Jun 18, 23 / Leo 01, 07 00:19 UTC
Happy Unity Day to all Asgardians! and always remember: One Humanity One Unity OHOU!
Dec 18, 23 / Cap 16, 07 14:36 UTC
уберите негров нахуй из космической станции
Jun 18, 23 / Leo 01, 07 13:10 UTC
Voting will commence on 01 Leo 0007 (18 June 2023). Prof.Dr. Sebahattin Devecioglu VOTE PLZ https://asgardia.space/elections/parliamentary-elections/candidates/95
Jun 18, 23 / Leo 01, 07 09:30 UTC
HAPPY UNITY DAY!! Dear friends
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Mar 8, 23 / Ari 11, 07 22:09 UTC
Special mention today on a special international day
Tahirih, also known as Qurrat al-Ayn, was a prominent poetess and scholar in 19th-century Iran. She was a fearless advocate for women's rights and a vocal critic of the oppressive patriarchy that dominated Iranian society at the time. Her assassination in 1852 by religious zealots was a tragic event that ...
Dec 18, 23 / Cap 16, 07 14:36 UTC
отвёртка в жопе
Jun 10, 23 / Can 21, 07 00:13 UTC
Hello Friend, I hope I can count on your Vote for Parliament!! Let’s make sure Asgardia is successful together. I have an open door policy and ready to answer and address any questions you may have or issues you might encounter. Thank you for your vote!! Best Wishes, Daniel Ekwevi
Mar 8, 23 / Ari 11, 07 23:32 UTC
the pushers of goodness.. a good item for the library..
Dec 7, 22 / Cap 05, 06 18:31 UTC
The Blue Marble shot
OHOU fellow Asgardians! 50 years today, human beings for the first time in their history got to see the Earth in whole realizing we all live on the same spaceship, spaceship Earth. Let's celebrate a minute this amazing shot taken by the Apollo 17 mission, a picture that came to ...
Dec 9, 22 / Cap 07, 06 00:00 UTC
muito bom
Dec 8, 22 / Cap 06, 06 23:09 UTC
Beautiful. Africa and Madagascar, wonderful places. So much beauty there.
Dec 8, 22 / Cap 06, 06 21:05 UTC
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Jul 14, 22 / Leo 27, 06 18:13 UTC
Become a Resident for free!
OHOU dear fellow Asgardians, OHOU! For a limited time, our Head of Nation, Dr. Ashurbeyli has decided to sponsor 5,000 Asgardians to become Residents of Asgardia. As of today, 14th of July 2022 - (27 of Leo 0006), there are still a few hundred spots left to benefit from this ...
May 23, 23 / Can 03, 07 16:14 UTC
Howdy! How are you ?
Oct 22, 22 / Oph 15, 06 21:56 UTC
OHOU Tarun, the special offer from the now reelected Head of Nation has ended. You can still get your 1-year residency through the 100 solar payment on your profile (1€=1solar).
Oct 21, 22 / Oph 14, 06 00:15 UTC
Is this sponsorship still available? Is the paid resident is for lifetime or one year?
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Aug 14, 21 / Lib 02, 05 00:27 UTC
Feedback requested on Minister's interview
OHOU fellow Asgardians! I was recently interviewed by Asgardia as a Minister and would love to have some feedback on the ideas I shared during the interview. Please share in the comments your ideas/suggestions. Thank you! http://bit.ly/interviewminister
Aug 9, 22 / Vir 25, 06 20:27 UTC
I Love your Enthusiasm, Commitment, and Love for Humanity!
Jun 18, 22 / Leo 01, 06 13:04 UTC
Cool story very adventurous and congrats!
Aug 21, 21 / Lib 09, 05 17:38 UTC
Congratulations, Ivan, on your appointment to Minister! I am also excited to learn about the ACTI. Loved your travel stories. I will sign up to volunteer as I can on your email link. Stay well, and thank you for your service in this role!
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Jul 22, 21 / Vir 07, 05 04:20 UTC
SCN036 Podcast has just been released! 15% Discount on ROOM in it!
