Sag 24, 01 / Nov 28, 17 22:31 UTC

To strive to ensure that every citizen has a voice. To help shape Asgardia into a nation where every citizen is equal and free to be themselves without fear of prejudice. If elected I will be a voice for those in my district. I will build upon what ...

Tau 09, 02 / Apr 3, 18 18:55 UTC
Dear Asgardian Brothers! Tomorrow 04-04, we remember the 50 years of the death of the "Man who had a dream". Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the perssonalities that had great influence in my formation. I do not need to tell you how much this man has been or ...
Tau 06, 02 / Mar 31, 18 19:40 UTC
The ideas of the Asgardian Brothers are innovative, as they should be! I think the moment we're living is incredible. The construction of the NEW, from ideas and ideals based on free thought, fraternity, love, all creation and tolerance in all its forms, show us that our Nation is really ...
Ari 12, 02 / Mar 9, 18 16:59 UTC
I found your platform incredible, so I gave my vote of confidence in you, I'm sure Asgardia will be well represented in your district. Good luck with your campaign. I'm a District 9 candidate, if you can see my platform too.
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