May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 05:51 UTC
This community is about realizing. More to the point about visualizing expectations and how such perceptual perspectives might be realized within the context of Asgardian citizenship. How would future speculation best serve the intent and tenets of a new society, whose express purpose is uplifting humanity within the framework of ...
Jun 14, 03 / Jun 3, 19 16:27 UTC
Mining asteroids is not something you do because it can be done, but because of unified necessity, restoration or insurance.
Jun 14, 03 / Jun 3, 19 16:07 UTC
Ownership is just an illusion, everything is borrowed anyway...
Jun 11, 03 / May 31, 19 19:28 UTC
Money does not open the door; on the contrary, they are kept ajar.
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