamentary-elections/candidates/328?-link-328
Jun 10, 23 / Can 21, 07 00:16 UTC
Hello Friend, I hope I can count on your Vote for Parliament!! Let’s make sure Asgardia is successful together. I have an open door policy and ready to answer and address any questions you may have or issues you might encounter. Thank you for your vote!! Best Wishes, Daniel Ekwevi
May 17, 23 / Gem 25, 07 09:45 UTC
Jun 10, 23 / Can 21, 07 00:51 UTC
Hello Friend, I hope I can count on your Vote for Parliament!! Let’s make sure Asgardia is successful together. I have an open door policy and ready to answer and address any questions you may have or issues you might encounter. Thank you for your vote!! Best Wishes, Daniel Ekwevi
Feb 16, 23 / Pis 19, 07 22:09 UTC
What do you enjoy most about your work in Parliament? Q1working with likeminded people from around the planet who come from many different back grounds and political systems, And who all share a common dream and goal. What have you been able to change in the development of Asgardia? What ...
Apr 13, 22 / Tau 19, 06 17:00 UTC
Yes, One year till election time for Parliament. I've given it a lot of thought and have decided to run for one more cycle. If reelected, I plan on stepping down from Safety And security Chairman and devoting my time to Foreign Affairs. While in SASEC I and other members ...
Jul 3, 21 / Leo 16, 05 19:15 UTC
The world They the ELITE envision is really one of Slavery . A world were one gets according to needs What about ambition and aspiration will that be reward more What if someone invents or develops something that is worth much will they be forced to share with out the ...
Nov 15, 20 / Sag 12, 04 07:19 UTC
Nov 14, 20 / Sag 11, 04 21:12 UTC
我是個和平愛好者,當太空國家成立之初我懷抱著理想加入,至今我的理想沒有改變,人類在地球太久了,存在著各種不利人類未來的問題,這些問題累積的最終結果將導到人類在地球的滅絕,我讀了Asgardia憲法很受我的認同,我深知偉大的建國理想是一段困難並且漫長的路,我最大的期望就是有生之年能看到人類第一個太空國家Asgardia 帶著它的公民生活在浩瀚的太空,,這是我的期待。 I am a lover of peace. When the space country was founded, I joined with my ideals. My ideals have not changed. Human beings have been on the earth for too long. There are various problems that are not harmful to the future of mankind. The cumulative results ...
Nov 10, 20 / Sag 07, 04 15:13 UTC
Go and watch https://www.facebook.com/SpaceWatchGlobal/videos/388885575805985/
Aug 20, 20 / Lib 09, 04 20:22 UTC
Aug 8, 20 / Vir 25, 04 04:42 UTC
Socialism in the US has been growing in this earthly nation since before the election of its first republican president Abraham Lincoln. It found its havens in the big city's of the eastern states where the thinkers of the day congregated within the centers of power, learning, and commerce. Much ...
Aug 12, 20 / Lib 01, 04 03:55 UTC
HAHA I like your reply I shows understanding with few words Im 62 and spent 25 years in three military services Started as a hawkmissile crew member(army) in 80 been a broadcaster(army), Chef (Navy) supply (army), Hospitalman (air force) and worked as a DJ part time at a German bar ...
Aug 10, 20 / Vir 27, 04 06:04 UTC
I am a fiscally conservative, socially liberal centrist. Bottom line, extreme viewpoints just don't work, and there is no example of a pure form of either socialist society or capitalist society. If we go too far left or right we forget what the money is for, and in either case ...
Aug 10, 20 / Vir 27, 04 02:37 UTC
Mira Behn Hello: While you seem to be looking at this in a union manner , I was looking at this more from the political meaning And it cause and effect As to private property ,the political left (if you delve deeper )what to do away with private ownership of ...
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Mar 10, 20 / Ari 14, 04 21:02 UTC
To All Asgardia and followers

Greetings to all the Asgardians I haven't written any thing for some time .But now is the time

As many of you know Asgardias Parliament has been going through some changes lately . While some may view these changes as a failure ,I see them as a ...

Mar 13, 20 / Ari 17, 04 17:38 UTC
well said
Nov 3, 19 / Oph 27, 03 01:27 UTC
Is the new Left a threat to Humanities future?
Is the new Left a threat to Humanities future? It seems that it could very well be. The move to the left in not only the United States but most of the industrial nations is a move to Nill growth. I have observed that many of the left's talking points ...
Dec 5, 19 / Cap 03, 03 11:13 UTC
Dec 2, 19 / Cap 00, 03 07:02 UTC
Are you aware that you are describing a life of servitude. If that is what you would like then go to any dictatorship and tell them you that lifestyle. The difference between you and I is. I will still welcome your help but show you how to be free thinking ...
Dec 2, 19 / Cap 00, 03 00:41 UTC
Asgardian 1081759 Im not talking of the 60s and 70s I remember them very well I had people I know killed at Kent state No what Im speaking of as the new left are those who use todays social issues to advance there own power base and not the true ...
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Oct 20, 19 / Oph 13, 03 04:16 UTC
As we move out more and more into Space . We as a people will have to ask what benefit will it bring to those left on earth. There are those who believe we shouldn't even try , and that it's a waste of money and recourses . I disagree. ...
Oct 3, 23 / Sco 24, 07 22:39 UTC
Throughout all of history, the typical question when discovering new land or new resources has been, "What's in it for me, and what's in it for us?" The Outer Space Treaty (which the heads of Asgardia are trying to somewhat circumvent (in a good way) in order to plant a ...
Jul 6, 19 / Leo 19, 03 00:20 UTC
Most Interesting that two people one who is a scientist and the other a philosopher would want to try and limit human expansion with in our solar system. While I can see some form of regulation on mining as a whole in areas of safety and claims stakes . I ...
Dec 13, 20 / Cap 12, 04 11:09 UTC
A lot of interesting and precious things can be found in Space and mined. However, the challenge is to do that mining a bit better than we do on Earth. For example, asteroid 16 Psyche is mostly iron and nickel, so it's far more efficient to do on-site processing (mining ...
Jul 9, 19 / Leo 22, 03 12:57 UTC
its because these elites want to control it all. they want to hold onto power for ever. They can't have us commoners out there exploring space and mining and settling the planets/moons and asteroids or out exploring space. Whats in it for them if they all us to do that?
Jul 6, 19 / Leo 19, 03 13:35 UTC
And the more resources the greater ones wealth. Who controls the access to these resources will have more influence I guess
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Mar 31, 19 / Tau 06, 03 00:25 UTC
The Citizenship Fee and what it means

Hello and many Greetings Fellow Asgardians and those thinking about becoming Asgardians

I know that many are worried about what the CF will be used for .

Simpley put it is to run the nation . It will be used to set up services, to ...

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