Gem 14, 03 / May 6, 19 05:51 UTC
This community is about realizing. More to the point about visualizing expectations and how such perceptual perspectives might be realized within the context of Asgardian citizenship. How would future speculation best serve the intent and tenets of a new society, whose express purpose is uplifting humanity within the framework of ...
Aph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 17:42 UTC
I only posed these thoughts so that honest critique might expose flaw, or further thought matrices so that a possible realism might evolve from like minds discussing scenario and possible ways forward, beyond innate nature and it’s limitation.
Aph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 17:39 UTC
What I have illustrated here is only a thought construct. One possible future scenario out of many. What any community needs is constructive input from it’s members. To answer your question, I am only one small voice out of many. A perhaps overly simplistic man that posed one possible solution ...
Aph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 17:20 UTC
Once again I apologize for the lengthy response time.
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