Asg 2, 03 / Jun 19, 19 04:26 UTC
HAPPY UNITY DAY | 01 Asgardia 03
HAPPY UNITY DAY! My Asgardia family, friends, and strangers among the stars. Let us be known as reaching the stars with our eyes rest on the sky to guide us, and inspires us to this day forward.
Jun 18, 03 / Jun 7, 19 01:34 UTC
Did you see the video on home page about the Building the Future together? Did it inspire you, did it feel that it represent everyone of you as Asgardia with it busy flashing and unoriginal content that does not show real people expressing their thought about what Asgardia can do? ...
Jun 21, 03 / Jun 10, 19 14:17 UTC
I agree
Jun 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 22:48 UTC
I have thought the same, Leonardo! likemind think alike!
Jun 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 22:39 UTC
Acredito que se eles pedirem para que os próprios membros gravam vídeos dizendo "we are ASGARDIA" resolveria o problema de diversidade no video, o que seria legal para mostrar a ideia de ASGARDIA
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May 15, 03 / May 7, 19 02:01 UTC
Did you see this new citizenship fee which was under the The Certificate of Citizenship: The Certificate of Citizenship is the confirmation of Asgardian citizenship. A one-time fee in the amount of €1,000 is collected by the Government of Asgardia from every applicant for Asgardian citizenship, except current members of ...
May 15, 03 / May 7, 19 02:39 UTC
There is bit confusion, since the initial fee is 100, now they have increased it to 10 fold. So it would deter many people to be part of something of this magnitude. This would scare away many potential people that would benefits Asgardia, but having something like this at this ...
May 15, 03 / May 7, 19 02:34 UTC
From what I have read, I believe there is in fact a one time fee of 1,000 euro for citizenship. I also think if you pay the fee you get access to investment opportunities and other opportunities which may allow you to in the long run, get your initial 1000 ...
May 6, 03 / Apr 28, 19 02:42 UTC
Parliament, what would you like us (Asgardian citizens) to work the project that you can offload to the people that are specialized in their fields to help you moving the development along easily? Since Asgardia is now officially established with Parliament and Government. Let us take the workload that we ...
May 15, 03 / May 7, 19 08:30 UTC
May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 07:07 UTC
Thank you, Toby! I am looking forward to build an actual platform for everyone to have an accessibility to the Asgardia!
May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 06:59 UTC
I wish you luck as the future Mayor of Asgardians in Chicago!
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May 6, 03 / Apr 28, 19 02:33 UTC
When is the Mayorship officially going to be notified that it can continue to campaign for the Mayorship till it end of Mayorship election?
May 2, 03 / Apr 24, 19 10:19 UTC
I just created an referendum in regarding of our privacy right and safety from our data being display on the profile that anyone can see and misuse our information that can harm us. Since our profile shows our birthdate, full name, location that is nightmare for our safety. We should ...
May 13, 03 / May 5, 19 00:19 UTC
May 5, 03 / Apr 27, 19 00:38 UTC
It is not a paid "member", as I have stated in below. It is volunteer to investing in the Asgardia Space Nation by helping making the Asgardia Space Nation grow from within. Which is from Asgardian citizen that invest in "fee" to help build economic for Asgardia and it citizens. ...
May 5, 03 / Apr 27, 19 00:27 UTC
This is very interesting history that you have just reference about World Citizenship that was founded in 1945 by Gary Davis. I can bring you the fact is that Asgardia is form of First Space Nation consist of Parliament and Government branch, which is a NGO from all over the ...
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Apr 27, 03 / Apr 21, 19 00:08 UTC
We need to think about the present that is already our future, which would influence for next chapter in our progress of what will be shaped; in our vision to improve the betterment of humanity. If we will be serious on what we can do with idea, and want to ...
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 20:35 UTC
I agree. But what can we do besides discussion. Let's try to offer the government a technological project that will bring profit to the country and its citizens. This is what Asgardia needs today. And there is less and less chance of a favorable implementation of the very idea of ...
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 13:45 UTC
That's a very good point. Many people are now more likely cyborgs because they are almost constantly connected to the network, send and receive information, communicate, make purchases, work. And all this in close contact with gadgets. Many people do not know how to spend their free time if there ...
May 23, 03 / May 15, 19 13:37 UTC
Hello! I think Asgardia needs more live communication, meetings and discussions. This requires a formal or informal meeting or Embassy Asgardia format of coworking. It seems to me that the most important task now is to change the course of the consumer society, the transition to new methods of production ...
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Apr 25, 03 / Apr 19, 19 19:23 UTC
As I have always wondered about the economy growth for the citizen of the Asgardia. Which we are looking to the growth of it Sol economy, alas; we are always wondering when is the action going to start that we can properly start investing in our plan to build a ...
Feb 3, 03 / Jan 31, 19 09:35 UTC

I have build this concept of the voting system, where you can have a say on what must happen base on what you want to happen that benefit for our society. Once you have vote yes or no or ask for amendment with approval from other asgardian for amendment. ...

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 14:02 UTC
Now several of you have tried out the Voting System, so tell me what do you think so far of the experience? What should be add on this beta voting system?
Feb 3, 03 / Jan 31, 19 07:24 UTC
Mayor Campaign | Dinner Party

My friend and I am hosting small party at our home for my friends and digital asgardian guests online to discuss about my mayorship planning and why would you want to vote me to be your innovation Mayor.

We can use my computer or my tablet or ...

Feb 3, 03 / Jan 31, 19 01:03 UTC

We have to be a pioneer in what makes the humanity society ticks!

The moment that we have reach the space, we should acknowledge that we as society are not perfect, but we are ...

Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 22:55 UTC
Hello, Asgardian! My name is Jason Berry, I am Deaf/Hard of Hearing whom beautiful language is American Sign Language with a beating heart of humanity and visioneering of the better nation (so to speak). I am NCAS Scholar of NASA.I know you will be looking at my picture, wondering why ...
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