Can 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 07:46 UTC
Can 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 07:44 UTC
Moscow, Russia - let's find some leaders and LEADERSHIP to promote asgardia ideas

We all here looking for like-minded fellow-citizens and I suggest for us to meet in person and share ideas

I will be glad to moderate and organise such meetings. PS This picture is 20 years old ;)

Can 27, 01 / Jun 16, 17 07:26 UTC
like-minded people meeting

Are there any like-minded people in the North-West of Moscow - from 1905 street all the way to MKAD? Lets meet up in Serebryaniy Bor some day or have coffee in any local coffee shop. Enjoy your chilly summer 2017

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