Vir 11, 02 / Jul 26, 18 21:48 UTC
Asgardia will become a thriving space nation dedicated to science and exploration a global humanitarian project for everyone on the planet

Keep in mind that our core legal principle is that Asgardia does not interfere in relations between states on Earth and vice versa since Asgardia scientific and technological goals are peace, access, and protection.

One Humanity, One Unity!

Vir 11, 02 / Jul 26, 18 20:41 UTC
Asgardia The Space Kingdom very soon will have multiple satellites and in the future, we will have enclosed environments that will host Asgardian citizens in the space.

If you’re getting tired of Earth with all its breathable air and gravity, there may soon be a home for you among the stars.

Our next step is to be recognized as a country by the UN

How? Asgardia has to get ...

Vir 11, 02 / Jul 26, 18 14:27 UTC
Anthony Daquin

One humanity - One unity

Vir 22, 02 / Aug 6, 18 04:56 UTC
your a good man sir, we are going to need alot of getlemen like you look ford to working with you good sir
Vir 01, 02 / Jul 16, 18 23:43 UTC
A society without borders!

A society without borders makes a stronger nation with less domestic control, this model (prepare us to live in outer space ) it will help to shape the future of space conquest, technology development, people integration as well as the learning of new languages; making more economic sense for ...

Vir 01, 02 / Jul 16, 18 22:40 UTC
Anthony Daquin

Anthony was born September 25, Venezuelan Engineer, Businessman, Analyst, IT Expert and Inventor. Sometimes genius, and entrepreneur.

In 1990 he became Wood Badge Scout Leader working with young boys and girls in the benefits of the community until 2002 when his job demanded more time from him. ...

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