Sco 01, 04 / Sep 9, 20 11:29 UTC

To not just a Head of Nation, but a pioneer of possibilities for humanity achievement. I wish you a salutation of endeavors to come in your long and prosperous life. Look long and afar with content in your heart, since the day of your birth with dream that becoming ...

Lib 03, 04 / Aug 14, 20 18:41 UTC
Hello - Since I have been part of the Asgardia, over the times I have seen the terminology has been formed or other in name of Asgardia, thus I wanted to create this with our own definition/dictionary. That is if the Asgardia Parliament and it NGO has not yet set ...
Sco 10, 04 / Sep 18, 20 21:55 UTC
We will always be adding more in time to come!
Sco 10, 04 / Sep 18, 20 16:29 UTC
This is helpful. Thank you for taking the time to put this list together!
Lib 13, 04 / Aug 24, 20 14:51 UTC
That is why there is no (A)sgardia to COA, if Asgardia already exist. As long, there is already a word in part of the terminology; it would not be added to double the wording in same segment.
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Lib 00, 04 / Aug 11, 20 14:55 UTC
We are all experiencing many things in our homeland, state, city, aboard as may it be positive and negative experiences on daily live, yet we are resilience to let ourselves fall through the crack. We can take what we have experienced and do better in next step forward knowing no ...
Lib 00, 04 / Aug 11, 20 14:45 UTC
The title mean is to not just to look so far ahead and be lost, but to ensure what you have seen in the deep end and come back to the beginning to see what is in place. That you can understand the Astronomy is to study it and discover ...
Lib 00, 04 / Aug 11, 20 14:40 UTC
This is the vital of our cultures, we are always creating and inspiring each other in name of Art with film, music, even video games and photography. We should always cherish Art that are responsible for so many historical information and inspiration. By understanding Art, is by understanding how to ...
Lib 00, 04 / Aug 11, 20 14:34 UTC
We need to establish a backbone base to develop from there, let discuss and pick a focus on one task that are attainable to do in first year agenda plan, then if success then go to next step. Let's collaborate on this task in Discord and make it possible. I ...
Lib 00, 04 / Aug 11, 20 14:29 UTC
We understand that space is vast and open, yet what can we do to ensure that the space is share equality and how do we actually build a structure of what we can do to meet at the level of the Earth Aerospace industries in term of technology advancement is ...
Lib 00, 04 / Aug 11, 20 14:22 UTC
If you want to take the action of what we can do for your present future in discussion for Asgardia Space Nation, let make it a reality at one step at a time with structure plans. I would like to share my platform as Parliament candidacy and please do give ...
Lib 22, 04 / Sep 2, 20 01:45 UTC
We will know what it is now is that we are innovating the path to what future will hold. Watch out for 2021 and hope we will do amazing in that new year!
Lib 22, 04 / Sep 2, 20 01:25 UTC
Saya juga ingin tau seperti apakah Asgardia di masa depan
Vir 20, 04 / Aug 3, 20 05:21 UTC
I know that most of you feel like that there is no one is inspiring you to elect them to be your representative in either Mayorship or Parliament, sometime it would make you feel like that question 'nagging' at you.. "Should I apply to be running for Parliament or just ...
Vir 21, 04 / Aug 4, 20 02:56 UTC
I like what you have commented, and it is well-said!
Vir 21, 04 / Aug 4, 20 00:05 UTC
I feel that if you want to run for MP you should, as for mayoral candidates help encourage others to run and offer your advice if feasible. I can not do either so I try to contribute by actively voting.
Leo 01, 04 / Jun 17, 20 17:47 UTC
HAPPY UNITY DAY, Asgardians!
I would like to send you my video in my sign language and be safe and wear mask
Leo 04, 04 / Jun 20, 20 09:20 UTC
Hi this is a great idea for asgardians very good.
Leo 01, 04 / Jun 17, 20 01:35 UTC
Working on the development of the part modules for the system that is space related..shhh - Oh, what fun to work on this project then prototyping on my resin printer then casting!
Gem 14, 04 / May 5, 20 13:38 UTC
I have seen several post from several people mentioning about the residence renew for 100 pound or dollars, or any 100 conversion economic that you are from. I can see that you may feel anxiously considering whether you keep investing 100 in renewal of your residence for Asgardia citizenship with ...
Gem 25, 04 / May 16, 20 04:32 UTC
I did understand of what you have stated, and I had agreed with you with a line of comment above your message. Which is the word that I have mentioned has meaning to support your comment: Credit to Dictionary definition: pro·gres·sive /prəˈɡresiv/ adjective 1. happening or developing gradually or in ...
Gem 19, 04 / May 10, 20 22:05 UTC
Hi there, new here but I was following Asgardia creation from afar... I'm currently trying to figure out if I will pay for my citizenship. Can you help me find out what have been done with countries on Earth and where the asgardian nation is about its recognition ? I'm ...
Gem 17, 04 / May 8, 20 22:08 UTC
Personally, I can say for myself that I am planning to make the necessary investment for the session soon. Asgardia will make much better development than its previous projects!
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Aqu 17, 04 / Jan 17, 20 15:40 UTC
Melody WorkSpace Inspiration
Named dubbed "Melody WorkSpace" I would like to share my workspace doing lot of 3D AUTOCAD to do machining part and 3D additive manufacturing. Lot of mobile devices/laptop and stationary system. I am having tea with breakfast burritos, hmm yum! It was nice to meeting you and you inspire, Melody!
Aqu 19, 04 / Jan 19, 20 05:23 UTC
I Love it, Nice job! <3
Aqu 17, 04 / Jan 17, 20 16:09 UTC
That's quite the impressive workstation!
Aqu 15, 04 / Jan 15, 20 04:40 UTC
Hello, Asgardians! Well, I hope that everyone has a good mid-month so far, in mid of sad news surrounding Iran and USA. As well as wildfire in Australia with koalas are dying around the nature. But let share our thought with them. I hope that we would do some sort ...
Aqu 08, 04 / Jan 8, 20 04:19 UTC
Let have a poll and see what we Asgardian citizens and followers would like to see happen for this year of 2020!
Aqu 16, 04 / Jan 16, 20 21:09 UTC
Building a nation..
Aqu 16, 04 / Jan 16, 20 01:27 UTC
Hi, Dirk What are you working on with Ross on what project?
Aqu 15, 04 / Jan 15, 20 07:06 UTC
I will help Ross with his new project to start building our nation. Grtz, Dirk.
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Leo 02, 03 / Jun 19, 19 04:26 UTC
HAPPY UNITY DAY | 01 Asgardia 03
HAPPY UNITY DAY! My Asgardia family, friends, and strangers among the stars. Let us be known as reaching the stars with our eyes rest on the sky to guide us, and inspires us to this day forward.
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