Vir 09, 01 / Jul 24, 17 09:17 UTC
Distribution of wealth

I'm not sure if the Solar Cryptocurrency that will become the currency of Asgardia will be the existing Solarcoin currency or if it will be a new currency simply called a Solar.

Current society models do not distribute wealth in a fair manner. As children one of ...

Aqu 22, 02 / Jan 22, 18 01:53 UTC
They are working on creating a new currency, not an existing one
Vir 08, 01 / Jul 23, 17 18:44 UTC
What a great concept Asgardia is, a wonderful new future can be in our hands to build a better life for everyone in earth and beyond

As a leader in Asgardia, I will push to keep the citizens organised and moving forward to progress. I will seek ideas from all and help get great ideas of the ground to help us all move forward and learn from each other to help us all evolve.

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