OHOU Asgardian friends and supporters of the SCN podcast! https://spacecitizennews.com/scn036-podcast-episode-36/ The 36th episode of the Space Citizen News Podcast has been released! In it: – Events since episode 035; – Unity Day: first AsgardiaTV.com live broadcast; – Parliament live! – Chair of Parliament Lembit Öpik interviewed, he: - speaks on ...
Jul 10, 22 / Leo 23, 06 13:44 UTC
İ also like to have free citizenship if possible. Thank you.
Aug 4, 21 / Vir 20, 05 17:34 UTC
Aug 3, 21 / Vir 19, 05 20:35 UTC
Love This!!!
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Jul 2, 21 / Leo 15, 05 08:07 UTC
A R-evolution
Could this be our next step as a species and the pathway to adapt and live outside of our Earthly cradle? "Dr David Eagleman is the world’s leading neuroscientist. He’s unlocked how to create new senses for humans – from bat-like echolocation and ‘seeing’ heat to electromagnetism. As his new ...
Jul 10, 21 / Leo 23, 05 06:16 UTC
Oh noice , too bad it'll be for the elites 😂
Jul 8, 21 / Leo 21, 05 13:44 UTC
Transhumanism (augmented man) proceeds from a very limited vision of life (a materialist vision devoid of ontological meaning). Life and death are mutually necessary and indistinguishable. Man is not a robot. An intuitive vision makes it possible to become aware of this.
Jul 2, 21 / Leo 15, 05 19:46 UTC
Es facil proyectar lo que soñamos, sentir las vibraciones de otros seres humanos y magnetizar el entorno con cierta levedad electrostática de nuestra propia energía, por supuesto que es posible y ciertamente algo que nos hace mas consientes de nosotros mismos. Excelente artículo Ministro Rosel!!!
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Jun 17, 21 / Leo 00, 05 21:00 UTC
SCN035 podcast is out! Happy Unity Day!
OHOU supporters of the SCN podcast! HAPPY UNITY DAY!! 🖖🏻 ✨ 🚀 🥳 https://www.spacecitizennews.com/scn035-podcast-episode-35/ In it: – Events since episode 034; – Big UNITY DAY celebration from 1700 UTC to midnight UTC on Saturday 19th June 2021 on Asgardia's Discord server http://bit.ly/asgardiaserver ; BONUS: Parliament is broadcasting live its sitting ...
Jun 18, 21 / Leo 01, 05 07:01 UTC
Ivan. Happy Unity day to you as well my friend
Apr 24, 21 / Gem 02, 05 08:23 UTC
Join us on the farm))
Our future awaits!!
May 17, 21 / Gem 25, 05 22:53 UTC
Wrong. I'm a master grower. I've also been a breeding tech..so I feel responsible to respond. Breeding and sustainable agriculture in space is simple, and easily accomodatable. Most feed has no nutritional value. Only useful to gain weight fast at the expense of health. They don't eat as much when ...
May 17, 21 / Gem 25, 05 18:26 UTC
animal agriculture isn't sustainable, especially for any environment beyond our atmosphere in space because of the sheer amount of resources needed to breed animals and no real good way to handle animal agriculture waste
Apr 29, 21 / Gem 07, 05 16:35 UTC
Excellent Ivan, really nice tanks!!!
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Mar 31, 21 / Tau 06, 05 02:24 UTC
Lembit will answer your question!
Space? Transparency? Crypto currency? New Mayors? ASGARDIA, the Space Nation that was founded in October 2016, just had its first full 150 Member strong Parliamentary Sitting! At this occasion, ASGARDIA'S CHAIR OF PARLIAMENT LEMBIT ÖPIK will be answering questions sent to him in the next episode of the SPACE CITIZEN ...
Jun 17, 21 / Leo 00, 05 03:32 UTC
Great! Can you record it following the link there: http://bit.ly/sendyourquestion This way, you'll have it answered in the SCN episode 36 as episode 35 is about to be released!!
Jun 16, 21 / Can 27, 05 23:27 UTC
I hope If Asgardia were to ever discover ET, or Space anomalies they would remain transparent with us and not be greedy about it and not keep us in the dark for 70yrs. that is my burning question hehe.
Mar 26, 21 / Tau 01, 05 00:05 UTC
New SCN034 Podcast episode released!
34th episode of the Space Citizen News Podcast IN TODAY’S EPISODE: – Events since episode 033 – Solar currency now on blockchain with QTUM; – Now possible to buy Solars; – Solar transaction fees momentarily waived by Asgardia; – AMP Dan Profir shares about his path with Asgardia and his ...
Mar 27, 21 / Tau 02, 05 05:16 UTC
Feb 13, 21 / Pis 16, 05 17:56 UTC
Asgardia.space Messaging issues #update
OHOU! I have sent a message to support@asgardia.space detailing the issue and am still waiting to hear from them. In the meanwhile, the profiles of 8 out of 10 new added friends return the same problem when attempting to send private messages: "An error occurred. Try again later." I received ...
Feb 19, 21 / Pis 22, 05 13:33 UTC
It would be a new and useful function to contain the size of the servers
Feb 19, 21 / Pis 22, 05 13:29 UTC
Hello Ivan pleasure to have shared this problem and its problems . I believe that a utility to add to the functions of the blog, to contain the total size of the communications, could be to delete the older messages and / or download them locally on our laptops. A ...
Feb 19, 21 / Pis 22, 05 10:14 UTC
Maybe several of the above... For the longest time I thought my issue was related to me having too many contacts, messages or notifications creating an overload making it impossible to display all the messages/notifications at the same time. Thanks to you, I now know I am not alone and ...
See all 6 comments
Feb 11, 21 / Pis 14, 05 03:03 UTC
asgardia.space: Cannot send messages – Episode three
That's it! Third time I cannot send any private message on the asgardia.space to my new friends added recently... First two times were long episodes of several months without being able to communicate at all with other Asgardians present here that appear in my friends' list and it has now ...
Jun 5, 21 / Can 16, 05 08:50 UTC
Still having the same issue, 4 months later...
Feb 12, 21 / Pis 15, 05 16:17 UTC
Yeah I am using opera touch browser for my phone I don't know if that is why :)
Feb 12, 21 / Pis 15, 05 10:28 UTC
OHOU Sam! I cannot find your profile on Discord, please send me a friend invite there! And BTW, since we both won goodies on Unity Day in June 2020, have you received yours? I am still waiting for mine...
See all 8 comments
Jan 10, 21 / Aqu 10, 05 06:53 UTC
Asgardia News Podcast update: episode SCN033 is live!
OHOU, best Wishes and Happy New Year 0005AA, Asgardian friends! Episode SCN033 is out! These are the topics treated in this 33rd episode of the Space Citizen News Podcast: – Events since episode SCN032; – Decree 48 on the by-election results – 10th Sitting of Asgardia’s Parliament held in December ...
Dec 31, 20 / Cap 30, 04 23:30 UTC
We're on the other side! Happy New Year 0005AA/2021 !!
This is what I watched live for my NYE: Jean-Michel Jarre's virtual concert in Notre-Dame de Paris! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKjFjFtKBRI Hope you'll enjoy it too! OHOU to all and have a beautiful Year 0005AA 🎉🎇 2 0 2 1 / 0 0 0 0 5 A A
Dec 30, 20 / Cap 29, 04 16:59 UTC
Happy EXTRA DAY holiday to all Asgardians!!
OHOU fellow Asgardians! Today is a very special day in the Asgardian Calendar: it is called "EXTRA DAY"! It is the day that follows the last day of the last month of the year, a day that was first called "YEAR DAY". This year, and this for the first time ...
Dec 30, 20 / Cap 29, 04 23:03 UTC
home and office clean, including a glass of gin and music, perfect for a extra day's work.
Dec 30, 20 / Cap 29, 04 22:51 UTC
Happy holidays!
Dear Asgardian Followers from the great city of Kuala Lumpur, from the Wilayah Persekutuan and from the Klang Valley! First as a tourist and for business, I have been coming and passing through Kuala Lumpur off and on for the last 20 years for well over 60 trips! So when ...
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